Top Super Villains of Shaktimaan: Reasons Why We Miss Shaktimaan!!
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Top Super Villains of Shaktimaan: Reasons Why We Miss Shaktimaan!!

shaktimaan kilvish fight

For the 90’s people, Shaktimaan has to be the Indian Superhero. I’m sure most of 90’s fans of this epic Television show miss it. Why not, as the memories of watching Shaktimaan is a handful. Playing being as Shaktimaan and its villain in childhood was quite mesmerising.

Shaktimaan is a history for today’s generation and most of the today’s kids might not know about Shaktimaan. But if your childhood was in 90’s and enjoyed to watch Shaktimaan then some the top enemies of Shaktimaan might have scared you in most time.

Top Villains of Shaktimaan: Reasons Why We Miss Shaktimaan!

Villain and Shaktimaan’s fight is the main that we enjoyed mostly. With the name of those terror villains, we still missed them. It’s been so long, and you might have forgotten some of those top villain characters of Shaktimaan. I got some of those scary villains names from Shaktimaan and hope it will rejoice your memory.

Tamraj Kilvish: The King of Darkness

This evil king was the strongest enemy of Shaktimaan, who intends to spread darkness, sin, hatred to the world. He was the strongest villain in Shaktimaan story, as he found the one-half of Shakti Punj or Paap Punj. He was the killer of his adopted father and mother. Well, I guess you better know him.shaktimaan kilvish fight

Kapala: The Corrupted Tantrik

He is that iconic villain within just a few appearances turns out iconic with his terror in Shaktimaan. Kapala is a Tantrik but a corrupted one, who serves  Tamraj Kilvish to spread terror and destructions. He got many magical powers and servants under his control, which we have seen in our back days. The another Shaktimaan’s enemy Stone Man was also created by Kapala’s special skull magic.Kapala Shaktimaan villain

Dr. Jaikal: The evil scientist

He also works for the King of Darkness. Basically, Jaikal was a scientist and became an evil scientist after he was denied for his scholarship. Hence, Tamraj Kilvish helped him to get support, and Dr. Jaikal work and research in his lab to spread terror. His lab experiments helped him making more enemies for Shaktimaan and spreading evil energy to serve Kilvish. He is the villain of Shaktimaan to fight longer after Tamraj Kilvish, and you should know him or his terror again Shaktimaan.dr jaikal shaktimaan enemy

Kekda Man And Jonk Jonkaa:

These two creatures are the clone of Dr. Jaikal.  The poisonous Kedka Man was killed by Shaktimaan. And the ability to grow any size eating any form, the Jonk Jonkaa was killed by Geeta and others using salt. I hope you still remember the terror of these two enemies of Shaktimaan.kedka man

Sahab: Organised Criminal

Like Sahab also has an ability to change himself into two identity. Sahab and Kumar are the same person, which is his main strength. Only Tamraj knows his another devil identity as Sahab. He works for Tamraj for to find out more details.

Shalaka: The Cat Girl

She was a cat girl who pledges to defeat Shaktimaan. She also accomplice of Tamraj Kilvish and tried to threat Geeta. Well, her terror in the Shaktimaan show is not negligible. 90’s fans cannot forget this super villain of Shaktimaan.shalaka in shaktimaan villain

Electric Man:

We are thrilled with the terror of Electic main Shaktimaan. He was the first synthetic super villain of Shaktimaan. He spread destruction in the city who later defeated by Shaktimaan. Well, as a Shaktimaan no one would forget this Shaktimaan villain.

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Because of these villains, the excitement of Shaktimaan was more interesting. We enjoyed this weekly Superhero show being as Shaktimaan, spinning like him. Or common dialogues of those tops villains such as “Andhera Kayam Rahega,”  and much more. Let me know which is your favourite villain from Shaktimaan and the character you enjoy a lot. Also, share with your friends and cousin or with whom you use to watch Shaktimaan.


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