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Top 7 Spy Apps For Cheating Spouses To Save Your Love Life!

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In most of the circumstances there comes the point of time, where you feel like your partner is cheating on you. So, clear all of your doubts that you are having, simply by owning Spy apps for cheating spouses, install them on their phones and save your married or love life.

Not only for spying on your partners, but you can also use it for checking your kid's Smartphone too. Monitor the devices to figure out what they are keeping as the secret in their phones.

Make sure they do not keep unwanted media files which are not appropriate to watch.

Spy Apps for Cheating Spouses

7 Best Spy Apps for Cheating Spouses:

Using these Spy apps that I am about to mention below, you will be able to learn about the call history and phone gallery and most importantly how to spy on cheating husband or wife. Also, have a look at the text messages that your spouse has been sending to others.

Here is the complete list of 7 Spy Apps for Cheating Spouses mentioned below in details with its key features:

#1. Guest Spy:

Guest Spy is one of the best Spy Phone software available for Android device. It offers to you highly innovative features with which spy on virtually to any selected device remotely and invisibly.

The charges of using the Guest Spy software are very less which is less than a cup of coffee.

guest spy apps for spouses

If you work as any employee, you can monitor all the company owned phones, to check out for making sure that anything does not get misused or goes wrong in the office premises.

Guest Spy App is compatible in most of the available Android devices.

Key Features of Guest Spy:

  • Guest Spy App allows you to manage all the incoming or outgoing calls showing call duration and also timestamp. Record all the calls with a high quality of sound in MP3 format.
  • Track all the text messages on the phone that you are spying, also check on the sent or received MMS.
  • Follow your son or wife or others using the GPS locator mode of the Guest Spy App set on the targeted device. Figure out the location of the particular person that you are tracing.
  • Remote control features allow you to locate your stolen phones, as there comes a time when you often lose your mobile phones or got stolen.
  • Check out the multimedia files as Guest Spy App allows you to view the photos or videos on the target Smartphone. Each time new pictures or video added to the selected device storage, the files will b uploaded by itself into your GuestSpy Account.

#2. Top Spy:

Top Spy App is introducing monitor on your kid, employees and spouse phone. It is necessary to get notified from the users of the tracked device that is monitor.

Top Spy app offers to you one of the most reliable services with guarantees in its spy results.

To start using Top Spy directly, you have to subscribe by selecting any plans. Make payment procedure for creating your account as the payments process is secure and total risks free.

It enables to you 100% of trusted privacy settings and lots more.

cheating spouse website

Key Features of Top Spy:

  • Top Spy is very effective for spying on the selected Smartphone devices such as SMS and CALLS.
  • It also includes the GPS Spying on your kids, business partners, family, etc.
  • Protects your family from getting access to the phone log calls, also into social media accounts with the help of Top Spy Apps for cheating partner.
  • For business, purpose monitors the cell phone and also the internet usage details.
  • Make your Smartphone secure by locking, wipe the phone remotely and also track the location of the targeted device for spying.

#3. Mobistealth

Undoubtedly this another best Spy Apps For Cheating Spouses. Mobistealth is one of Cell Phone Monitoring software that gives you the power to know all the answers. It includes a host of impressive surveillance features for elders and job holders.

The Cell Phone monitoring software allows tracking and records all the activities done by the monitored phone.

It is probably the best choice for you if you are scared of the wrong hand use of the devices, owned by the company.

To protect your children from the risks of the digital world demerits, you better start using Mobistealth as you will get charged $0.50 on a daily basis.

spy on spouse cell phone for free

Key features of Mobistealth:

  • Monitor all the call history records, text message conversation, and view sent or received SMS.
  • In the application lists, you will be able to check for the information of all the apps that are installed presently in your Smartphone.
  • Mobistealth enable the location tracking facilities that makes possible to monitor
  • You can protect by spying on the behavior children i.e. 24 X 7. It cannot be tampered by the children, at the same time Mobistealth will protect your kids from any online threats.
  • Charges are very less that is you can start spying with only $0.50 per day.

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#4. Mspy:

Mspy is specialized for spying on someone’s phone; it is well customized and user-friendly for your Smartphone. It is perhaps one of the most popular mobile monitoring solutions.

This kind of App is usually used for spying on the employees working under companies.

Especially if you are parents, then Mspy App will allow you to track on their children, wife or husband.

It delivers you accurate tracking results at a very affordable price. You just have to create your personal online mSpy account to view the tracked data.

how to catch a cheating spouse texting

Key Features of Mspy:

  • Mspy App allows you to manage all the incoming and outgoing calls with its duration and timestamp.
  • Start tracking any text messages or MMS into the targeted device.
  • Mspy App you can also check on the emails of your employees, read it to make sure that their time is not wasting in writing their personal emails.
  • Set up the GPS locator for tracking the targeted Smartphone device, learn where the name of the place of your son or daughter or spouses.
  • Monitor the internet usage by viewing all the history of the visited URLs in the targeted phone.

#5. Couple Tracker:

Couple Tracker is one of the best spy apps for cheating spouses available in the lists of Android apps. It gives you access to monitor, share and also exchange the text, phone call history, GPS location records, etc.

One of its unique features is that both the partners while each other device once at a time, cannot be just one way.

The phone activities of the partners will get displayed on your records, and there is not a single change of deleting or hiding or changing any data.

catch your boyfriend cheating app

Key Features of Couple Tracker:

  • View the partner’s present location and also daily locations, also the lists of the partner’s locations will be recorded in every 30 minutes of time.
  • Real-time sharing features to follow your partner’s communication footprint in real-time, within just a couple of seconds right after your accept phone calls or text messages.
  • Monitor the Facebook statistics and also overview who is commenting in your spouse or kid Facebook post.
  • It also introduces to you camera blocking features, where you get to disable it and make your phone secure keeping your privacy protected from an unwanted user.
  • You can choose the mutual monitoring option where both the partners have to agree for tracking each other targeted devices.

#6. mCouple:

mCouple is the spy apps for cheating spouses, or you felt like your partner is cheating on you? Check on your girlfriend or boyfriend if they have any affair outside of your relationship.

mCouple impressively gives you the remote access into each other phone, when they agree to keep an eye on each other call logs, text messages and social network conversations.

It is the perfect way to stay close to your loved ones and check on each other locations. Install the mCouple on your Android device and get the account created with a unique personal ID.

spy on cheating spouse text messages

Key Features of mCouple:

  • Using the GPS tracker spouses can share each other location with the help of the GPS mobile phone monitoring.
  • Get an access to the phone contacts lists or phonebook of your partner, which helps you to check out all the call logs records or details.
  • Also, Facebook tracker mode will allow you to spy the activities of your kids or spouse accounts.
  • Activate the call tracker to monitor and also check the logs of the call history.
  • The SMS tracker will give you access to check on the conversation of the sent or received text messages from the monitored devices.

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#7. TheTruthSpy:

TheTruthSpy is powerful Spy phone software that filled up highly innovative features. It is possible with the app to spy on virtually any targeted phone, without letting the owner know that the device monitored.

It costs you very less not even the price of a cup of coffee. As an employer, you can use TheTruthSpy App for monitoring all the company owned Smartphone.

Make sure nothing goes wrong while the employees are working in a company TheTruthSpy is must for spying on them.

how to catch a cheating spouse using cell phone

Key Features of TheTruthSpy:

  • You can listen to the conversation or the sounds of the happenings nearby the targeted device.
  • Make a live call record of the conversation that is made presently on the monitored phone by TheTruthSpy.
  • Tracking WhatsApp is one of the best features of TheTruthSpy which let you spy quickly on your unrooted phone.
  • GPS Tracking Locator allows you to check on the location of the targeted device on the map.
  • Check all the call history records and the internet usage data of the selected devices.
  • Block any app you want to from the targeted device.

Out of 7 Spy Apps for Cheating Spouses I have placed Guest Spy on the top lists. Which one if your favorite Spy Apps from the above-mentioned lists?

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