What to do if Jio Tele-Verification Not Working? Here is the Easiest Trick
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What to do if Jio Tele-Verification Not Working? Here is The Easiest Trick

Jio Tele-Verification Not Working – Alright, have you just brought a brand new Jio SIM Card for yourself? If you are having troubles with your Jio Tele Verification, then you are at the right place. You can try the tricks that I am going to provide you here, and I am quite sure that your problem will be solved.

Here, you will be able to learn how to check on the activation time of Jio SIM Card, delay, and status related issues. While you proceed to the activation process of the Jio SIM Card you must complete the Jio Tele Verification process, in many situations the provided Jio Tele-verification number i.e. 1977 does not seem to work at all.


jio tele-verification not working


You will find some other options like emergency calls which also end up not working as well. In this article, I am going to provide be a guide and will give you a solution on “Jio Tele-verification Not working” problem. Most of the users come across this problem and are not able to complete the whole procedure.

How to Activate Jio Sim by Tele-Verification?

In order to use your Jio SIM, you will have to complete the Tele-verification process first by calling on “1977”. Here you will be asked to confirm your address and name written on voter ID and also will be asked for your Aadhaar Card details. So if these works out then, you can start using you Jio SIM without any problem.

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Why is Jio Tele-Verification Not Working on Your Phone?

It usually happens because of your device incapability or due to the improper settings on your phone. It is likely that you will face this kind of problems. Few reasons your device may reject the 1977 Jio Tele-verification are listed below.

  • It might be because of the network settings are not set correctly.
  • Maybe your Jio phone number is not yet active for the process of Tele-verification.
  • Once you receive the Jio Tele-verification messages, make sure you are using the Jio store.
  • You have to make sure whether your device is compatible with the action or not.

How to Solve the Problems of Jio Tele-Verification Not Working?

Before you begin this process on your device, make sure that you have already received the message of Tele-verification. It is not possible to do Tele Verification without the message. Make sure that you do not face this kind of problems mentioned above.

jio tele-verification

Another thing that you need to make sure is that your phone should be VoLTE enabled for using the Jio Services. Down below are some steps that I have mentioned on how to solve the problem related to Jio Tele-verification.

  • Download the Jio Join or the Jio4GVoice application on your device.
  • Make sure that you kept the Jio SIM card in your slot 1 and kept the LTE in on mode.
  • After you turn on your device, you will see a network signal on your device. In case if you don’t get it I will mention how to get it.
  • Choose the 4G LTE network which will be displayed on your screen in the menu of settings and also selects the access point with a name as Jionet.
  • In case if Jionet APN is not present then you can restore the settings and choose the default settings for getting the Jionet APN.
  • Enable the 4G connection on your device and you will start seeing the “Sign into the Network Option.”
  • Now launch the Jio4GVoice app instantly you will get some pop-ups asking “Do you want to use Jio4GVoice as text messaging app”.
  • Just click on the yes options and then dial 1977 i.e. the Jio Tele-verification number with the help of JioJoin dialer; soon the data of your device will be enabled.
  • A few seconds later you will get connected, and the activation process will be over.


And with this, you have successfully solved your problem, and now you can start using your unlimited Data and make unlimited voice calls.

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I hope that this post about ‘what to do if Jio Tele-Verification Not Working was helpful to you. Feel free to share this post with others and drop a comment below if you face any problems, and I will try to get back to you ASAP!


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