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Smart blogging strategy: better results than hard working blogger

Hi, I am Paul Billygraham Reang, I am blogging since 2013 July. I am very passionate about blogging, and I have done lots of experiments with my blog.

I have even deleted paid hosting site and wasted lots of money in experimenting with funny things. But after lots of ups and downs, and going through good and bad times, I decided to take a fresh start in my blogging life with newer strategies.

I found that they were actually working, and finally achieved all the things that I couldn’t achieve with my older blogs even after doing lots of hard work.

Smart blogging is better than blogging with Hard working:

Here, I am going to share a smart blogging strategy to succeed. But before that let me first tell you why smart blogging is better than working hard.

I worked like a mad in my earlier blogs day and night and felt pity for myself remembering those times. After so much of hard work, I still lacked behind.

But the most embarrassing moments were when I came to know about my mistakes.

So, today I am going to discuss about how to avoid those mistakes that I have committed and start blogging in a better way.

So, without much thinking follow this blogging strategy to make a good start and improve the quality of your blog.

How to make smart blogging strategy?

Firstly, before you start blog posting, just hold on for some time. Take your time and make a plan, don’t just think about posting today, wait for tomorrow. It is not necessary to work day and night or 9-10 hours a day.

Remember some people just work for 1-2 hours a day and still succeed. I respect anyone who works hard, but smart work delivers better results.


smart blogging strategy


When you are failing with one blog, or you are about to start a new blog, hold on and start planning for your blog, don’t hope or expect to succeed. I mean your work is worthless if you start posting just like that. You must first believe and trust that it’s going to work.

If you don’t have faith, you’ll feel lazy, and you will never be able to give your 100%. Make smart blogging strategy for your blog. Give your blog direction to move, stick to your niche and work on that. Don’t run behind anything which is running high in the market, for the moment. This will give you success for a day or week but not for a lifetime.

Take smart blogging strategy to start your blogs like buying the best Hosting, and Domain(Top class). Your Domain name is your brand, think about the name you want people to know you with so branding is very important.

Your brand name should sound related to the niche you planned for.

Blog Set-up:

Be careful on setting up a blog because once you have finished purchasing your hosting and Domain, you will now start with your blog set-up. You cannot miss out anything while setting up your blog because, in the long run, it will have a negative on your blog. Smart bloggers will never miss this thing while doing a blog set-up.

Taking smart blogging strategy from the start itself is important. Example: if a screw of a bike handle is loose at the slow speed you can handle it, once it moves in high-speed you can’t handle it. To avoid the same thing happen to your blog, you must make smart blogging strategy by doing blog set-up completely before you move.

To avoid the same thing happen to your blog, you must make smart blogging strategy by doing blog set-up completely before you move.

To make a good blog, you must take a good start. Make your blog complete in everything so that, you can take your blog to a good place easily.

Use all the Webmaster tools and make it complete before posting anything.



You are mastering one niche on your blog; you got to learn lots of things about the topic. In this way, it becomes your topic. So, when somebody asks you anything or want to know few more things from you, answer them with proper answers.

If you don’t do this, you are loosing loyal readers. When someone will get feedback with a nice answer, he will trust you and will come back again to solve his other problem.

Be 100% clear and confident about what you speak and what you write. Use words which indicate to 2nd person and not 3rd person. Use word  “You” in your article make him feel like you are speaking to readers directly. It is very important to do this as you have to speak to your readers via blogging. So write your articles like you are speaking with your friend.

Write only what you know, because it is easy to write something when you are confident about it. Be clear about what you write, also make your article conversation friendly.

This will help you to gain lots of loyal readers.



It is very important to keep good relation with your readers by giving your readers quality post. If your readers are not getting valid points from you, how will he or your readers follow you?

It is not important to write lots of articles, but what you write should actually mean something to your readers.

Make one subscription box in your blog, so that your readers get the option to subscribe to your blog. This will help your readers to know what you have written recently via email.

Also connect your readers via comment, Email or social network etc. This will actually help you to get many loyal readers.


It is very much important to advertise about what you write, also about your blog. It will help you to build traffic and brand as well. This is what smart blogging strategy is all about. All the smart bloggers do this, audience do not know about your blog so it’s your responsibility to shout it out and let them know.

Do not expect them to come and read your blog. I mean how can you expect more traffic by just sitting quietly? So just shout and grab the attention and boost your traffic.

Now that you have learned the basics of smart blogging strategy lets move to the final part of the topic that is “Monetization.”


Since you are working so hard as well as making a smart blogging strategy, you do want to make some money, don’t you? I mean it’s obvious you do.

You can never look at blogging as your profession until you make some money out of it, otherwise, it will just remain a hobby and not a profession.

Now after you make smart blogging strategy and make a good start you will have to monetize your site to earn money. This will help you to earn money and invest a little more in your blogs like for hiring or advertising etc.

This will help you go higher and



That’s all; this is what you need to have a smart blogging strategy. If you follow the list of smart blogging strategy you will surely become a professional blog owner sooner or later. But make sure you don’t miss out anything and do not make any compromise with your blogging.

Thank you very much for reading this post


Please let me know how it helped you? Or was it useless?

Or whether I missed out any points? I am very eagerly waiting for your comments.

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