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Samsung to give huge discounts to the owners of Galaxy Note 7 who are thinking of buying the Galaxy Note 8


Samsung was doing pretty good at the beginning of 2016. After the unveiling of the Galaxy S7, it got positive reviews from everywhere and literally overshadowed other flagship devices like LG G5, Sony Xperia Z5, etc.

And without a doubt the Galaxy S7 was one of the best flagship smartphones released in 2016, its capable competitor came out months later in the form of Google Pixel. But that didn’t have much affect on the sales of Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.

Furthermore, that didn’t stop the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge from becoming one of the top selling flagship smartphones across the globe.


With the Galaxy Note 7 release due in September many thought that there were no competitors left for Samsung, even the much awaited iPhone 7 couldn’t do much to stop Samsung’s reign.

But after the release of the Galaxy Note 7, news started coming about the Note 7 battery exploding from multiple countries, at first, the phone was banned from carrying into aeroplanes, and then it was facing action from other authorities which made Samsung recall all the models and then finally stopping the production of the Galaxy Note 7.

The Galaxy Note 7 was the best Galaxy Note launched by Samsung. But it also became the most unsafe smartphone ever launched, it was literally a time bomb.

Nonetheless, that was certainly not a good news for those millions of people of who bought this device, but after almost six months, Samsung has finally made a huge statement regarding those people who were the owners of the discontinued Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung recently said that those who bought the Galaxy Note 7 will be given huge discounts if they buy the upcoming Galaxy Note 8. From the leaked images it’s pretty much clear how the new Note 8 will look like.

The SOC will be the Snapdragon 835 alongside with 4-6 GB of RAM. The display size has been pushed to 6.4 inches.Many suggest that the device will be featuring a dual rear camera setup, but there is no confirmation on that.


How much discount will the owners of Galaxy Note 7 get?

Well, to be true, given the price  which is expected to fall around 600-800 dollars, Samsung will be given an added 100-150 dollar discount to those who purchased the Note 7.

Now the discount rate will vary from country to country, so there is no specific discount percentage.

It’s certainly a good news for the owners of the Galaxy Note 7.

And as far as the release of Note 8 is concerned, Samsung has hinted that the device will be getting released in September and will hit the markets from October.

The design of the Note 8 will be very similar to the Galaxy S8, but there will be minor changes in the configuration of the device.

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