How to Save Vine Videos for Android iOS & PC With Just 1 Minute?
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How to Save Vine Videos for Android iOS & PC? Easy Steps

save vine videos

Vine is a new social media app which allows to view or watch the unlimited Short videos, create and share your funny videos and much more. Vine App is now also known as Vine Camera which comes in mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms. Vine is a short 6-second looping video site created by Twitter, the microblogging.

save vine videos

Vine has become very popular as they allow to create and share short but creative videos. Just take out your phone with Vine Camera installed, open the app and start creating a short video anytime anywhere.

Besides, the official website is a subordinate site for Twitter where you can get or watch loop videos until you scroll down. In fact, this app also functions as that of Instagram and are useful to become the alternative of Instagram.

Recently, the Vine was shut down for some moments which have now come with the new looks and design and also the name changed into Vine Camera App. This App is now available for downloads on Google play store and also iTunes for both Android as well as iOS respectively.

What is Vine App & How To Save Vine Videos?

While for downloading the video from the Vine, you can do it with the help of your SmartPhones as well as PC. If you are fond of small funny videos and want to keep in on your phone or PC then let us discuss the best tricks for downloading the Vine video.

save vine video

Vine video usually displayed on the app allow only to watch 6-second looping videos. But they do not allow you to save Vine Video. Instead, you can do other functions like sharing it on Facebook, Twitter etc. only downloading it, you need some different tricks.

There are several online video downloader on the internet by which you can get the videos download from any site. But here too, there are difficulties with the Vine Video, i.e. you would only be able to download the video from the vine in a few selected downloader sites or Apps.

Below here we will discuss some of the sites and apps that will help you save Vine videos on your phone or PC.

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How To Save Vine Videos using your PC?

There is an official site for the Vine- from which you can browse and view all the videos uploaded on the  Vine App. And speaking more specifically, to save Vine Videos using PC is quite an easy process. No external application is required for downloading any videos.

save vine video

Steps to Save Vine Videos:

  • Go to the Official site-
  • Now, click on the desired video you want.
  • Copy the link of the particular video by right click on your mouse.
  • Next enter into the VineVideoDownlaoder site.

  • You will be redirected to the official site of VineVideoDownlaoder, in which you have to paste the link you copied from the Vine site.
  • Click the Go Button and after a moment, you scroll down and hit the Download button.
  • Voila! your Vine Video is downloaded successfully on your PC.

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How To Save Vine Videos using your Android Phone?

If you are using the Android phone and you like watching and creating Vine video should also know how to save Vine videos on your phone. Basically, as a Vine app user, you know that there are no options for saving any video in the app. Simply, you can watch online.

Save Vine Videos

Here we will reveal easy tricks for saving the Vine videos from the app.

Download Vine Camera App

  • If you don’t have the Vine Camera App, Download and install the App first.
  • They are free to download.

  • Once successfully download and install now open the app.

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Download vDownloadr App

For downloading or saving the vine videos, you have to download an external app.

  • To download vDownloadr app.

  • Now download and install the app on your phone.
  • Finally, you are ready to watch the video. But to save any videos, read below

Save Vine Videos

  • In the following App, you will find categories which you may select from- Comedy, Music, Animal etc.
  • Get your favorite Video and Long Press hold to get an option.
  • From the option, you will select the Share to and Press the vDownloadr Icon.
  • Now, this will automatically detect the vine video and start the download process.
  • Voila! enjoy your vine videos.

save vine video

How To Save Vine Videos using your iOS device?

If you are using the iOS device like- iPhone, iPad etc. then you can still have the Vine Camera app and save vine videos. But before that, you should have downloaded the Vine Camera app on your iOS device. And also the external App i.e. iDownlaoder App.

Download Vine Camera App for iOS

  • To download, the Vine Camera App.

  • Now, download and install the App on your phone.
  • next, you should download the iDownloader app.

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Download VineGrab App

For downloading or saving the vine videos, you have to download an external app.

  • To download VineGrab app

  • Now download and install the app on your phone.
  • Finally, you are ready to watch the video. But to save any videos, read below.

Steps are-

Follow the process below to save vine videos below.

  • Open the VineGrab on your phone.
  • Select the video you are watching.
  • An option appears below the screen and clicks on the download icon.
  • Now this will automatically download the Vine videos

save vine videos

So these are some of the best tricks to save Vine Videos on your phone- Android or iOS and also PC. Besides saving videos, the Vine Camera apps is very useful for creating a short interesting video with its awesome tools. And after you have created the videos now you can share the video on other social medias with your friends.

Hope you can now save Vine videos successfully, you can keep visiting for more interesting apps related tricks and tips and enjoy.

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