Suzuki GSX 250R To Be launch in India | Check Out Its Specs, Design and Price
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Suzuki GSX 250R To Be launched in India | Check Out Its Specs, Design and Price

Suzuki GSX 250r 2017 upcoming bike in india

The new Suzuki GSX 250R is already released all over the country in the past year, and it is highly expected that the motorbike will be soon launched in India by the end of 2017. This new motorbike from Suzuki will replace the Gixxer SF as the bike is having too much in it to impress anyone. I must say the new Suzuki GSX 250R has got many upgrades in technology, so all those Gixxer 150 and SF owner must be aiming for this new Suzuki bike which comes features overloaded.Suzuki GSX 250r 2017 upcoming bike in india

The new Suzuki GSX 250R will be the rival of the KTM RC 390 and the Yamaha R3. So it would be really head to head competition, as all the three motorcycle are power packed and has lots of interesting features in it. Let’s not wait for more and let’s have a look at the mechanism and exterior design of the bike.

Details about Suzuki GSX 250R:

So here below I am going to tell you about the GSX 250R motorbike which is soon going to rock the Indian motorbike company.

Mechanical specification of the new Suzuki GSX 250R:

The new Suzuki GSX 250R is expected to come with new engine mechanism as the company has revealed that they are trying their best to make this bike one of the best bike under 300CC in India. So the new Suzuki GSX 250R is having a twin cylinder 249cc oil cooled racing engine, the engine can easily produce a maximum power of 8000 rpm and a peak torque of 23.5 Nm. The power of this engine is enough to give you a top speed of approx 16 km/h. as this is a sports bike after all.

Coming to the suspensions and brakes of the Suzuki GSX 250R motorbike. This bike is having disc brakes on both the front and the rear wheel. In the front, the bike is expected to have 290 mm disc and in the rear 250 mm disc in India. Now talking about the suspensions of the bike, it has got telescopic fork suspension in the front and mono suspension in the rear wheel of the bike.

Not only the speed, the new Suzuki GSX 250R has done very good in the fuel efficiency of the bike. As you are getting 30-35 km/LTR. of mileage in the city road and some 40km/LTR. in the highway road. So the bike is not only focused on speed but it also gives a good mileage for Indian road.

The design of the Suzuki GSX 250R:

So in the above, I have given everything about the mechanical specification of the new Suzuki GSX 250R, but it is not enough to statisfy. In the end, the only thing that will make you feel WOW in the bike is the design. So here I am going to talk about the design of the new Suzuki GSX 250R.

In the front of the bike, it clearly looks like the GSX 1000 bike, but the new design headlight and new sporty windshield makes the bike looks sporty enough for the Indian road. Behind the wheel, you will find a newly designed sporty fuel tank and the bike has got full front fairing just like the KTM Dukes. Not only this, the bike has got a split seat which makes it more sporty and the digital meter console looks feature full.

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Coming to the rear part of the bike, the new Suzuki GSX 250R got a newly design LED tail light and as the rear bike is naked, it looks wild just like the Yamaha R3. So overall looking, the new Suzuki GSX 250R looks more into sporty than into cruiser with all it’s newly designed sporty alloy wheel and racy tailpiece.

Features of the new Suzuki GSX 250R:

It is all done with the mechanical specification and the exterior design of the new Suzuki GSX 250R, so now I am going to speak all about the amazing features that the new Suzuki GSX 250R is most probably coming to India.

  1. As the bike is more concentrated into sports bike, the bike has got disc brakes in both front and rear wheel.
  2. Just like all the bike in its segment, the Suzuki GSX 250R is also expected to come with the clip-on handlebars
  3. The bike comes with safety features like the ABS and many sensors.
  4. The Suzuki GSX 250R doesn’t come with a carburetor, it comes with the Fuel Injection.
  5. The new digital meter console also gives you a reminder to change your engine oil when it is old. So there is no chance you will miss out changing the engine oil.
  6. In the meter console, you can also check out the real time fuel consumption which sounds very amazing.

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So all these expected features in the new Suzuki GSX 250R has really made it breathe taking. This bike is going to make its rival feel low in the Indian road, I must say this bike is worth. So this is all the about the feature of the bike, now let’s have a quick look at the expected price of the bike in India and also the release date.

Expected release date and Price of the Suzuki GSX 250R:

The new Suzuki GSX 250R  is expected to get launched in the Indian market by the end of November 2017 with all the expected features that I have given above. This bike price is expected to begin from 2.5 lakhs to 2.9 lakhs for the higher e

If you compare the price of the bike with its rival, you will see that the new Suzuki GSX 250R is quite cheaper than the other rival bikes like KTM Duke 390, KTM RC 200 and Kawasaki Z250.

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 [Check Out The Video of Upcoming Suzuki GSX 250R]

So this is all about the release date, price, design, and features of the new Suzuki GSX 250R. I have given here all the expected features and specification that the bike is going to have in India. I am very much sure that the bike will put a huge weight on the other rival bikes. All those who loves riding Suzuki Bikes, I must tell you that this bike will be worth waiting.

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