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Things To Do While Visiting Goa | Tourist Attractions Places

things to do in goa

When we think about a Holiday, Goa comes as the first place in our mind. It is pinpoint in Western India that stretches the Arabian Sea. Here you can enjoy the never-ending pleasure with beaches around. As a result, with natural beauty, there are many things to do in Goa. For example, visiting old churches, different beaches, riding a bike etc.

things to do in goa

Speaking broadly, Goa is one of the top pick tourists place in India. But if you think that only roaming near the beach is the only thing to enjoy in Goa, then you are totally wrong. There are a lot of sightseeing places in Goa and many outdoor things/sports that you can enjoy while visiting Goa. From the food to the all night party, you will love and go crazy with it. Here are the lists of the never-ending journey to do in Goa.

What Are The Things That You Need To Do In Goa:

Until I visited Goa, I was also thinking Goa has only beaches to enjoy but when I have discovered and visited the place, I was wrong. There are so many places to visit and lots of things to do. Let’s take a tour….

#1. Shopping in Goa:

When speaking about a trip, being a girl, one cannot miss shopping in Goa. A girl who does not like shopping is totally mad. First, comes shopping and then other things. Here you can get the best swimsuits to purchase and other items like jholas, pretty accessories etc. As a result, there are lots of shops near the beaches. You can enjoy the beach and side by side shop. Anjuna Flea Market will be the good spot for shopping. Here you will get everything that you need for the tips of shopping while traveling. 

things to do in goa

#2. Boating:

As a tourist, you must go for a boat trip when you visit Goa. It is such a nice place to enjoy the waves and oceans. The main enjoyment to go for boating is seeing beautiful Dolphin. In fact, to see this dolphin, there are local helpers who will take you safely for Dolphin excursion. Just like you have seen in National Geography and Animal Planet, Dolphins are sure to be seen in Goa oceans.

things to do in goa

#3. Enjoy the Beach:

If ever you go to Goa, enjoy the beach waves. Either lie down or take a water splash bath. Trust me!! It feels amazing when the waves just touch you near the beaches. If you are going with a group of people then stay at night because night party in Goa beach is mind blowing. Sometimes enjoying life will freshen up your mind so just try enjoying it.

enjoying in the beach

#4. Go for Riding Bikes:

It’s too cool, you can get a hired bike and go for a ride in empty roads near the coconut trees. Without any stoppage, you can enjoy riding a bike. It is also affordable to go for riding. So when you visit Goa never miss out a bike ride but make sure you bring your driving license. Also, for safety wear HELMET. Along with it, if you want to really enjoy riding then book with Quad Biking. Ready to get dirty….

enjoying in the beach

#5. Visit Church:

There are plenty of Churches and old Shrine in Goa. Their architecture with fully loaded history makes it a must-visit places. As a matter of fact, people from all over the world do come to worship and see the old architectural buildings of churches as well as Cathedrals. Visit the place and give thanks to the architecture of the churches.

enjoying in the beach

#6. Underwater World:

Definitely, you can go to the underwater world. Goa is a place for snorkeling and The Grande Island is the main spot for it. Now you can imagine what’s inside the water. Even the water looks so clean and clear.

enjoying in the beach

#7. Calm Yourself with Body Spa:

There are so many things to do in Goa like getting relaxed in the ayurvedic body spa. This will give energy to your weak body. On your trip, you can go for an ayurvedic spa or a Balinese Spa.

things to do in goa

#8. Night Party in Goa:

Nightlife in Goa is what makes this place special for tourist destinations. Go crazy and experience with nightclubs that are located in the heart of Goa. Apparently, Goa has something which makes enjoyment a never-ending experience. That is the reason that the city never sleeps. Also, go for cruises that give you live to your music and dance. Enjoy your time with your dear ones. You can go crazy with DJ songs and music along with cocktails and beers. So get going with the night parties & go crazy after all, what you do in Goa, stays in Goa.

night party in goa

#9. Foods:

Food lovers, go ahead to Goa trip for different kinds of food. Roam here and there in Goa along with delicious food especially the seafood is just out of the world. Foods such as tomato curry, Prawn Balchao, Mushroom Caldin etc are available out there. Food lovers, hang out with your friends and dear ones and have a yummy meal.

tomato curry in goa

#10. Visit During Festival:

This is inarguably the best things to do in Goa. As you know that Goa is all about Dance, Music and Fun never miss out to visit Goa Carnival. Every year in the month of February Carnival goes for 3-4 days. So, make a plan to visit during that month. There are also other festivals like Sunburn Festival, Music and Film festival etc which you must visit. Along with it also check on the spectacular festivals around the world. 

things to do in goa

#11. Hindu Temples in Goa:

Undoubtedly best things to do in Goa is visit the Hindu pilgrimage, temples in Goa. Apart from all the parties and night out, visiting temples is also the best things to do. This is because they are not just temples but filled with cultures and heritage from Middle Stone Ages to Invasion of Portuguese.

things to do in goa

#12. Visit Museums:

Goa is not only popular for beaches and parties but also best destination to see the culture and heritage of Goa through large museums. Through the museum, one can easily understand the culture and way of living of Goa in the past. The information is not about fun and enjoyment of Goa but also to understand the people of Goa. There are many museums to visit there. Explore one by one.

things to do in goa

So, these are the most amazing things to do while visiting Goa. In fact, there are thousands and thousands of fun loving things to do in Goa. But for that reason, first, you have to explore the beauty of its place. So what are you waiting for? Start planning for a trip and book your tickets fast. Pack your bags now and if you are confused with what to carry then read on the summer traveling tips. 

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