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10 Tricks To Save Your Fuel By Smart Driving Technique: #SaveFuel

Having a vehicle, it’s Ok, but you must be very aware if your car is giving you a good mileage or not. As the petrol or diesel price is getting higher and higher, the not only price there is also many crises of fuel in India, as many times if you want to fill your vehicle tank you will need to wait in a long line. Many times when you go for a long ride you may not have a petrol pump. So you need to really take care of your car mileage, if your car is giving you correct mileage or not.


If you are to save fuel and keep it in your budget then you must follow this interesting trick to save fuel that you have never known. Here below I am going to tell you about the top 10 easy ways to save fuel easily.

Best ways to get good mileage:

1. Driving in Economy: Saving fuel while driving in the Indian road seems to be impossible, but maintaining economy speed would help you save fuel upto 15%. Yes, it is difficult to maintain the 40-60 speed every time on the road because of the traffic, but trying will not harm you.


So I would suggest you maintain the economy speed when you are crossing through highways or when you get a blank road. The other thing is that economy speed also gives out less carbon monoxide in the environment, as maximum energy is consumed by the vehicle itself.

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2. Driving Sensibly: Unknown roads are always risky. Most of you do not try to read/understand the road condition when on a new road, which will ultimately force you to apply sudden acceleration and breaks which, in the result, will consume lot fuel. So if you are on an unknown road, you should always drive slowly or understand the road, as it will save your fuel.

The same goes in the traffic road, you should not apply emergency brakes and instant acceleration even when you are in a blank road. So driving sensibly will save your 20% of the fuel.

3. Do not carry unnecessary weight: Make sure that you do not carry any unnecessary weight in your car boot because increasing in weight of your vehicle will also give you low mileage, as the vehicle needs more power to move when you are carrying extra weight. So keep in mind that you do not carry any unnecessary things on your car unless if you are on a long ride.

excessive weight

4. Regular Maintenance: Maintaining your car regularly will gradually increase your car mileage. When the car doesn’t get any engine maintenance, the parts of the engine gets rusted and needs more energy to move the car which will result in more burning of fuel.

In short, you are getting less mileage, so you should always keep your engine and car maintained after every interval.

5. Turn off Air conditioning: Air condition really plays an important role when it comes to car mileage. If you keep the air condition ON in the running vehicle, the fuel absorption will be higher than the normal. Keeping the air condition OFF when the outside temperature is cool will give you a great mileage.

Car AC

Also, you can try to avoid air condition when you are driving in a traffic road, but you can use the air condition when you are on a long ride for a better comfort.

6. Check your Tyre Pressure: Before you start your day with your car, you should always check out the tyre pressure of the car, because if your car tyre pressure is low then your car will burn more fuel to move down the road. So before you start your everyday journey you must check the tyre pressure.

tyre pressure

If you don’t know how much should be the pressure of your car tyre than you can have a look at the owners manual book of the car. But you should also make sure that you never exceed the pressure level as too much pressure will also harm your tyre and you may need to change the tyre soon.

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7. Using of right gear: If you are not using right gear for right speed, then soon you will need to say goodbye to your car gearbox and have to replace it with a new one, which is very costly. Low gears are used for low speed and high gears are used for high speed, so if you use lower gears for going to high speed, the vehicle engine will consume more fuel to move.

Every car according to the size of the engine has a standard maximum speed for every individual gear. So you should always read carefully the owners manual book of the car for knowing the high speed for every gear.

8. Avoid idling position: Idling position means to keep the vehicle engine ON even when the vehicle is not in motion. Most of you do this to keep the AC On or headlight On, but I must tell you that this is a very bad practice that you are doing.

car in idling position

Even if your car is not in motion but your engine is ON, the engine will start consuming fuel which means you are losing fuel. So keep the engine Off whenever you stop let it be in traffic, or when you stop at any place for a short time. This will save your fuel and the engine will also not get overheated.

9. Avoid Using of Clutch Pedal: You should not override clutch pedal every time. The work of the clutch is to disconnect and connect the engine to the gearbox if you press the clutch pedal the power transmission from the engine will not go to the gearbox.

So even if you press the accelerator the car will not move, but will only consume fuel. So you should use the gear pedal only when you are changing the gear as overuse of clutch pedal also consumes fuel.

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10. Ditch your Car: The last and the main point that you should do to save fuel is ditch your car. Try walking or cycling if you are going for a short ride in the town, it will also be like an exercise. In short, I mean to say that you must take care that you don’t use your car even for going in a short distance.

walk around

So this is all the tricks by following which you can get a good mileage and save fuel and maintain your budget. Follow this above tricks and I am sure you will be saving some 30% fuel every month. If you are having any other better tricks with the help of which you can save more fuel you can suggest me in the comment box below.

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