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Sidhu To Bring Back Sunil and Kapil Together | Check Out What He Said

Navjot Singh Sidhu react

The conflict between two mostly popular Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover is still unresolved. Sunil or Dr. Gulati unlikely to come in The Kapil Sharma Show after Kapil allegedly assaulted Sunil and other co-comedian of his show. Recently, an eyewitness revealed the exact thing between Kapil vs. Sunil incident.

A fellow passenger of that incident moment said that Kapil treated badly with his co-stars on air. When Sunil Grover tried to make him calm, but he got a foul treatment from Kapil Sharma in return. And now they are trending in the news and many rumours around its fans and media.

Though Kapil apologised on both Facebook and Twitter, but Dr. Mashoor Gulati might not join Kapil’s show as he replies on his Twitter account with a long, heartfelt note. Saying that he might be king of comedy but he shouldn’t act like God. Also, he shouldn’t behave when someone corrects him.

This might be because when he was correcting Kapil whenever he was insulted by Kapil in front of many co-passengers. He added that it is a matter of dignity and self-respect and also mention in his tweet in reply to Kapil that he wish for lot more success, fame and to take care of himself.Sidhu the kapil sharma show

So, it is like a complete Good Bye from Sunil Grover and will exit The Kapil Sharma Show, as till now it’s unresolved. But a report says that Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu will mediate this relationship. Sidhu is an integral part of The Kapil Sharma Show, and he will try to fix this issue a report says.

A recently accompanied Punjab Minister said, “It is a show that is much loved by peopleKapil and Sunil are brothers. Being a senior member of the show, it is my duty to bring them together again.”

There was a rumour when Sidhu appointed as a new Punjab Minister, and he might also leave this show. Sidhu in an interview said that he will not leave The Kapil Sharma Show and continue it as before. This would give oxygen to The Kapil Sharma Show fans when he said that he will bring back Kapil and Sunil together.

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Another hope for Dr. Mashoor Gulati fans, when he was found in Kokrajar, Guwahati at a stage show. It was his first show or a public comedy event after that incident. He was there as his popular character as Dr. Mashoor Gulati, which he used to be in The Kapil Sharma Show. So, might be another hint that he is not leaving that show.

Well, this is still unresolved whether he will remain in the show or not. But as Sidhu to mediate the relation between these two comedians and both of them respect him as well. However, this will give some hope to The Kapil Sharma Show fans. Share your views on this incident. What do you think to get them together in the show and what Sidhu has to do? Comment below and follow us to get more updates on this issue and other trends as well.

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