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5 Tips for Shopping while Traveling | Save Your Money Shopping Around The World

Shopping and traveling may be 2 different fun activities that anyone would love to do at any point in their life. And especially for the globe trekkers who love to shop, there’s no truer way to experience a place without arguing with merchants in a bazaar, checking out the handicrafts from the local artisan and also exploring the world hoping to return home with some exotic goods which are not available locally.

tips for shopping

There are many travelers, who usually search for the perfect Souvenir to bring with them as a remind of all their experiences during traveling the specific place. Whether it is a piece of clothes or home decor. Shopping abroad for the first time can be overwhelming, and expensive if you aren’t careful enough.

5 Tips For Shopping | Save Your Money While Traveling Around The World:

Shopping while traveling is one of the best ways to explore the different city and its culture. While shopping, you find something fascinating like the mix products, styles, and colors and how they all differ from your hometown products. However, if you are a beginner then you might need some tips while shopping around the world. Here are some of the tips for shopping that can save your money when you travel around the world:

1.Find Genuine Local Goods:

tips for shopping

When you go for shopping abroad, it might seem to be difficult to know whether the goods is a genuine one or not. Therefore, there is only one tip for you here, do research by yourself. In fact, window shopping can also be fun but if you do research before shopping and make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Always keep in mind, do some reading ahead of time and learn what to look for when you are shopping at your destination. Make sure that, which qualities are genuine? or Which scams you should keep an eye out for?. Purchase a good guidebook that offers all kinds of purchasing tips and recommendations for reputable shops and markets as well.

2.Learn How To Haggle:

tips for shopping

The next thing you need to learn how to haggle. However, haggling might seem to be difficult but, bargaining and bartering are the most important part of any transaction throughout the world. Unless you can master your own negotiating skills, you won’t get a good deal.

Therefore, it is important that you should be familiar with all the culture of the places you visit. This way, your haggling strategy will differ a bit from country to country. Keep in mind to check your guidebook or do a Google Search to research on local haggling customs, since every country has different haggling style. And also keep in mind to keep your tone soft and pleasant while haggling at the shop.

3.Save A Space:

tips for shopping

When you do shopping, happen to find something that you have fall in love on a trip. But then you realize that you don’t have space to get home. Well, you can ship either directly from the store or through local post office, but then it can be costly.Therefore, you should always leave some space in your bag for a few souvenirs.

4.Make Sure You Know Your Size:

tips for shopping

Suppose, when you do shopping for clothes and shoes, always remember that sizes differ around the world. For example, if you wear 8.5 shoes in the US, then in the UK it translates to a 6 number and 39 in Europe. However, if you don’t know your size and difficult to speak their language, then always take your Smartphone. This way it is easy to Google your Size and also will show the right translation or you can also do some research before you go out shopping around the world.

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5.Paying Custom Duty:

tips for shopping

Keep in mind, before you bring in some goods from another country that you have visited and have to clear customs before you bring them to your home.If you are from U.S. resident, then you are permitted to bring up to $800 worth of merchandise without paying any customs tax. However, if you have shipped your goods back to your home from another country then you need to pay up to $200. When the goods arrive in your country, the U.S. custom will inspect your packages and if you have excess the limit then you have to pay it when your package is delivered to your doorstep.

These are the tips for shopping, in the above. If you want to save your money while traveling around the world, follow these tips and return home with lots souvenir, experience, and memories during traveling.

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