This article is all about how to Save Video from Facebook to PC in fastest and simplest way. This trick needs no additional Facebook video downloader software. You may save video from Facebook to all Windows PC. Download Video from Facebook is easy and fast too.

All you have to do is just following my lead.

Save Video from Facebook

Download Facebook Video on PC

Why Do You Want To Download Videos from Facebook?

Today, Facebook went beyond Social Media Site. It is now a vast Market Place. Many Entertaining, Educational, Advertisement Videos are being shared here besides all those usual Chat, Likes, Comment, and Share.

Every time we hover over the Facebook, we can see countless videos of which some catches our interest.

Unfortunately, there is no option created to save video from Facebook. Neither every Browser we use comes with any such extension to download Facebook videos. Google Chrome is exceptional here.

There is a Facebook Video Downloader extension in Chrome.

I will show you how to download use the extension in your Chrome browser. However, you can not be 100% sure if the extension is bug-free.

That’s the reason I rely on no additional software or extension, at least for download Facebook videos online.

So, here is the step-by-step guide to download videos from Facebook to Your Windows Computer.

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How to Save Video from Facebook on Windows PC/Laptop Without Third-Party Software

There are two ways to save video from Facebook. It differs depending on who’s video you are intending to save or download.

  • Easier is when you wish to save the video uploaded by yourself in the past.
  • Another one is to save videos shared or uploaded by other individual or organization.

How to Download  Facebook Videos from Your Own Album?

In case you would like to download videos posted earlier by yourself, follow the below steps:

  • Go to your Facebook Profile.
  • Click on Photos Option.
  • Select Albums and click on Videos folder.
  • Open the video you want to download or save.
  • Click on “Options” located at bottom of the video.

Save Facebook Videos

  • Select your download link as “Download HD” or “Download SD.”

Download videos from Facebook

That’s it. The video will be downloaded instantly with the visual quality you opted from HD and SD.

How to Download Facebook Videos Shared by Others?

This one is more interesting and demanded. Using this trick, you may download any video from your Facebook Feed shared by other users.

Below Here is the trick to follow:

  • Open your Facebook Account and scroll your Feed.
  • Right-Click on any video you want to save or download.
  • Click on “Show video URL” option.
  • Now Right-Click on the URL and click on the 2nd option to open it in Google.

save facebook video

  • Next, edit the Video URL from the Address bar: Replace “www” by “m” as seen on the below images.

edit video url

download facebook videos

  • Once the editing is done, the Facebook page will be converted to mobile format. Now, Play the video.
  • Next, again Right-Click on the video and click on “Save video as…” option or press “Ctrl+S” together.

download facebook video

  • Finally, click on “Save” option to download the video.

The Facebook videos are mostly available in MP4 format. So, this is how you can save video from Facebook, if any.

As promised earlier, I am guiding you to activate Facebook video downloader Chrome browser come with. Also, I will show you how to use the extension precisely.

How to Activate Facebook Video Downloader in Chrome?

FBDOWN Video Downloader is the best extension available in Chrome for downloading Facebook videos. The tool is free to use. It allows its users to download any kind of video from Facebook just by 1-Click.

  • Click below link to open FBDOWN Chrome extension page.


  • Now, click on “+Add to Chrome” button located on the top right.

add FBDOWN Viideo downloader

  • Now a Pop-Up window will appear. Click “Add extension” to proceed.

After clicking o that button, your Facebook video downloader in Chrome will automatically be activated and you may notice a tiny Downloader Icon on the top right corner of Chrome Window.

Facebook video downloader

That tiny icon indicates that the extension is ready to download videos from Facebook.

Now, why don’t you give a try on that?

Whenever you feel of saving a video from Facebook, simply click on that Icon > select Video Quality as “Download SD/Download HD” > finally click “Download your video” option.

I consider this extension as an alternative to save video from Facebook. I personally believe not to use any third-party software as they don’t seem reliable all the time.

Hence, the trick of downloading Facebook videos without using any extension or additional software is the best and safe. This is just my personal view.

I would like to know what’s yours.

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