Nowadays every cars are launched in two variant, one is the manual transmission and the other is automatic transmission. Driving manual car is easy once you pick your gear ratio and get experts while shifting the gears, not only manual transmission car but automatic transmission car is also very easy to drive. But there are some Do’s and Don’ts in both the variant of the car.

I have already told you about some of the risk factors of the automatic transmission car in my previous article. So today I am going to tell you about the some of the Don’ts factors of the manual transmission car, which you should know. Have a look at what are those things that you should never practice on your manual transmission car.

Things not to do in a Manual Transmission car:

1. Resting leg on Clutch: Most of the people have this worst practice of resting their leg in the clutch pedal. If you rest your foot in the Clutch pedal, the clutch will get engage partially with the engine which will cause slippage between the gear which can cause the clutch to break down.

Clutch pedal

Not only this if you do this practice, your car axel and its bearing has the high chance to get damaged by wears and tear. So if you do this practice you will not only reduce the fuel efficiency of your car but you can also damage some of the important parts of the car. So instead of resting your leg on the clutch pedal, you can put it on the dead pedal which is present just beside the clutch pedal.

2. Resting hand on Gear Lever: This is another bad practice that most of the Indian drivers do, whenever they shift gears they rest their hand on the gear lever. When you shift gear by disengaging the clutch, you are literally moving the gear fork with the collar of the another gear. So when you rest your hand in the gear lever even after you are done shifting gears, you are pushing the gear fork hard towards the gear collar, which will result in wear and tear of both the fork and the gear.

Gear lever

So when you rest your hand in the gear lever even after you are done shifting gears, you are pushing the gear fork hard towards the gear collar, which will result in wear and tear of both the fork and the gear. You know that repairing of the gear box and gear collar are very expensive. So never use gear lever as your armrest, if you don’t want to pay high for your car repair.

3. Not to use the clutch on Incline: Many of you may use the clutch pedal to make your car steady when your car is in an incline position. When you do this, your are engaging the clutch plate with the engine plate, so that your car remain still in the inclined position, which is very bad for both the engine gear and the clutch gear. Practicing this maximum time will result in tearing your engine gear, repairing which will cost you very high.

car in inclined

So instead of using the clutch, you can use the hill hold feature, which is present in almost every car today. On using the hill hold feature your car will stay on position for few minutes. So never use the clutch for holding your car in an incline position.

4. Using the right gear: Using the right gear at the right time is very important because, if you don’t use the right gear you break the collar of the gear and may have to change the gearbox soon and the cost is really heavy. Not only this but when you use wrong gear to gain speed you will feel a jerk on the vehicle and your vehicle may stop. So it would be very safe when you only use right gear on the right speed.

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Gear shift indicator

5. Don’t keep your car in gear in red light: Keeping your car in gear, clutch pedal and gear pedal pressed may give your clutch gear an unnecessary strain on it. So when you stop in any red light for long period of time, you must make sure that you keep your car in neutral.

traffic light

6. Use clutch while shifting the gear: When you press the clutch pedal it get disengages with the engine, allowing you to shift the gear smoothly. If you don’t use the clutch pedal while shifting the gears, you are literally rubbing the clutch collar with the gear collar which may put unnecessary stress and strain on the engine and clutch. Doing this bad practice for many time, you will end up in breaking down the clutch pedal, engine, axle etc.

gear shifting

So these are some of the things that you are to keep in mind when driving the manual transmission car. If you don’t follow even a single rule you might end up losing some huge amount money. So have a look at the precautions properly, so that your car remains safe and works smoothly.