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Top 10 Best Torrent Search Engine Sites of 2017 | Most Popular Search Engines

best torrent sites search engine in 2017

With these Top 10 Best Torrent Search Engine, make easier finding your files on Torrent clients. Yes, even though, we have plenty option for Torrent sites, most of our required things don’t exist on some sites. So, makes a little tricky to get your files on Torrent. On this case, you basically search on Google but most are just annoying from them. This is why here are some of the most popular torrent search engines of 2017.

Torrent is one of the best media of file sharing where you can both download and upload any files from the internet. There are various torrent clients available through which you can download and upload torrent files easily. In this post, I am going to put before you the lists of torrent site search engine. So that you can start your search from the below listed popular sites. Choose anyone of the torrent clients that appeals you.

Top 10 Best Torrent Search Engine Sites of 2017

Here are the lists of the best Torrent search engine of 2017 for you. Hope this would definitely make your Torrent experience better. Just insert you preferred keyword and download instantly from the search result.

#1: TorrentCounter

TorrentDownload.CC is one of the best source and reliable torrent sites through which the users can download torrent files. This search engine offers its users various useful contents and is free to use. With this torrent search engine, the users can get all their related searches and download the contents, keeps you up-to-date with all the new releases and other entertainment stuffs too.Torrentcounter best torrent search engine 2017

The other interesting feature of the TorrentDownload.CC is that the users can have an account on this site and then subscribe to RSS feed where you will receive notification for all the new releases.

 #2: Yourbittorrent is another best free, safe and reliable torrent site search engine that allows the users to download their favorite movies, games, software, anime, music and lot more. You can download any of your favorites through this sites easily. This site keeps the users updated with all the latest trends and new releases.YourBittorrent search engine

This sites also works perfectly well using the Utorrent BitTorrent client as compared to other sites and using it will give the best peer connections as well as faster speed to download any torrent file.

#3: has been also gaining a lot of popularity as one of the best BitTorrent search engines since from 2003. This search engine has the most powerful and fastest Meta search engine that have active torrent files available for you download it collected database from the top torrent torrent search engine of 2017 sites are easy to use and what is more interesting about the site is that it does not host any other links of magnet or torrent files, unlike other torrent sites that redirect to the torrent site once you click on the result.

#4: ExtraTorrent

Extra Torrent is also another famous and popular torrent site search engine that has been used by millions of users across the world over the web. It has got more than 1.5 million of the torrent listing and keeps the users updated with almost all the new releases with no duplicates.Extra torrent search engine in india

The site has a good number of trusted and verified torrent files from the uploader. So, this is an absolutely trusted source where you can download any torrent file.

#5: LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is another best source for torrents downloads. Many users are making use of this site till now as it offers the users with a sleek front end which is easy to navigate style. Lime Torrents site is growing day by day and it has got the database of Torrents over 2 million and unlike other torrents site, this site offers the users with more torrents.LimeTorrent top torrent sites search engine 2017 in inida

Lime Torrents is also one of the best alternatives to Kickass torrents. In fact, this best torrent search engine site offers the users with good quality of seeds, proven contents, and genuine files. Here, in this site, you search for any contents easily and stay always safe because it offers the users the only trusted and verified files to download.

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#6: is another best torrent search engine specifically designed for the music and movies related searches in Spanish and English language. In this site, the users will be able to find most of the torrents content in these two torrent search engine

The users using this torrent search engine will be able to get a combined search from the top torrent sites along with specialized trackers for which the result will give you best search results. While you download any torrent content from this site it will ask you to make use of the VPN for safety although it may seem too hectic. The other interesting feature of the site is that it responses quickly and enjoy surfing.

#7: BitSnoop

BitSnoop is another best source for Torrent downloads and also a Metasearch site through which you can search torrents contents. This site has more than 17.8 million verified torrent contents from almost 369 trackers. BitSnoop site is easy to use and fast in providing the search results. The other interesting feature of BitSnoop site is that it has a TV finder which is listed alphabetically arranged with all the torrent links for every show you may like to watch or download it. The offer verified contents with completely no fake content.

#8: Torrent-Finder is a multi search engine for the Bit torrent site and it gives the users to select the torrents sites as well as the trackers from the top sites available. The users can find files from the categories like Anime Torrents sites, private Torrent sites, and non-English torrent sites. Now, to get those files, you can just enter the file name on the search engine, then choose the torrent site and trackers simply with torrent sites search engine in 2017

#9: is formerly known as which is a very old torrent site search engine yet have the most trustworthy contents as compared to the other sites. However, this site has been shut down in the year 2013 by MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) and it came back with a new domain name called Isohunt. Isohunt is now one of the best and presently there are millions of the users across the world using this site for any torrent downloads.

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#10: Torlock

Least but still best search engine that you can use for downloading Torrent contents. It has listed all the torrent contents from the trusted and verified uploaders. Here, in this site, you will get only the genuine files and no fake content and it offers the users a dedicated service extremely. best torrent sites to download moviesSo, if you are looking out for the genuine site to download genuine files, Torlock is an incredible site recommendable for a try anytime if you don’t want to encounter fake downloads.

These are the top 10 best torrent search engine through you will be able to download any content from the trusted and verified sites. All of the above-listed sites are best of its own and have some really exciting feature to offer you which you can give it a try because these sites are a good source for downloads without any complications or fake contents. So, choose anyone of the above search engine and start downloading your music, movies, anime and lot more with ease.

Let me know if there any queries regarding the top Torrent sites search engine. Also, if you have any suggestion or any know any better search engine then comment below in the comment box.

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