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10 SmartPhone Widgets Apps That Can Change The Way of Using Android Phone

SmartPhone Widgets Apps

Android phone comes with different default widgets but normally we don’t use them as they were intended. Widgets can be used as an easy shortcut for all the phone users, where you can add Music player, calendar, Speed Booster etc. to get direct access. Android Phone has a lot of common widgets- as for example, the Google search button on your screen which helps us with easy access to the Google Seach Engine. You can also manually add widgets of certain apps like WhatsApp camera that will help you take instant snap or selfie. Many of us tend to forget important dates like- meeting or Birthdays. Whereas with the help of Calendar widgets we can set a reminder just like a Sticky note to stay alerted all the time.

SmartPhone Widgets Apps

Beside these common widgets, you won’t get a better option if you are using the default phone widgets. So we are going to discuss the best 10 smartphones widgets apps which will give you much better use of widgets in your phone.

Widgets for Time, Date, Calendar, Contacts, Shortcuts, and HD widgets; these are some of the better widgets apps which will give you big changes the way your use the phone. All these widgets are primarily present on your phone by default but they are very old and outdated, and also Ugly.

So, Why use the old default widget from your phone when you download more cool and awesome widgets app and download.

Top 10 SmartPhone Widgets Apps That Can Change The Way of Using Android Phone

With the help of widget apps, you will unlock all the latest technology as well as trending designs which will be best for your phone. Features like- Time, Clock, Date or Calendar is common, but let us also use the widget to bring better usage beyond it.

Here in this below, we will list a top 10 widget apps which come in both Free and Premium option. You can compare and select the best fit for you. Read the below important points which will help you to decide either to go for Free or Premium apps.

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Even the premium widgets come at an affordable price, so you can see the features first and then select the apps.

1. KWGT Kustom Widget Maker (Free)

This Widget app is very useful one, which they not only give you the inbuilt widgets but also allow you to develop & customize your own widgets styles.

SmartPhone Widgets Apps

Unlike, default widgets in your phone; you can only use the inbuilt widget style or fonts. So if you are having some great ideas widget that will look good on your phone. They have the features like cool clock widgets, that will display the morning view, Afternoon view and also Night view based on the current running time (AM/PM).

Then you can simply get this app download & install in your phone and make the magics come real in your phone with  KWGT Kustom widget maker app.

Features of KWGT Kustom widget maker 

  • You can create your own customization watches.
  • You can turn into either Digital or Analog Clocks.
  • Set Live Map Widget by choosing from the different inbuilt widgets or also build your own using the tools.
  • Provided with Weather Widget
  • Text message Widget with easy read or send features.
  • Best Battery or Memory meters you keep you alert all the time.
  • Creative image viewer widget that allows you random changing image
  • Inbuilt Music Players widget, which you can also run either screen locked or open.
  • Enable the World clocks on your home screen for better time viewing on your phone.
  • Other interesting features like Astronomy features also included.

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How to download

  • Click on the Button below,
  • Next, you will get redirected to the Google Play store site,
  • Now click on the Install button to download and install the app.

smartphone widgets apps

2. Circle Launcher (Buy @ Rs.50)

This is the premium widget app which comes with unique features. Just like the above app, this is also a multitask and customizable widget app. But here they differ in the features; you can open this widget in a circular manner.

SmartPhone Widgets Apps

You can customize your phone with the Circle launcher that will help you make a unique look on your phone. You can add much application and get easy access to the apps you want to enter.

Features of Circle Launcher 

  • Get circular app launcher packs and tools
  • You can also switch to circular or horizontal or vertical.
  • Add apps, contact list, or any other application in the widgets.
  • Select different theme to make it look better.

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How to download & Buy 

  • Click on the Button below,
  • Now you will be redirected to Google play store
  • Click on Rs.50 Buy.
  • Next, you will be asked to log in with your valid Google account and select the payment mode. (Credit/Debit Card or Net Banking)
  • Finally, make the payments and Install the app.

smartphone widgets apps

3. Contact Widgets (Free)

We all have a huge number of contact list in our phonebook but do we really call all of them? Besides, we come have only a few people whom we call every day.

SmartPhone Widgets Apps

So why search your favorite contact number from the huge list, with the help of Contact Widgets, now you can simply set them on your homepage of the phone.

With the help of Contact Widgets app, you can not only set the Contact list as your widgets but also the text messages. You must also see the features below, that is quick useful for you to have it.

Features of Contact Widgets

  • This app is free to download
  • They provide quick import from your contact list to the home screen.
  • They contain up to 6 distinct sizes for the widget that will perfectly fit on your screen. (Size- 1х1, 2х1, 2х2, 4х1, 4х2, 4х3)
  • Drag and set the contact number from your list which can be easily fit on your phone.
  • You can also add the text message shortcut which will help you best to make instant messaging service.
  • You can also get missed a call and unread messages that will help you to reply or call backs.

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How to download

  • Click on the button below to download the Contact Widgets
  • Now select the app on the Google Play store site
  • Finally, click on the Install button to automatically download & install the app.

smartphone widgets apps

4. Battery Widget Reborn 2 (Buy @ Rs. 50)

Looking for Premium contact widget? Well, you won’t find any. Here we have Battery premium widget app which will let you stay alerted every moment regarding battery draining down.

SmartPhone Widgets Apps

This a very important app which will tell you all the battery related information. So you can check on the status and shut down the apps which are draining your phone power very badly. There are much moe features which you must look into it.

Features of Battery Widget Reborn

  • Premium circle battery indicator
  • Power status and summary included
  • Provides information for the estimated time left, voltage, temperature, battery health of your phone.
  • You also get additional features like- Clock, torch and weather reports.

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How to download 

  • Click below button to Buy
  • You will enter into the Google play store site.
  • Next, you will get the payment section which you can purchase the app using a Credit card or Debit card or Net Banking.

smartphone widgets apps

5. Weather Radar & Forecast (Free)

Well, you have the phone’s default weather forecast widget powered by Google and it is pretty much good to check the daily weather report.

SmartPhone Widgets Apps

But the problem in the default Google weather Forecast widgets is that they lack cool features. Why to only look in static temperature number when weather always changes an hour after hours.

Weather Radar & Forecast is a great widget app by which you can get the real-time weather forecast prediction. Besides, it also reveals the Radar weather Map just like we watch in news report. More cool features are also included in this widget apps.

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Feature of Weather Radar & Forecast

  • You can get the real time weather report like the temperature and humidity percentage
  • See the weather report every minute to hour
  • Weather Radar Maps, these features is very cool that reveal all the current weather situation. This shows the real time clouds, temperature, waves, pressure, wind speed, water temperature, rain or snow and much more.
  • Other features also include like- Humidity reader, pressure, barometric chart, UV index and air quality etc.

How to Download 

  • Click on the below-shown Button
  • Now you can download the app by simply clicking on Install button
  • Next, it will automatically download and install the app on your phone.
  • Finally, you can add the widget and stay updated with the latest Weader reports on your Home screen.

smartphone widgets apps

6. Palmary Weather Premium (Buy @ Rs.131)

There is also many other premium weather forecast widget apps which you can download on your phone. Palmary Weather is a very cool app, you can get while other premium features included.

SmartPhone Widgets Apps

Premiums like- you can get weather result up to 68000 locations all over the world. This will in return help you get the details even with your Airport delays report.  And it also covers all the current conditions, 12-hour, 48-hour, 2-day and 15-day forecasts.

There are much more, keep reading the below features.

Features of Palmary Weather 

  • Get coverage of all the location like weather report up to 68000 locations all over the world.
  • Animated Weather radars.
  • Weather news and alerts
  • Up to 10 home screen widget options
  • You can configure and customize the widgets

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How to download 

  • Click on the Button below
  • Now you will enter into the Google play store
  • Click on the Buy button
  • Now you have to select the mode of payment (Card or Net Banking)
  • Finally, make the payment and it will automatically install the app.

smartphone widgets apps

7. Chronus: Information Widgets (Free)

Looking for multitasking widget like- Lock screen Clock, along with Weather, News feed, Google Tasks, Stocks and Calendar widgets.

SmartPhone Widgets Apps

Chronus is a very useful widget that you should have it on your phone which will work for all the widgets. Get the clock along with calendar or News feed along with Google features etc. Simply click and set the widget with its easy interface.

Feature of Chronus Information Widgets

  • Clock you can build with calendar (Time and date)
  • Switch to analog or digital clock easily.
  • Inbuilt Google features like- Gmail, Chrome and other that will allow you to stay connected with the Google stuffs with your phone.
  • Inbuilt news feeds which will help you read the short and trending news.
  • Calendar widget which comes with the special features to let you add a task in your coming task and set reminder or checklist to which you want to keep it alerts for upcoming days in the calendar.

How to download

  • Click on the button shown below
  • Now select the widget app and click Install.
  • This will automatically download & install the app on your phone.

smartphone widgets apps

8. HD Widgets (Buy @ Rs.50)

This is a premium widgets app, having users more than million all over the world. Just like the above App, this also has the Features like- colors, icons, clocks, layouts, backgrounds option.

SmartPhone Widgets Apps

Now you can buy this app at just Rs.50, which gives awesome features along with affordable price. You will get different features like you will get advanced weather screen for Android with multi-source.

And all the advanced technology also included. So let us see the features included below-

Features of HD Widgets

  • Get multi-task widget for Clock, Calendar, weather forecast and much more
  • Multisource and features included like- Accu- weather, Weather underground
  • Temperature graphs included which reveal the rain or fog coming in.
  • You can see the report for multiple locations around the world.

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How to Download and Buy HD Widgets 

  • Click on the Button below
  • Now you will enter to the Google Play store
  • Next, select the payment modes to purchase the App
  • Finally, pay and install the app on your phone to use it.

smartphone widgets apps

9. Sticky Notes + Widget memo (Free)

The sticky note is a very innovative way to set any reminder alerts. While with the new technology people stop using the note but instead we use phones.

SmartPhone Widgets Apps

And sticky notes is a widget app which is going to help you get alerts just like the old days. There are different colors of Sticky notes which will allow you remind any task with the help of colors too.

Features of Sticky Notes 

  • Includes a different kind of sticky notes
  • Resizable note
  • Handwriting fonts and other text included
  • Themes are also included for more options

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How to download 

  • Click on the below-shown button
  • Next, you will be redirected to google play store
  • Now, select the widget app and click on the install button
  • this will automatically download and install the app in your phone

smartphone widgets apps

10. Sticky Notes Pro (Buy @ Rs.54)

If you are not satisfied with the free sticky note, then here you can also try on the premium widget. They come with better designed sticky note which you will get in Clear Note Widget sticky Notes.

SmartPhone Widgets Apps

You can buy this widgets app at just Rs. 54 which is very affordable as compared to the features you are getting. So after price, let see the awesome features included in this app and what can you make changes, using this widgets app.

Let us see the Improved Features given in Premium Sticky Notes.


  • Quick access to create, add, edit and search sticky notes.
  • Set a reminder with the help of ringtones.
  • Multiple color stickers with cool themes.
  • Share your stickers with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.
  • Backups or Restore features also provided.

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How to Download 

  • Click on the Button below
  • Now select the App and click the buy button.
  • You have to select the payment mode (Credit/Debit card or Net Banking)
  • Finally, after the payment is complete now you can use the app on your phone.

smartphone widgets apps


Well, this is all with the best SmartPhone Widgets Apps That Can Change The Way of Using Android Phone. If you have an Android phone it will actually come with many different widgets which will make your life better. And using the premium or another widget app you can unlock better features to use the widgets on your phone.

Hope you have gotten your favorite widget app and get better usage phone. There are also lots of latest trends news, keep visiting for more interesting tricks. And for any ideas, please do share your point of views and let us know in the comment.

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