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Side Effects Of Green Tea | Things You must Know

side effects of green tea

Apart from so many benefits, green tea also has many side effects. Do you know that? It is a shocking strategy but I will make you aware of the side effects of green tea.

side effects of green tea

Millions of people get many benefits of drinking green tea like treats cardiovascular disease or preventing cancer. But no one is aware of the harmful effects that green tea does.

Worry not be yourself aware by reading my post on few side effects of green tea. Before pointing out the detail let me guide you with some important overview of green tea.

Read on to understand further….

Green Tea Overview:

Green is first found and originated in China and also it is one of the historic herbal tea which people are fond of. As far as I know, green tea is one of the purest and safest tea. It has so many green tea advantages. But you must be aware that over drinking of green tea is also not beneficial.

The most outstanding benefit of drinking green tea is to lose weight. So if you are eager to lose your fats the consume green tea. But there are some side effects if you consume this green tea in abundance. Diseases like bleeding, anemia, sleepless nights, liver disease, diabetic etc.

Green tea contains caffeine which some people have a low tolerance level and suffers from many side effects. So never exceed 2 cups per day drinking green tea. Let us discuss below green tea side effects for men and women.

Few Side Effects of Green Tea:

Just like coffee contains caffeine so also green tea contains caffeine. This unlimited intake of caffeine has some side effects to the human body. This includes the following details  below:

1) Danger During Pregnancy:

For women, pregnancy days are memorable and sweet. So regular unlimited intake of green tea will result in miscarriage or much other danger. For better option is try avoiding drinking green tea during pregnancy days. Or if you are a lactating mother caffeine can harm like breastfeeding baby through the milk.  So be very careful before you take in green tea.

pregnancy one side effects of green tea

2) Nausea, Constipation or Stomach Ache:

Green tea contains tannins ingredient which has adverse effects on your stomach related problems. This may result in gastric acidity problem. Therefore, it would be the best option if you drink green tea after meals instead of drinking in empty stomach.

side effects of green tea

For this very reason, people in China do not drink green tea until they are full. Do not drink the tea when it is too hot or else you will feel a burning sensation.

3) Headaches:

When taken green tea more than five cups in a day then you may suffer from sleepless nights. This will result from a severe headache. As a result, you may feel dizziness and sickness during the day time.

side effects of green tea for men

4) Increases Blood Sugar Level:

The main side effects of green tea are the ingredient caffeine. This caffeine increases your blood sugar level the moment you take in green tea. Check your sugar level after drinking green tea, you will see a change.

5) Deficiency of Iron:

The tannins in green tea try to block the iron absorption which in turn causes a deficiency of iron. Hence, do not consume green tea more than 2 cups per day.

6) Calcium Deficiency:

You must be concern that drinking many cups of green tea has adverse effects like calcium gets overflowed increasingly in the form of urine. This loss of calcium may result in osteoporosis but never mind this can be renewed by taking calcium tablets.

7) Effects Liver:

Overdrinking of green tea has also affected liver which causes liver damage. This is because of the caffeine that contains in the green tea leaf. The caffeine also builds up in your blood and causes liver problems which last long.

8) An increase in Blood Pressure:

Caffeine in green tea also helps to increase the blood pressure level but this might not result in the people who drinks green tea frequently.

Few Information About Green Tea:

As you know that all the products have some side effects so also green tea has some which I have mentioned above. Beyond that, you can normally drink green tea twice or thrice a day. Many women might also ask you a question like does green tea side effects on period days? The answer is, there are no much adverse effects during periods but try not to exceed 2 cups per day.

So this is some of the side effects of green tea for, men and women that I have list down above.  In conclusion, it is not required that you quit drinking Green tea totally. Only make sure you do consult a doctor if you are physically weak. Green tea can be enjoyed fully to lose weight and to prevent cancer and other diseases.

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