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Steps To Use Top Social media networking sites For bloggers

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Social Media marketing is one of the most important factor behind most of the successful online business. If you are ignoring social media traffic I would say you are missing out very big audience which could be beneficial for you if you are doing any online business.

If you carefully observe over successful business or company, you would find that they do keep good social media presence in order to understand audience, grow audience or connect with them directly.

If you are blogger and want to run your successful blog, I am going to share you my experience based on social media. When I started blogging I had no idea about blogging & how to run successful online portal. I ignored social media for first few month, but later I started using Facebook trying to drive traffic to my blog. But there was no guide for me & I did not prefer making a small study over various articles available online, basically started spamming badly on popular pages and got my link marked as spam.

But Later I realized that it was my mistake and spamming on various Facebook pages gave me nothing more than a nice lesson. At that moment I stopped using Facebook or any other social media platform & started focusing on search engine rankings. I gradually stopped believing in social media marketing, but as all this stuffs were new to me so I was not so successful even in doing proper SEO optimization for my blog. On the mean time I read lots of articles and took suggestions from other well known bloggers, which actually helped me to understand some part of it.


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I tried some from my own and some from the suggestion which worked for me and still works for each time I do it. I will share with you in the below points.

How Important Social Media is for one blogger?

Till now I had personally worked on two type of sites, one of them is a blog with social media presence and other is keeping the blog aside from all the competitors and social networking sites. I personally experienced it and feel that social media presence is must for every website.

I had multiple websites successfully keeping it away from my competitors, which worked very good for me in search engine rankings & results. But some of my sites which were not performing that good as those hidden sites out of social media networking sites were making much more money. Those blogs were getting many opportunities just because it has social media presence and good community. Along with money you get a good reputation from your audience + by adding useful information website can add huge value to readers and users.

Not only in terms of money, but if you think for the growth of one blog without social media presence it basically takes longer period. But if one website is taken down in social media with proper marketing strategy, it takes very less time to get recognized & build brand.

Being a blogger you can’t afford to miss out all this various benefits in terms of branding and earnings. Lets find out some of the best Social networking sites for making full benefit out of it.

Top Social Media Platform:


Facebook: Facebook comes at the top always on my list because I personally get lots of help from Facebook when it comes to social media marketing. Best thing is that when you have decent amount of friend list based on particular interest which you are focusing on, you can get lots of benefit out of your Facebook Profiles.


Like I mentioned earlier in the post, I used Facebook for spamming in the first few month which gave me no benefits but created an negative impact over my blog in readers mind by doing that. But later when I understood the fact and tried again implementing genuine methods it gave me the biggest success, which turned website into an brand that people started following. Now, once people start following your blog, you will start getting natural shares and backlinks which adds up value in ranking a website higher.

Things that must be used:

  • Profile– It is the best out of all according to me, but its not one day work but creating a good connection with series of people under your topics interest. Once you successfully do it, you will not only get targeted audience but also good response from readers which leaves positive impression upon your site or post.
  • Pages– Pages also works very good if you successfully build up good audience you can expect good response from your pages. There are many social media marketers who are running successful blogs by solely depending on social media sites.
  • Groups– Groups works good, but I would personally suggest you to create your own group and keep the group active with hot discussion always. You can also try joining some groups and share your ideas and post but most of the groups are spammed badly due to which all groups may not be beneficial.
  • Campaigns: I had personally tried out this and it works perfectly, but if you are expecting high from campaigns than you should stop doing it. It is beneficial upto some extent but you can’t expect everything out of it. My personal experience with paid campaigns are good but they are not always beneficial, it is more about understanding the need of your audiences.

You May Like:

Google+: Google + is another great platform which is ignored in most of the cases but it has lots of potential and benefits. As you know clearly that Google+ is a product of Google due to which social signals from Google+ helps in gaining better rankings.


google plus

Just like we have groups in Facebook similarly you can find various communities which are having good numbers of active members. But more than communities you can use your own profile in a better way to have good connection with other users on same interest based users. Just like Facebook you have to be active and keep making connections & participate in various posts.

Twitter: To be honest I haven’t used twitter much successfully but Twitter is also one of the best places for marketing. It takes time to grow community and followers in twitter but once you gain enough authority and show your activeness, it is one of the best place which can help you in getting lots of rewards.


This are the three platform which had turned out to be a good one for me, I am just mentioning the other list of social media that may be helpful below.

  • Linkedin
  • Quota

If you want to make full use of all this social media platforms used by millions of users you must be an user of website rather than just for marketing. You have to get involved to it and start building up good community to get most out of it.

If you have any experiences and would like to share with us please share via comment that will be great contribution from your end.

Thanks for reading

Best regards.

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Hello Friends, I am Paul billygraham Reang CEO and Founder of ChromeTechny Networks Pvt. Ltd. company. I started blogging since 7th June, 2013 and took blogging as my full time career.
Apart from blogging I love visiting new places, listening musics, reading motivational books and talking to those peoples who wants to do something big in their life.


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