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Automatic Transmission Cars: Risk Factor On Doing 6 Things With Your Car

automatic gear system

Things are getting very advanced in automobiles; there are many advanced specifications that are added in the vehicles nowadays. One of the new specification that is added in nowadays vehicle is the auto transmission gearbox, which means you will not need to shift manually. This new specification has made the driving car easier, as you don’t need to do things manually.

As the new automatic transmission has made driving easy, but it also brought some of the DO’s and Don’t s that you should know. If you don’t know clearly about the Do’s and Don’ts of the new automatic transmission then I am sure you will soon need to say goodbye to your brand new car. So here is the thing that you should never do in an automatic transmission engine.

Things to Never do in an Auto Transmission Car:

Here are some of the important points that you should not do in a car which comes with auto transmission features.

1. No neutral in Red light: This is the first and the most important thing that everyone does wrong. Anyone riding an auto transmission car always does this mistake, which is shifting the gear system to neutral when you are at a red light, which you should never do. You do this practice because; you think that when your car gear is in “D” your car is consuming more fuel.

red light

But if you actually see, the fuel consumption is very low when you are at the idle position, even when the gear is shifted in “D” that you can even neglect it. The main problem that will cause you when you practise this, your engine and transmission will not last for the long run, you will have to replace it soon. As if you do practise this thing you will be changing too much of gear which will give a different type of stress and strain in the engine.

2. Don’t launch your car in a bid: You will see, most of the people, rev the engine in neutral and then shift the gear in Drive mode for getting a high-speed launch, which is really a bad practice and risky too. Speaking mechanically, when the gear is in neutral and you are revving the engine, the transmission band actually holds the gearing in it with too many power, not letting the power to the transmission.

revving engine in neutral

But when you suddenly shift the gear in Drive mode, the transmission band will be realising a jerk and will slip while releasing the gears. As the transmission band is very thin, soon you will be seeing wear and tear in the band. I must say to repair or replace the transmission band, it will cost you very high which you will never like.

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3. Not to coast downhill in Neutral: Another worst practice that most of you do. You should never shift the gear to neutral when you are at downhill in order to save fuel. As soon as you shift the car into neutral you lose some major control like no acceleration, only brakes (brakes seems to be fade when you coast to Neutral) to stop the vehicle which seems to be very risky, in some countries this practice is strictly prohibited.

caosting downhill

Automatic transmission vehicles automatically cut the power when you are not stepping into acceleration; there is no chance of losing fuel unnecessarily. So you don’t need to shift to neutral when you are at downhill just to save your fuel as it is very risky.

4. Switching direction without stopping: Maybe you don’t know about this, but you are doing huge mistake unknowingly. When you switch your direction from Reverse to Drive or from Drive to Reverse before your vehicle stops, you may harm your gear system of the transmission and obviously the transmission bands.

Reverse gear

On switching the direction of the vehicle before it stops, the transmission will move to and fro which will make the gear system loose and the transmission band will also face a different kind of stress in it. So if you practice this for a long period, then I am very sure that you will need to pay high in engine maintenance.

5. Never Shift to PARK until the car completely stops: Now let me tell you how the Park gear works. When you shift your gear to Park, a knob-like structure will block the main gear which will connect the transmission system.

park gear

So if you shift the gear into Park before the car is perfectly stopped, there is a high chance that the knob will break in no time. So your Parking gear will be of no use afterwards, so you should always apply Park gear only when your car is perfectly in idle position.

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6. Change the Transmission fluid: In an automatic transmission car, most of the time you would need to change the transmission fuel. As lots of heat is produced in an automatic transmission car, then a manual shift car.transmission fluid

You should change the transmission fluid, as the fluid becomes thick after a period due to the carbon contamination in the fluid, which make the fuel useless. So you must change the transmission fluid after every interval.

So these are all the things that you should never do in an automatic transmission car if you want to make your car last long. Follow this tips, you will see that your car still performs well even after several years of purchased. So comment me, if you have any questions regarding this, and yes hit the subscribe button to know more about vehicles.

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