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Top 10 Free Mp3 Download Sites That Provides Quality Music

Free Mp3 Download Sites

Downloading free tracks is the best thing we ought to do when its comes to music. Buying albums from CD stores, or paying for Mp3 files from premium online portals are not the stuff we really like. That’s the reason free Mp3 download sites are too much popular these days.

 Free Mp3 Download Sites

Of course, it would. Countless websites out there actively providing free music Mp3 files. You can get with any of them for free mp3 songs download.

All you gotta do is visit those sites and follow few standard steps to download your desired music track.

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Top 10 Free Mp3 Download Sites For Better Quality Music Tracks

If you hover over the web, you will find hundreds of websites that offer free Mp3 download options. However, many of these sites contain bugs and malware that are harmful to your Smartphone or Computer devices. All of them are not good enough to download music to phone or any other device.

In other words, you are strongly suggested to rely on the top 10 free Mp3 download sites for quality and safe downloads.


The is something unique among all the free Mp3 download sites. Currently, this is the most popular site for downloading mp3 for free of cost. There is a search box that lets you search the Mp3 content you wish to listen online or download.

You may search for your desired content by song title, artist name, or you can simply paste the YouTube URL of the music. No doubt that MP3Juices is a reliable platform for free mp3 songs download. Its simple user interface can be operated by novice internet users as well.

Its simple user interface can be operated by novice internet users as well.


Mp3Fusion is a big hub of free Mp3s. However, you need to register to the site before you download the contents. The site has an attractive layout with many useful sections that leads you to various music genres. This site is the second best in the list because it offers Indian music tracks along with hot English Music tracks.

mp3 download mobile

From the Homepage of the site, you may navigate to POP, HIP-HOP-RAP, ROCK, DANCE, INDIAN and much More. Apart from these categories, you can freely search for the Mp3 content you wish to download right away.

3: SoundCloud

Another one of the best free Mp3 download sites can be referred to SoundCloud. This one enquires your account sign up before you are allowed, to begin with, downloading procedure. SoundCloud also provides their official App for Both iOS and Android.

 Free Mp3 songs Download

If you have installed the Apps, you no longer need to visit the site though browser over again. The App interface is just mindblowing. You can directly get into the Trending section, and also search for the content you wish to have.

4: Mp3Box

Mp3Box has a huge database full of top rated albums and music tracks. From the Homepage od the site, you will be led through TOP SONGS, TOP ALBUMS, TOP ARTISTS, etc. In the bottom of the page, you will find Latest Added Songs where you can pick any from. Oh yes, you are allowed search and download the ones you are fond of listening.

Oh yes, you are allowed search and download the ones you are fond of listening. It has an official App that is a great tool for mp3 download mobile devices can ever have.

5: Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is a bit different from other sites mentioned above. This site is not something you would hover for a huge range of data. But, this site will provide you the latest and modern taste of music. If you are looking a certain track o your taste, there are a various filter available leading you to the right content.

I must conclude, this is an undeniable site for free mp3 songs download today.


This is something very unique and attractive in terms of free Mp3 download sites. The overall layout and design of this site will strike you hunger for music to the next level. It has several spiking categories for Artists, Albums, and Tracks. A mindblowing widget you track down what music is being listened around the world.

download music to phone

You can follow this widget to pick the best track of the world. And then there comes the search option that lets you find and download what so ever you wish to.


The classy looking site is a great source to download free music in quality content. Keeping the trending piece, the site integrated an unique modern music genre called ELECTRONIC with all the other standard ones. You will have to register first, and then you are free to grab the contents that you like.

There is a section for Most Popular songs that can be filtered by a distinct period. There is also a List of Trending music that is rolling the word around.


Seeking for  Mp3 archives ranging A to Z? This is a huge platform where you will get your favorite Albums, Song Lyrics, and much more.For the better user experience, it has categories such as Latest Added, Top downloads, etc. Besides songs in Engish and other national languages, you can find Hindi songs as well.


BeeMp3 has been widely recognized for years for its massive database of music files. The searing feature feeds you with a long list of related results of your search term. From an old evergreen music piece to the latest ones, all kind of music content is available here.

 Free Mp3 Download Sites

Its user interface is also very easy to follow. Mp3 contents can listen to online, or you may download them without paying a dime. There is also user rating that indicates the quality contents.


This site also lets its visitors to listen to the streamed music contents and download the contents for free of cost. If you wish to grab the best experience, you will need to register to the site. The site has a classic design and feature. But, it is convenient enough to provide your desired Mp3 track.

There are several categories such as Top 100 Artists, Top 100 Tracks, etc. There are filtered categories like Top 50 Artists and Top  48 Tracks that lets you navigate through the best pieces of music.

Download: Shazam for PC/Mac/Android/iOS/Windows Phone Here

I have included enough platforms and the best ones in this list of Top 10 Free Mp3 Download Sites here. Reminding you, you will need no penny to download your favorite pieces of music from these sites. Some of these sites come with their official Apps, while others lack it.

So, if you are not the person who is willing to hover over the web via browsing tool, you may try out some Android Apps that provides free Mp3 contents to download with ease. Anything better name in your mind that you think should be included in the list; you can freely call on it right at the comment section.

You may wanna try out to record audio online from music streaming sites.

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