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SnapChat Trolled By Angry Indian Users With Funny Reviews #Trouble

boycott snapchat

Back in the olden era, where Indians were called uneducated and backward people. But now every Indian (not only the youth but people of all ages) are getting modern, as they are getting introduced with many new technologies. Where all the global tech groups stated that India is the only country where new technologies are welcomed and even in the customer basis Indians are said to be the best.


But a petition is been filed in the court saying that Snapchat has said “India a Poor country”. According to the ex-employee of the Snapchat Anthony Pompliano, the CEO have said that the app is not for poor countries like India and Spain, and have filed a petition in the court.

Snapchat CEO

Here is the statement of Snapchat CEO: 

This app is not for poor people. So I don’t want to expand the busiseness more in poor countries like India and spain.

But as the statement was leaked in the social media. Every Indian people are now angry from this insulting statement from the Snapchat CEO. Maximum of the Indian citizens who were using the Snapchat app and were loving to use it are now uninstalling the app and rating 1 star in the app and Play store. As you can see in the picture, the app has already got some 1,500,000+ 1 Star rating in the app.

star rating

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Not only the rating, the Snapchat app has also got many bad reviews and comment in the app market that you have seen in the picture given below.


If you see the real story of the Snapchat, it feels like whatever Mr. Pompliano has said is truth.

Mr. Spiegel was enraged through out the meeting and refused to listen to whatever Mr. Pompliano was saying. Instead he kept cutting Pompliano points and dismissing in the whole meeting.

But even though every proof is against the Snapchat company. But we should wait for the final result from the court as the case is still pending. So building this social violence is not necessary until the final statement is out from the court.

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If you have a look from the Indians point of view, it is also normal that they took this action of #boycottsnapchat. As every country citizen love their country more than a normal app which you can have free of cost.

boycott snapchat

But in this whole incident even Snapdeal have got some bad reviews and a 1-star rating, as many Indians were confused in between Snapdeal and Snapchat as both sounds the same. So in this incident even Snapdeal has got some bad reviews on both the App and Play store.

So it is not yet sure if who is guilty and who not as the court has not announced the final statement. If Mr. Pompalion found guilty then Indian are to be very shameful, but if Snapchat found guilty, it would be their huge loss. So what do you think, who’s mistake will this be? Is the mistake of Mr. Pompalion? Or will Snapchat will be found guilty? drop your view in the comment box below.


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