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Tata Tigor Vs Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire Comparison

Swift Dzire and Tata Tigor

Tata is going to launch it’s one of the best compact sedan cars especially for the Indian roads which is recently revealed in India. Yes, you have guessed it right, the Tata Tigor is going to get a very reputed position in the Indian Automobile market. As this is going to be one of the best compact sedan cars of India, so we are here comparing between the Tata Tigor and Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire which is already the best compact sedan car for Indian Road.

Swift Dzire and Tata Tigor

So both the cars are of the same category but from different companies having different features and specification. But let me tell you that Suzuki Swift DZire is the most liked car under 5-6 lakh Indian Rupees in India, as the car comes with very good features and mechanical specification and good mileage too. Will the new Tata Tigor be able to beat India’s most loved Compact Sedan car? For more about the comparison read below the whole content.

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Tata Tigor Vs Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire:

So let’s first start the comparison by comparing the mechanical specification of both the cars and then will move into features, design and then prices of the car. I am sure reading this will help you find out the best compact sedan car for you.

Mechanical specification of  Suzuki Swift DZire & Tata Tigor:

Here you are going to know the difference between the mechanical specification of both this fabulous car. So see which of this two cars is having good mechanical specifications.

Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire: 

The latest Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire is having 1197cc oil cooled 4 cylinder engine which comes with 5-speed gearbox, this engine is enough to give you a maximum power of 84bhp and a peak torque of 116Nm. This car comes with front wheel drive which is better for a car weighing 940 Kg, with this 1197cc engine you can easily pick upto 158 km/hr. Not only speed the company has made this car more fuel efficient, this car can give you a minimum mileage of 21km/ltr. in city ride.

Swift DZire engine

Now coming to the suspension and tyres, the Suzuki Swift DZire is having MacPherson suspension in the front and Beam spring suspension in the rear, making sure that you get very good comfort when you are behind the wheel. Coming to the tyres and brakes, the Suzuki Swift DZire comes with 14-inch alloy wheel and drum brakes in the rear and Ventilated disc brakes in the front wheel, which is the best braking system for a compact sedan cars.

Talking about the safety features of the Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire, it is having all sorts of safety features like ABS, EBD and even the car is having Anti-Theft System. Not only this, the car is also having two airbags in the front one for the driver and the other for the co-driver. The car is also having child lock safety, central lock system and rear defogger for a better view. So this all specification makes this car safety.

So this is all about the Suzuki Swift DZire mechanical specification, now let’s have a look at the Tata Tigor mechanical specification and see which is better. Also you can see some user review of the car.

Tata Tigor:

 The new Tata Tigor is coming in both petrol and diesel variant which will be powered by 3 cylinder Revotron 1199cc Multi Drive engine with 4 valve, which is enough to give the car a maximum power of 85PS and a maximum torque of 114NM. The engine is made with Aluminium material which will help the engine to last more, the car comes with front wheel drive. Talking about the mileage the company has told that the car is likely to give 22-24 km/ltr. in the city which is better than Suzuki Swift DZire.

Engine of tata tigor

As the car is not yet released and the company hasn’t revealed anything about the suspensions of the car. So we can easily expect that Tata Tigor is going to get launched in the Indian market with the hydraulic stiff suspension which can soak soft bumps of the road easily. In the rear wheel, you can likely to get a helical suspension and hydraulic for a better comfort behind the wheel.

Talking about the safety features of the new Tata Tigor, the car is having all sorts of safety features like the ABS, EBD, two airbags in the front. The car is also supposed to have corner stability control which will help you ride rough even in the corners and the car is also having rear parking sensors, speed sensing door locks. So with all this features the Tata Tigor is the safest car in its segments.

In the conclusion of the mechanical specification comparison, Tata Tigor seems to be better than the Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire. Now, let’s compare the external and internal features.

External and Internal features of Swift DZire & Tata Tigor:

Exterior and interior of Suzuki Swift DZire:

Talking about the exterior of the Swift DZire, the car looks bold with its big headlight and huge bonnet, yes the car has got a new bumper with new design fog lights in it. The bonnet with a big chrome belt with Suzuki logo in it looks cool. Now coming to the rear side of the car, it comes with new technology tail light which looks awesome in its class and a fin-type antenna makes the car looks perfect.

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Talking about the interior of the Swift DZire the dashboard looks less techy but has all those features which are mandatory in a compact sedan car. The dashboard is made with premium quality plastic which will give you a premium feeling. The seats of the car are made with synthetic leathers and the gear knob is also covered with a leather cover. The AC vents in the front can cool down the car temperature in few minutes, but unfortunately, you are not having any AC vents in the rear. So over all the interior of the car is premium with all type of comfort available.

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Tata Tigor interior and exterior:

Now coming to the exterior of the new Tata Tigor, the car is expected to look the same as the Tata Tiago which is the best in its class. In the front, you are getting everything same, but the black colour ORVMs and the black colour roof looks really awesome and the black side view mirror with the LED turn light looks premium and cool. Coming to the wheel the car is having new 14-inch sporty alloy wheel, the car looks superb with this rims. Talking about the rear view of the car, the beautiful chrome belt with the Tata logo looks great.

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Now in the interior of the car, you are getting a premium dashboard made with premium material, the centre console is very techy but the placements looks awesome and easily accessible. The steering of the Tata Tigor comes with the sporty finish, but the meter remains the same as the Tata Tiago. The seats are made with synthetic leather and are well cushioned for better comfort and you will also get centre armrest in the rear also give you a better comfort behind the wheel. You can check out the review of the new Tata Tigor.

The price of Swift DZire & Tata Tigor:

Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire, one of the best compact sedan car will cost you from 5.56 lakh for the base model to 80.58 lakh for the top model in the ex-showroom Delhi. The price of the Swift DZire is perfect if you compare with the features that you are getting in the car, but before making any decision lets check out the price of the Tata Tigor.

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As the Tata Tigor is not yet released and is soon going to be released by the end of March 2017, so the price of the car is expected to start from 4.98 lakh to 6.10 lakh in the Ex-showroom Delhi. So you see the Tigor is far cheap than the Suzuki Swift DZire and has got many features too.

Final Verdict:

After comparing the mechanism, interior, exterior and price of both Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire and Tata Tigor the final result is that Tata Tigor is better than the Suzuki Swift DZire. If you are looking for a feature full and new technology car than Tata Tigor will be best for you, but if you look for the best comfort than Maruti Suzuki Swift DZrie would be the best for you.

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