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Things You Should Not Do Behind The Wheel | Check List

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Driving can be very easy, but in the same time, it can also be very dangerous business taking away your life. You may have heard that almost every year many people lose their life in accidents or gets injured very seriously. But even though you may think that driving is an easy stuff, but you are actually not taking things seriously that you are doing behind the wheel.

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Almost all the drivers take many things behind the wheel very lightly, but all those silly things can end up in a massive accident that can take your life. Today, I am going to describe you all those risky things that you should never do while driving a car. All these things should be avoided in both manual & automatic transmission car but there is also some risk factor of the automatic transmission vehicle.

I am sure you do all these things almost every day, but haven’ thought that these silly things can even take your life, so let’s have a look at the risk factors which you are not to do while driving a car.

Things you should not do while driving:

So here below are the list of all those things which you should never try to do while driving a car.

1. Eating and Driving: Some drivers are a real foodie, they can’t stop themselves from eating even when driving, as they are unknown from facts that eating while driving can even take their life in most of the cases. When you drive, your concentration needs to be fully on the roads, as there are lots of vehicles running on the road.

eating and driving

But when you are eating and driving at the same time, you are concentrating on both food and driving which is highly impossible. As foods are very interesting things for every foodie and if you want to enjoy the food you need to concentrate which our body cannot do (The Human body cannot concentrate on two things at a time). So never eat anything when you are driving as anything can happen on the road at any time.

2. Feeling Sleepy: If you are feeling drowsy you should never drive vehicle, as any time your eyes may get closed and met an accident. You may try drinking coffee, chewing gum, having an energy drink or rolling the glass of the window down. But it will not help, as human body often get more drowsy or sleepy on doing these things.

sleepy drivers

So it is suggested that if you are too tired driving then you must take rest parking your vehicle in some safe place on the road, as you can no matter risk your life. You can also avoid the trip if you are tired, as other than risking your life it is better to have a good sleep and go for the trip the next day.

3. Drunk: You might think that sometimes drinking and driving is just a cool thing for boys, but I must say that you are overlooking the risk factors that comes to you when you drink and drive. Alcohol really disturbs your driving, as you lose your sense when you are drunk.

So if you are planning to get drunk on any party, you better get a driver or book any cab advance. If you don’t want to lose your life soon, then you must take this precaution so that you can live well.

4. Cosmetic on a car: Doing all these things while driving your car will take your attention from the road. Most of the people (Him/her) apply or shave sometimes while driving the car for the lack of time management. But you are lacking to understand that, doing this practice means you are inviting accident towards you.

makeup in car

The best way to solve this issue is to try to finish your every makeup things at home so that once you are out, you can only concentrate on your driving. So it will be very much safe if you do only driving when you are behind the wheel other than doing shaving or applying cosmetics.

5. Holding steering with knees: Sometimes even when driving the car using two hands, you may need to leave the steering. Most of the drivers hold the steering with their knees by that time, but this is also a kind of risk, as your knees will not grab the steering wheel.

As your knees can’t grab the steering wheel properly, it is obvious that you will end up going through big pot hole which may cause into misbalance and met an accident. Even though this silly accident will not take your life away, but it may injure you very hard.

Also, have a look at the New Honda Civic made only for Indian roads.

6. Using Gadgets while driving: Most of the drivers, have a habit of playing or chatting with their mates on phones, tablets even while driving. Actually, this is a very bad practice for every driver, because when you are in touch with your personal gadgets while driving, it takes all your attention on the road. So you might meet a serious accident.

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The best solution to solve this problem is that you can keep your gadgets in silent when you are alone driving so that it doesn’t take away your attention. Or when you are having someone in the co-pilot seat, you can hand over your gadgets to him/her. Doing this practice is worst in manual transmission vehicles due to lots of Don’ts factor.

7. Dressing up in the car: Some of you might change your T-shirt or shirt while driving on the road due to lack of time. But I must tell that this is one of the worst practice that you are doing, on changing dress while driving, the first thing you will lose your focus on the road and the second thing you might miss fail the gear.

While changing your T-shirt or shirt might be your hand got stuck and you may not be able to shift up the gear, which was necessary due to road condition. So as much as possible you should try that you stop the car and then change your dress, other than changing dress while driving.

8.  Having a stressful conversation: Yes, sometimes it is normal having a standard conversation with your closed once while driving for a few minutes. But having a stressful conversation is very risky while driving. During the study,  the scientist has discovered that during stress the human body starts behaving worst than the drunk person (especially while driving).

talking and driving

So you see having a stressful conversation while driving is riskier than drinking and driving. So never have a stressful talk when you are riding, the safest point is that you should not have a phone call while driving.

So these are all the things that you should never do while driving a vehicle on the road if you want to avoid accidents. Even though if driving a car is an easy thing for you, but when you are behind the wheel you must strictly take care of all these important factors which can even take away your life. Drive safe live long and stay healthy.

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Myself Remsun Debbarma, I am an automobile engineer and a full-time blogger too. I find interesting in providing all the knowledge about the automobile industry and lifestyle.

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