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6 Tips Using Which You Can Build Best Professional Blog

Internet marketers [Bloggers] are growing very fast and competition is becoming higher each and every second. If you take a serious look at the community and what are they doing, you will find everyone doing almost same thing. It is because if 1 or 2 will succeed in doing the particular thing and others will start following them, some succeed in doing and some fail. But most interesting thing is that, the numbers of competitors goes up and later some big sites work on it, which makes tough to survive for new developing sites.

Similarly I had an good experience on similar case which I am going to share you, so that you don’t do the same mistake I did.

Things to remember while giving your best shots:

You are giving your best shot, which means you are spending lots of time behind it and found it useful & beneficial. Now, all your hard works and afford which you used for searching the best keyword, your another competitors can grab it easily from you by looking at your site. You cannot stop anyone to find out the keywords from your blog, but you can surely do few things.

1. For Whom do you blog?

Yes, for whom do you blog and why do you blog??

To show off to your competitors??


For those audience who are interested in your blog articles, ideas etc?

Stop looking who are doing what, if you find others doing good things don’t copy but learn it & implement it. Try your best to provide best source of guide to all those who really need it, share it in right place who respect and read it.

When we write articles/contents for our readers, we must make sure that we are able to rank in a long run either today or tomorrow. It is very important to rank in search engines because that is vital source via which users try to find the solution, if you successfully rank it, you are making sure for tons of users to go through your guide. It is not always easy to rank in all keywords but if you keep giving your best shot you will definitely improve your rankings and user engagement, which is biggest success for any blogger.

Note: Let it be less in numbers, but make sure that whoever comes should get the exact answer for which they came in your blog.


2. Sharing your success:

It is very good and very positive thing to share your success, but it is not a wise thing to put everything in front of your competitors. It is because some would take it in negative way, which result in various attacks over your website like most of the big sites face most of the time or they might take down all the potential keywords and make tough for you too rank on that.

One more problem which is mostly seen with new uprising bloggers or some of the popular bloggers, we share our success with those who don’t even care what you got and nor he is happy for you. I am not discouraging you for sharing your success, because sometimes it becomes important to prove some haters or shut others mouth against you. But fact is we should not continue doing that, share success with only those who respect your success & smile along with you with lots of supportive attitude.


Funny story: I tagged few guys two years back on my first small achievements, which was very funny and the reaction was more funny. The gentleman warned me that he will hack my website, I was literally scared as I was just rising up as a newbie and still learning even now. Later I apologized about it and it was all fine but from that day I share my post or success only with those who don’t mind willing part of it and supports me. These not only helped me in keeping good relation with bloggers and my friends, from that day I stopped tagging unknown guys, or those who doesn’t want to be a part.

3. Articles That you provide:

Make sure everything you write is perfect and genuine which doesn’t mislead anybody by fault promises. It has happened many times with me, when one provide very promising tittle of the article. I click over the link because I love to learn new things always but once I find it misleading link I never visit that domain again.

I am sure you would not love to follow such blogs who come up with misleading links, so how can you expect your visitors to follow if you do such things.

Note: Always provide best quality article, at least do every possible thing that you can do for making your article of top level.

Michael Jackson big Pop Star: Once I was watching one of the video of Michael Jackson, where he was recording one song “We are the World“. He added just 1-2 line in the whole song as there were many singers in the song. For that just two lines, he had gave his best shot for more than 5 times during the song.

I learned only one thing from the video, that is he was not giving up and giving the best shot in each word & tune. If we listen song we don’t like to listen only few seconds of good music, but we want the whole song from start till the end to be the best one. Similarly make sure that each line and each words in your article should make some sense which is not useless. This is how you can start growing your blog, without looking back at what you had done in past.

Note: It should be perfectly optimized on some of the targeted keywords.

4. Make 100% use of everything:

For me it is not important what others are doing, but what I can do & am I making 100% out of it. I mean if you are dreaming of something which you don’t have with you, how can you succeed because you might waste some time thinking you need that.

Make complete use of everything that you have with you, such as regular update, 100% social promotion & any other things that you can make to build up your blog authority.



Topics: Choose the best topics about which you have some knowledge.

Keyword: Find best keywords & series of related keywords which even helps readers to understand clearly.

For example: If I choose a keyword WhatsApp it should be having each details about WhatsApp such as tutorial guides for different platform, Different Apps, Features, How to Use, How to install & each and every details from scratch.

Tool: You can use SemRush SEO tool to spy over your competitor from top to bottom which will give you all easy keywords from any blog. It is one of the best tool I had ever used in my life, I use semrush for spying and collecting rankable keywords from my competitors.

Or you can use Google keyword planner to find some good keywords by following the tutorial about Google keyword planner tool.

5. Smart Work:

Today maximum marketers fail not because you don’t know about SEO, but because someone else is doing better or he/she doesn’t have idea about picking up best niche or advance strategies. So what you can do is, pick up some top blogs and try to find out the reason behind their success and try to figure it out what is the exact thing that you are lacking behind.

  • Make use of best platform, if you are on a race and you are sitting on a wrong car with imperfect engines will you win? No!! So prepare your platform with best supportive platform. I prefer WordPress  platform for hosting blogs,  I recommend BlueHost with maximum discount offer here for hosting WordPress blogs, which has very high server performance.
  • After you are completely prepared your hosting, you should look for an highly professional WordPress theme. As you know very well that it is impossible to perform well in search engine without responsive & high speed loading website. You need very good quality themes to make your blog responsive, I prefer buying responsive themes because I am not a designer, I prefer MyThemeShop Themes because they are very clean & highly responsive.
  • After you successfully set up your blog you can start setting up your blog & start installing necessary plugins.
  • Now, you can start adding up your site to Google Analytic, create Social profiles & sign up for Webmaster tools.

Now, you are ready to go with the perfect platform that would support you, till the end of your journey.

6. Why your competitors will leave you behind even if you know SEO?

If you are following all the above mentioned tips why will your competitors leave you behind??

There is no chance that you may even need to compete with anyone, your blog will start performing good because of its perfect start and well balanced blog.

Looking forward to clear some doubts if you have any?? Please comment below your problem I am willing to look after your problem and solve it together. Cheer!!

Best Regards.

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