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Tata Racemo | First Tata Sport Coupe Car To Be Released In India

Tata Racemo

You have been knowing Tata company for its mid-size sedan cars, but now Tata is going to launch its first ever sports coupe car in India which is named as Tamo Racemo. This is going to be the best as the car is having features from all different sports car. The new Tata Racemo car is already exposed in the Geneva Motor Show 2017, and yes this is not a model car, it is going to launch in the Indian automobile market by the end of the year 2017.

Tata Racemo

The Racemo car is supposed to be good in both busy Indian road and track racing as it comes loaded with all the new technology that a race car should have. The Racemo is expected in two different variant that is the Racemo and the Racemo+. So let’s see if this first Indian Coupe car will be able to give head to head competition to the other car of its segment. What are you waiting for, lets check out the expected features, specification, and price of this first ever India sports car.

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Details about the Tata Racemo:

Below I am going to tell you all the expected specification of the new race coupe car of India.

Interior Specification:

To the interior of the car, the Racemo welcomes you with beautiful butterfly door just like in the BMW i8. In the interior, you will get sports seats that are well cushioned for a better comfort to the driver, and yes the car will come two seats as it is a sports car.

Interior of Racemo

As the Tamo Racemo is powered by Microsoft, so in the car you will not have any speedometer, but you will be having a 7-inch display which will indicate you of every single thing on the car. The Racemo has also got the flip type switches which make the car look more sporty.

Yes, you will be having the Start stop button, but it will be placed in the steering wheel in case of the dashboard. So in this car, you are finding most of the switch on the steering wheel other than in the dashboard.

Exterior specification:

The car is totally designed with new technologies as you can see the floating panels are the main attraction that the car is having, and this floating panel can only be made in this new material. In the front of the car, you will be introduced to a new type of grill which really looks aggressive.

racemo exterior

The Racemo is expected to come with LED headlamp and fog light and a beautiful Tamo logo in the bonnet of the car. Moving towards the back you will see unique spoiler with a single exhaust and new LED backlight, and I must say the backlight look like the Nissan GT backlight.

Now coming towards the rims of the car, the car is supposed to have 14-inch sporty alloy wheel. So overall saying this car is more like a sports car than a street riding car. This is all about the exterior specification, so now let’s move on to the main part and i.e. the mechanical part of the car.

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Mechanical Specification:

Now coming to the main part of the sports car this Tamo Racemo is supposed to come with 1.2-liter turbocharged petrol engine which will produce maximum power of 189 BHP and highest torque of 210 Nm. The car comes with 6-speed automatic gear system with pedal shifters and yes the car is also having one unique feature and that is the reverse button.

Tata Racemo car

The Tamo Racemo is expected to come with a mid-engine placement so that the car can balance the weight in both the front wheel and rear wheel. Yes, the car is supposed to come with the rear wheel drive, so as the engine is placed in the middle of the car there is very less chance the power is leaked while transmitting.

So this is going to be one of the best sports coupe cars in India both in the mechanical view and in the design view. If you are thinking of owning a sports coupe car then waiting for this car will worth you.

Price and Release Date of Tata Racemo:

The pricings of the Tata Racemo and Tata Racemo+ may be starting from 25 lakh to 40 lakh as stated in the Geneva Motor Show 2017. So the car not only looks premium and sporty but it is also expected to have an affordable price in the Indian market.

Now coming to the release date of the brand new Tata Racemo the first Indian Sports Coupe car, you may see this car on your nearest Tata showroom by the end of 2017 or at the beginning of 2018.

This all about the first sports coupe car to be launched and produced in India. After reading the features and specifications, I am very much sure that you are eager to buy this car and bring it to your garage. I must say this car is going to rock the Indian road with its powerful engine and beautiful exterior engine. This is all, subscribe to get more news about vehicles in the Indian market.


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