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Where are the six infinity stones?

Where are the six infinity stones

One of the biggest and most awaited movies of 2018 is the Avenger Infinity War I, which is going to be released in India on 27th April.

All those who are reading this article have most certainly watched the trailer which has already 100+ million views. As we learned from the trailer that our beloved superheroes are going to lock head with the most powerful being of the universe Thanos and his army.

And as we can see from the trailer most of our heroes get manhandled by Thanos, during the latter half of the trailer, it can be seen that Thanos is already in possession of two of the infinity stones, which by the way is going to play a very important role in both Infinity war movies.

So, here we are going to see where the six infinity stones are and who are in possession of them?

#1. Time Stone

Until the movie Doctor Strange, we didn’t get to see one of the crucial and important stones i.e. the Time Stone.

For those who haven’t watched the movie yet, I’ll urge you to do so because without watching the movie Doctor Strange you will not understand about the existence of Time stone and how does it work?

Where are the six infinity stones

The reason why the Time stone is one of most important and crucial stone because it has the power to manipulate the time continuum. Therefore it has the ability to bring someone back to life by going back in time.

And also poses the power to create a time loop which can be used to hold someone in it, thereby making them stuck in this time loop.

#2. Power Stone

Before getting into the details, I want you to recall the starting scene of the Infinity War trailer. As the movie began we see a planet where explosions are going on. If you think its Earth then you are wrong.

Where are the six infinity stones

The planet is Xander, which we saw in first Guardian of the Galaxy movie. Remember in the last moments of the movie when Peter Quill takes possession of the Power stone and then kills Ronan with it.

Where are the six infinity stones

The Power Stone is then seen handed to the Nova Corps.

At the latter half of the trailer, the Power stone can be seen on Thanos’s gauntlet. So the possible explanation is that Thanos and his army invades Xandar destroys the Nova Corps and then takes the possession of the Power stone.

#3. Space Stone (aka the Tesseract)

Out of all six infinity stones, the Space stone was the first infinity stone which we got to see in the Captain America: The First Avenger, and then in the first Avenger movie.

Where are the six infinity stones

The Space stone as we all know is a source of unlimited energy and can even open up a portal for teleportation between different world, which we all saw in the first Avenger movie.

At the end of the movie, we all saw Thor having it and then taking back to Asgard. After that movie,  we didn’t get to see any glimpse of the Space stone until Thor: Ringbark, during the last scene we see Loki having a look at it.

And in the Infinity War trailer, we again see Loki but this time we seem him handing the Space stone to someone. Now from the trailer and past sequence, it might be Thanos to whom Loki is giving the Tesseract as these two had made a deal in the first Avenger movie.


#4. Reality Stone

Marvel introduced us to the Reality Stone in Thor: The Dark World movie. The Reality Stone is also known as the Aether.

The Reality Stone can be used to turn any matter into a dark matter, and also poses the power to destroy the whole universe, which makes it very dangerous and powerful. Other than that, what other energy does the Reality Stone has is still unclear.

One of the peculiar thing about this stone is that unlike the other stones which are solid the Reality Stone aka the Aether takes more of a liquid form.

Anyway, at the end of the movie, we see that the Reality Stone is given to the Tivan aka the Collector.

But in the Guardian of the Galaxy movie we see that the Collector’s room gets destroyed as one of his servants tries to hold the power stone. So what really happened to the Reality Stone is not clear yet.


#5. Mind Stone

We all saw the mind stone which was initially placed on Loki’s scepter. Using it, Loki controlled the minds of anyone he wanted. Loki even turned Hawkeye against the Avengers.

In the Avenger Age of Ultron movie we also learned that the mind stone was also used by Hydra. Fast forward, the Mind stone is then put on Vision’s forehead. This also makes him by far the most powerful Avenger.

Where are the six infinity stones

In the Avenger Infinity War trailer, we see that Thanos’s Black Order is trying to take the mind stone off of Vision’s forehead.

Now if that happens then this will create an in-balance because Thanos has already gotten the Power and Space stone and with that two infinity stones he is seen beating the hell out of our favorite superheroes.

Many also believe that some our favorite superheroes will also die in the first sequel and one of them could certainly be Vision.

#6. Soul Stone

Marvel has been trying to build up this plot for years. But out of all the Marvel movies related to the Avengers and the infinity stones, we are yet to see the Soul stone and what power it posses in the MCU.

The good news is that we may finally get to see it in the upcoming movie Black Panther which is going to release in February.

Even in the Infinity War trailer, several scenes reminds me of the mysterious city Wakanda, and some of the characters of the movie can also be seen in the Avenger Infinity war trailer.

From the trailer, it is clear that there are two battles going on. One is taking place in the New York City and other as we can see in the trailer is going on between the team led by Captain America and Thanos’s army.

The possible location of the fight seems to be Wakanda. This all points to one thing, the final infinity stone i.e. the Soul Stone could very well be in Wakanda.

Hope you liked reading this posts, and please don’t forget to share this post with your friends who are big MCU fans. Thank for reading and please do keep on visiting back.

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