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How to Target USA Traffic To Increase USA Traffic By 200%?

Hi, guys, my name is Paul Billygraham Reang, I shared few tips for getting targeted traffic in my previous article. I took some time, nearly a week to find out the secret of USA traffic. I was making little experiment because if I get US traffic for a day and stop getting it on the next day, it will definitely be a worthless tip for you.

I want you to drag good USA traffic to your blog as soon as you finish reading the post. I always got good traffic from India and Pakistan most of the time. But you all know you can earn more money with USA traffic compared to any other region’s traffic. The conversion rate is higher with users from the USA as compared to  Asian traffic or others.

How is Targeting USA traffic more beneficial?

Target US traffic if you want high CPC, Affiliate sales & high CPM. These are few valid reasons that actually boost your revenue. You might be saying money, but money is not everything [you can earn good revenue from other Geo traffic but it is better when compared], but if you don’t earn money from your blog it’s tough to keep doing what you love to do. To build a blog you may not require good investment, but when you think of building a pro-blog a huge investment is necessary.

Now, US traffic pays high due to some important factors. Today on the internet we find lots of online marketers, selling products online. The Internet has become world’s largest market place for these online marketers, where they benefit from a good sale on products.

But why USA traffic pay higher than Asian traffic?

There is a big reason why Asian traffic pays lower than USA traffic. It is because all the advertisers get high Conversion Rate with US traffic. the fact behind this is, most of the people from Asia are not that familiar with the internet as compared to the Americans, you can say Asians are a newbie.

Another factor is trust, also the problem is with the Payment system in India. It is not easy to make a purchase in USD and this is why half of the customer fail to buy products.

So, overall the US traffic is beneficial the company more than Asian traffic.

These are some valid reasons why US traffic pays higher.

How to Target USA traffic and increase the traffic by 200%?

It is not possible for anybody to grab traffic only from one country. But what you can do is, target a country to increase more traffic. This is basically what I do all the time, I always welcome my traffic but I also try to get some extra traffic from US Geo Location.

I tried different ways to grab it but I failed and finally found one way to grab US traffic. Which I am going to share with you guys.

1. Stumble Upon:

Anybody who is a blogger and wants to increase your US traffic must use Stumble Upon. It will boost your US traffic more than ever before. It is so easy to use, and you will learn everything in just a few mins.

It is actually not a social media, but a place where you can share your post and boost traffic. It also benefited huge amount of traffic to my blog.

Congratulation!! your US traffic is going to boost from now.

2. Facebook:

Facebook?? I have been using Facebook since the beginning but it didn’t help boost any US traffic.

Yeah you are absolutely right! But let me tell you one small secret that can help you to boost your US traffic through Facebook. First what you have to do is join some groups with high number of members and also to those groups related to USA. This will improve your traffic for sure.

Congrats!! you have again boosted your traffic.

3. Google Plus:

Google Plus is another giant through which you can grab good traffic from the US. I will first recommend you to join all the group related to US, USA or America. Now, after you do this share you post each and everyday in these communities.

Congrats!! For one more time.

4. Search engine:

You can work on a targeted keyword which is mostly searched in the USA. It will help you to grab traffic from USA but your post must be in the first page of the search engines.

These are few tips that you can work on..

But I used social media and Stumble Upon to increase my US traffic by 200% for free.

Thank you very much for reading my words.

Please let me know how it helped you? Or it was useless?

Or if you feel I missed out any points? I am very eagerly waiting for your comments.

Thank you very much for reading the post keep visiting. You can contact me in Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


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