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Baahubali “The Rise of Sivagami” Before The Beginning Book| Buy Now

We are now well aware of the story of Baahubali and about the burning question as “Why Did Katappa Kill Baahubali?” We are done with this story but there’s good news for the Baahubali fans. The epic historical story of Baahubali has many things to explore.

Do you want to know what actually happened in the Beginning before Baahubali was Born? Particularly speaking of the Sivagami whom we all knows as Mother of Baahubali, she has a very challenging route from Slavery to becoming a mighty Rajmata of the Kingdom Mahishmathi.

The Book “The Rise of Sivagami” explains everything how was the actual Kingdom looks like and you will also find about the young Katappa.

There is a more in the story, Mahishmathi secret script which reveals the Kingdom’s real facts was discovered by Sivagami. And more suffers were seen for her; and also the struggles & contribution were described to build the strongest empire.

As we all have seen the two outstanding movies Baahubali- The Beginning and Baahubali: The Conclusion. In both parts, we have seen a tremendous performance of Ramya Krishan as Sivagami (Baahubali’s Mother). Now you should also know Before the beginning of Baahubali. The prequel story of Baahubali is very effective to discover few important things which the movies missed to reveals.

About – “The Rise of Sivagami”

The story of Sivagami, consisting sufferings and pain as being an orphan child, whose father was accused as a traitor and was killed by the Maharaja. Katappa is always being a proud and strong warrior but because of the spoiled prince, he follows all the orders that also brought many issues to Sivagami. Young Sivagami is fierce in anger and was trying to avenge on the king of Mahishmathi Kingdom.

The Kingdom was filled with corruption, slave trades, conspiration and much rioting reign under the Cruel Kingships. While there is also the village forest secret warriors whom always the King’s cruel activities were stopped for the goodness of people.

Lots more mysterious actions are still awaiting Buy the Book now and start enjoying. Every Novel which has a great story is visualized live on screen as movie or plays. But the Novelist, Anand Neelkantan, who is also a great inspirational writer proposed for the prequel of the Movie- Baahunali. Sivagami, who have also work in Indian TV shows like Siya ke Ram, Ashoka Samrat, Mahabali Hanuman etc. Also, he has other fine novels like- Asura, Ajaya- Rise of Kali, Rise of Sivagami: Baahubali Before the Beginning.

Anand Neelkantan wrote the prequels of Baahubali which comprise of 3 Books. And the First Chapter or Book had been released on 31 March 2017. The rest two books or chapter is still not yet published.

Most of the Readers have appreciated the story line of the Baahubali’s mother “Young Sivagami”. While SS Rajamoli also has greeted and said that he could not wait for the next chapter or books.

Source also said that Anand Neelkanatan is working for the Katappa story. How has Katappa and his troop fallen under slavery and to protect the kingdom with their lives? There are many mysterious questions which these books will solve. Well, only the first book is released so far 2 more left to be released.

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How to Buy “The Rise of Sivagami” Before The Beginning Book?

The book “The Rise of Sivagami” Before The Beginning Book are available on the online shopping site like Amazon India and Flipkart. And the books is costing for Rs.119-227INR. The Books is exclusively offered in Amazon India for only Rs.150 INR as Paper book and if you are using Kindle Ebook readers you can get this Ebook @ just Rs.119. (

The book is available in four scripts or language i.e. English, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. You can buy online and start enjoying the Heroic story of the young Sivagami who has empowered to become a great warrior as well as Rajmata of the Mahishmathi Kingdom.

Links To Buy:

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  • You can buy the Book or also the eBook (Kindle) for the affordable price.
  • Finally, purchase the book by paying either online or Cash on delivery.

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Ever since the Baahubali, the story of SS Rajamoli has touched all the heart of the world. The Book which shows the prequel of the beginning of Baahubali will surely make you feel the pains. As in the movie, there are characters like the Sivagami, Katappa and the forest warrior protecting from the cruelty of current King of Mahishmathi Kingdom, Ballaldev. These characters too should be described how the people revolts and what was the reason behind Sivagami turning into a warrior and much more.

So don’t wait anymore, grab the first chapter book now which very soon the two more chapter will be released. Watching Baahubali both movies, you sure feeling incomplete with some of the character’s background beside the two brothers in war. And also keep reading Neelkantan’s novel that will give you all the knowledge about the real facts in Mahismathi Kingdom.

Share your views on this news and how excited are you about this newly released book in the comment box.

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