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How To Show Targeted High CPC Keywords Adsense Ads?

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Google Adsense is one of the highest Paying Advertising ads network in the world. But when I came to know about Google Adsense on my early stage of blogging, I was very excited to get approved. However, I was a new blogger at that time and I had no idea about what I was going to do.

Few days later I just started new blog and after 11 days I applied for adsesnse and got rejected in the second review. This continued and I apply again on the next day of the disapproval letter. But finally I got approved after 30-40 rejections, but a good thing was I was sure that I am going to get approved this time.

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This many rejection taught me the silly mistakes which we do against adsense policy. But only getting approved with them is not enough at all, you must earn too. But it was not that high which I expected on my early days, I expected like atleast 0.3-0.4$ per click but it was nothing like that.

How to Show Targeted High CPC adsense keywords?

There are few important things which you should take care while displaying ads. If you are getting good cost per click from the starting of  your adsense ads you don’t need to do anything more. It is because if your blog is related to high CPC niche in 70% cases you would get high CPC from the starting days.



But in my case I got 0.20$+ on my starting days and it fell down to 0.1$. I wanted to increase my CPC because with this low cpc I was not satisfied at all. But after implementing few tricks I started getting higher cpc on the same blog post. This happened immediately after implementing the below tricks.

Step 1: Blocking Low CPC Ads:

It is very important to remove low CPC ads because they are basically not going to pay you even 0.1$. So It is always good to say no to this kind of ads before your site starts showing this ads. Adsense have very high numbers of advertisers where many of them are ready to pay high revenue but even some pays very low revenue to publishers.

However, it is not possible to block each and every advertisers because each day new advertisers are added up. Due to which you cannot block every ads. But you can increase your chances of getting less advertisers on your site who pays high.

Try: Block 300+ Low paying ads URL to increase adsense cpc.

Step 2: Targeting high CPC keywords:

To get high CPC you must write articles on high paying keywords. If you write articles on high paying keywords advertiser would love to advertise on your blog, hence you gets the higher cpc.  Not only this but your website reputation matters. It is very simple logic that advertisers would never miss a chance to advertise on a blog which has good reputation.

But even though you are getting low CPC after using adsense for a month please try implementing some HTML codes on each of your blog post.

Add this before the start of your content in HTML <!–google_ad_section_start-0><!–google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore)–>

Add this Code at the end of the post in HTML <!–google_ad_section_end–>

This above codes are very useful, this codes will help you in showing targeted ads in your blog. Your themes codes or other stuffs around your blog which are useless is the main reason why your site is getting low CPC.

Try Google Adwords for finding out high CPC keywords.

Step 3: Ads Size and ads placement:

Ads size and ads placement matters, you should always go for recommended ads sizes. Sizes like 300*250, 300*600, 728*90 & 160*600 are good. This ads sizes have high competition among advertisers.

Placement of ads is very crucial, it not about letting your advertisers click your ads unknowingly. But if you place ads near content or in the content it can be healthy but it should be clear to users that its ads.

If your ads placement is good advertisers would surely love your site.

Choosing ads network:

I was using infolink along with adsense where I found that my CPC gradually decreased. But I also removed infolink ads which applying this trick.

Note: Different site will get different CPC with different ads size. However, keep experimenting as you may get better results in your own blog.

Try: How to get Google Adsense approval easily with genuine trick?

Thank you very much for reading.

If you have any kind of queries please ask via comments.

Best Regards.


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  • First of all thank you so much for this fantastic article. It’s going to help so much to understand the money making tips for all… The truth is that many people ignore high CPC long tail words and join the masses in competing for seed words that aren’t worth fighting for.

    While blogging, sometimes I also get high click from $10 to $50, Recently I have got $60.40 from 3 clicks, The Avg per click cost is $20.13, and the country is Netherlands, I guess there are some ads like CPA networks which pays $20 per lead for pin submits etc, good news is, my traffic are from 3rdworlds! Lol!

    But I must tell you… Nowadays to get ranking on high CPC keyword is very tough, we have to use only the long tail CPC keywords in our posts, and it will drive more AdSense earnings, you’ll net get this high CPC all the times! But if you want to get high CPC, try to choose high paying niche! E.g., cancer, payday loans, forex, hosting, etc! But if you site about blogging, Adsense money, SEO, etc! Trust me you’ll get crap!

    It is also necessary that traffic should come through organic search only. If I drive traffic of USA and UK through social media to my website on keywords having high CPC then shall I will get the same commission as through organic search or will it differ.

  • Great post and very true, not many bloggers use AdSense these days, favouring private advertisers for ease and reliable income. It makes more sense to build a blog for that kind of advertising. After all reliable and secure income is far better than general bitting and bobbing as we say in the UK ????

    • hii can u help me Vrushali i want to ask about adsense ads plz help me and what is your website actually i also want $20 in one click what can i do . can u give any contact my whatsapp 919867234537

  • Bue sell ads and are two of the best alternetives for adsense banned sites. But getting approved formthese networks is relly hard.
    Infolinks is the easiest amongst all these network to get approved but the return pay out of this network is like a HELL.

  • Great post and very true, not many bloggers use AdSense these days, favouring private advertisers for ease and reliable income. It makes more sense to build a blog for that kind of advertising. After all reliable and secure income is far better than general bitting and bobbing as we say in the UK ????

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