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Snapchat Filter – How To Use And Take Funny Pictures!!

Snapchat Filters

Snapchat Filter and lens features are well known for being used on many apps now. With these filters, lens and many other faces changing features, you can easily create distorted photos of yourself or your friends and have fun to laugh at the silly photos. Well known for the Snapchat lens and filters, you can also share your location, make cool profile pictures that you can use on other profiles. If you haven’t used Snapchat before, well you are missing out a lot. You can enjoy the filters, lens and many other available on the Snapchat itself which you would find only by using multiple apps.

Snapchat Filters

So, if you are unaware of the Snapchat filters and lens features, let me take you through full details about the Snapchat filter and lens and tell you how you can use them to have a lot of fun with your friends and family members.

What is the Snapchat Lens and Filters all about?

You might have noticed the filters and live lens that comes with few smartphones. While the filters are there to make your overall photo look more attractive and provides a different tone and shade to the photo, the lens that comes with SnapChat can be used to make you look funny, add a mustache, turn our face into a  dog and much more. This lens work live with your front camera by default(if you have them as default on your Smartphone). Whereas on Snapchat these features can be used for both the front facing camera as well as the rear camera making it more interesting to use.


So, if you are looking for a photo editing app or filter adding apps, you probably have to go for 2 or more different apps, whereas the Snapchat lens and filters come with eh Snapchat app. Pretty interesting right? Well now lets us have a look at how you can use these filter, lens and other features and have a lot of fun using them.

Use the Snapchat Filter Feature for the First Time? Here is how you need do it:

First of all, you will need to know how to add a photo to the filter. To do that you can either use an existing image from your gallery or simply click a new picture from the snap chat itself. After doing so, simply swipe left and right to add in the filter effects to the photos.You can even use the filter effects on video too. And if you are using a video, you can go ahead and use features like Fast-Forward  & even slow mo.

Snapchat filter

You can even use Geofilters that are great for famous locations all over the world and which also covers many cities and big urban destinations. you can even add you own landmark to get a filter for your home tourist destinations.

In the Geo Filter, you will also come across different events like, sports, games, festivals and many other events which will also help you to add different geo filters to your photos.

NOTE THAT, few filter features may vary depending on an Android user to an iOS user.

Applying the Second Filter to an Existing Filter:

This a small trick for all the new and old Snapchat users out there. If you didn’t know, you can easily add a second layer of the filter after you add the first layer. To try this trick you will first need to apply the first filter and hold the photo as you would be holding the existing filter but swipe right while holding it. This will take you to more filter where you can add a totally different filter like Time filter, black and white filter and more.

Snap chat filter

Want to add in more filters? Well, you can, after you apply the second layer of the filter you will now need to hold the image just like before and swipe right. With this multi-layer feature, you can add in upto 5 different layers of filters to make your photo look totally different and unique or the way you want it to look.

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Adding your Photo with the Lens Filter:

Now, when it comes to the live lens filter effect of Snapchat, you can use it easily by holding down the capture photo button for more than 2 seconds. After a few seconds, you will be able to see a 3D mapping of your face which the filter utilizes to offer you with excellent lens filters.

Snapcaht filter Lens

Now you can see your face live on the camera and you can choose the lens Snapchat filters from the list below to add in new filter features. You can use this lens features with your rear camera for using this live lens feature on multiple people in the photo.

There are over 30 different lenses depending on the device you are using. NOTE THAT, depending on eh device you are using an iOS or an Android device, the lens effect or the quantity may vary too.

New SnapChat Lens and Filters Update?

Well, using a single lens or filter for many times can become boring at a time. Even when you use multiple layers of filters, you are going to get bored at a certain point of time but don’t worry as Snapchat keeps on adding new filters and lens very time. So how the offer can you accept Snapchat to add a new filter or lens?

Adding new Snapchat filters

Well, you will be able to see new lens and filters within every few days, so there you have it.Unlike a singular app, where you need to wait for months for a new update with new filters, Snapchat offers you with many new filters within an interval of just a few days.

NOTE THAT, while new filter and lens are added in, few of the old Snapchat filter and lens will be removed. So it’s better you use them while they still exist.

So there you have it, this was all about the details of Snapchat filters that you would want to know as a new or even as an existing Snapchat user. All these features are free to use and you can keep enjoying these amazing filters and lens anytime you want to. Get Snapchat right now and start enjoying using these snapchat filter and lens to have a great time laughing with your friends and family online.

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