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Things You Should Check Before You Buy A Brand New Car

Buying a brand new car from your favourite brand for your family? Buying car is a very big step for all, so there are many things that you are to keep in mind before purchasing your car. You should absolutely check some major things before you purchase your favourite car and bring it to your garage.

Here below are some important points that you should always check before you buy a brand new car for yourself. If you haven’t checked all these points and already booked a car, then you must rush into the showroom and check all this point that I am going to mention below.

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Things to check before purchasing a car:

Here are some of the special things that you should check before you buy a brand new car. Check out what are the special things.

1. Test Drive: Most of you would skip this step, but I must say that this is the first check that you should do before you purchase any car. By test driving the car that you are planning to buy, will give you the first experience on how you feel like, behind the wheel when you will be riding the car on the road.

test drive

On test driving you will also get the experience of the mechanism of the car, the most important part is that you will also get introduced to the comfort level of the car when in the road. So whenever you are to buy a car than I would like to suggest is going for a test drive, and if you are not good in driving then you can learn before buying a car.

2. Safety Features: The second most important things that you must check before you buy any car, is the safety features present in the car. As you are going to buy a car you must check the safety features, because if the car is not having sufficient safety features in it, then it is very much risky.

safety features of a car

When it comes to safety features of a car, it contains everything like the Airbags all over the car, ABS(Anti-lock Breaking System), ESC (Electronic Stability Control), Safety Alert and Seatbelt alert system. So which ever car you are choosing, but you make sure that all these safety features are there in the car. If all these features are not there is the car, then it is not worth buying that car.

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3. Warranty of the Car: This is another major part that most of the people don’t check while buying a car. You should always check the warranty features of the car because if you are buying a car there will be many expenditures. So to minimise the expenditure you must check out the warranty features that come with the car.

Your car should have warranty features like Bumper to Bumper warranty which is a standard warranty feature for all brands. In this Bumper to Bumper warranty, you will be able to repair the paint, power windows, air conditioning and also the engine of the car. The other warranty is the Perforation warranty, with which you can repair the vehicle when it gets rusted under the warranty date.

warrant of cars

The last and the must have a warranty is the Power Train Warranty, with this warranty features you can repair/replace the drive train, transmission, gears and axles of the car when destroyed. So your car should have all these warranty features, if not then you must move on to another car where you can getting all these features.

4. Ownership Cost: Before buying a car you must check out the ownership cost of the car. Even though if your car cost affordable in the showroom price, but by the time the car comes out of the showroom, it will cost you more than the showroom price.

ownership cost

Now let me give an example. If your car cost some 12 lakh in showroom price, by the time you purchase the car with everything included like the insurance, road tax, maintenance and repair tax, depreciation and much more your car will cost some 1250000 on road. So before you buy a car you must be ready for all this expenditure for which you must check the ownership cost of the vehicle before you book for it.

5. Checking the car: Now finally when you will be getting your car in the showroom, instead of directly bringing the car home you should check the car properly. Many a time when they ready your car, they leave some slight marks or scratch which will not be visible but doesn’t look good. So you must check the exterior of the car properly before you accept the delivery.

check the car

Not only the exterior, you must check the interior, if every feature are added in the car or not. Are you getting the same comfort that you got when test drive? After checking all this and if you are satisfied then you can accept the delivery of your car by the showroom.

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So these are all the things that you should check before you buy a car for you. If you are planning to buy a car soon, then you must not miss any of this check list. Just be strict when you are purchasing a car, as the vehicle is going to be with you for a long period. If you have liked this, share it with you mates and drop comment down below sharing your view 🙂

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