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Download Telegram Messenger APK For Android| iOS| Mac| PC: How To Install

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Telegram is known to be one of the best instant messaging apps we ever have. The end-to-end encryption feature is accompanied by many more awesome features in the Telegram messenger. The app has a very simple user interface with a fast working mechanism. These main factors are playing the key role of Telegram popularity.

Within a very short period of its launch, the app gained a huge number of users. Will go through all the potential features of Telegram. Also, we will be discussing the downloading procedures.

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Telegram Messenger – Features Possibility

There were comparisons of Telegram with other popular instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. At the moment, WhatsApp Messenger tends to be taking the crown home. However, Telegram is making a lot more appreciatable effort over the time. We will witness whether Telegram replaces WhatsApp or not in the coming days. For now, learn why should we consider Telegram as a tough competitor of WhatsApp.

Telegram Messaging App Features:

Making it clear, this is not a comparison of Telegram and WhatsApp. Instead, we will try to understand how good Telegram is at the current state. First of all, you must know that Telegram supports cross-platform is available for all sorts of computing devices.

Telegram Messenger is officially available for Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone, Mac OS, Mac, PC, and Linux. Also, there is a Web-version of Telegram that can be used on any computer desktop.

Time for breaking in pieces of Telegram Features.

Telegram is Fast: As far the current state, Telegram is the fastest app that runs even in a low internet coverage area seamlessly.

Real-time Sync: As you know already, Telegram support cross-platform, you can access your account from any of your devices. While the activity you start on one device is automatically synced to another device.

Unlimited Usage: Whatever you do, send media files, chatting, etc. there is no limitation as long as your internet connection is active and data is enough.

Cloud Backup: Your chat, or sharing files won’t be consuming any of our device space. All these data are stored in the cloud and can be backed up anytime.

Safe and Secure: Every single thing on Telegram can be encrypted. Individual Chat, Group conversations, shared media files, etc. can be encrypted easily once the feature is enabled.

More Power to You: Create a huge chat group for up to 10,000 people! You may share large video files up to 1.5 GB. Any type of docs and files as such Doc, Mp3, Zip, etc. are shareable. There also a smart bot to carry out your specific tasks.

Reliable Service: While most of the messaging apps are responsible for consuming too much of data. Telegram is the best thing in this case with lesser data byte consumption. It works fine even in the weakest internet connections.

Simplicity: No clutter, no complexity in the interface. Telegram interface is as simple as it had to be. With lean style, Telegram is very much easy to use.

It’s Fun: The app has an inbuilt photo and video editing feature to customize accordingly while sharing fun stuff over the web or to friends. Also, there is Stickers and GIFs collection to share.

It’s Free! Telegram s a 100% free app without any online or subscription charges.

Download Telegram for Your Android/iOS/WP/Mac/PC/Linux

As I have mentioned earlier, Telegram is officially available for all kind of devices. Downloading and installing is easy. All you have to do is go to the official site of the Telegram Messenger. Click on the below office links to download Telegram Messenger.


To Conclude

Now that you know much about Telegram messenger. Somewhere you must be thinking, Telegram may be replacing the WhatsApp. Well, it’s just a matter of debate and time. WhatsApp has already gained a huge number of users and currently holding the top place. So, it won;t be easy for Telegram to snatch the position. Another promising app of this category Snapchat has also made some effort to compete WhatsApp. I made a comparison of WhatsApp Vs Telegram previously.

Nevertheless, This is not actually a comparison between WhatsApp and Telegram. Hence, as far we see of Telegram features, the thought comes in, “Is Telegram going to replace WhatsApp?”

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