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100+ Sad WhatsApp Status – Heart Touching Sad Statuses for Broken Hearts

Sad WhatsApp Statuses in Hindi

Expressing your feelings through WhatsApp statuses becomes quite difficult sometimes. Here are some of the best Sad Whatsapp Status on life, with which you can update your WhatsApp status when you feeling a bit down. Down below you will find statuses on sad mood, sad status in English 2 lines and sad love status for Whatsapp.

sad whatsapp status hindi

So now express your sad mood on Whatsapp with some sad status. Here below are Whatsapp sad status in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, have a look at them.

Whatsapp Status Sad – for Broken Hearts:

So these are the statuses that you can update accordingly.

Sad WhatsApp Status in English:

  • I just close my eyes and recall the days when I was happy with you.
  • From now on I will not depend on anyone else coz I am tired of getting disappointment every time.
  • Everyone knows something is wrong…But no one tries to know what is the story behind it.
  • I don’t need drugs to die, as LIFE is killing me slowly with many troubles.
  • The worst feeling is not to talk with the person with you used to talk every moment every day.
  • I started missing you in my life these days.
  • No one can fulfill your space in my life. Would have been happy if you were here near me.
  • You started going far leaving some sweet memories in my heart.
  • Now I finally needed to say Goodbye to someone very special to me.
  • You didn’t choose me for further. Am I not good for you?
  • Some say time heals everything. But Time never heals the pain of the heart, it just makes heart forget about the sad moment.
  • You Promised me not to change. But you have changed a lot with time.
  • Really it’s hard to forget someone who had inserted lots wonderful moments in my heart.
  • Loving you more than other is my biggest problem I guess.
  • Oops Am So Sorry! I forgot that I only exist whenever you need me.

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WhatsApp Status on Sad Mood:

  • Now I fear of being in Love or falling in Love. Coz I always got hurt whenever I am in Love.
  • Even now you make me smile though you are the reason to make me sad in this stage of life.
  • I can just hope that someday you will miss me.
  • Now I got why people cry. It’s not that they aren’t strong enough for the situation, but they just cried because they have been strong for a long time.
  • Sometimes I just say I am Fine……But that time I am lying at the peak.
  • You just made me feel that You Love Me…But now you say I am not more than a friend.
  • I call strong to those who just smile even in the hardest moment and cry in the closed rooms behind everyone and fights a war with a mind which no one knows.
  • If it was possible that I can burn all my memories with you. So that I can forget you easily.

WhatsApp Status on Sad Mood

  • Life never stops if you are sad or happy.
  • I can’t understand how can such pain exist without any physical harm.
  • I want to trust people but after getting so many hurts mentally. Now I can not trust people blindly.
  • I just hate those moments when my anger turns into tears….
  • The person who cracks jokes and laughs in front of many and talk seems to be very happy. But you don’t know that even that person may be so hurt that he/she cries before sleep.
  •  It feels really sad when a person promises to never become like that but he/she would be.
  • You might feel easy to ask “What’s wrong”, but answering the question is really difficult when you feel that everything is going wrong with you.
  • Nowadays I feel that people who are miles away from me can make me feel better than those who are near me every time.

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Heart Touching Sad Status for WhatsApp:

  • Not to trust too much, Love too much, hopes too much because that too much can hurt you so much.
  • It feels very bad when you found out that the people whom you love the most are deeply in love with another person.
  • Sometimes I just feel to smile whenever I see you so that you get jealous when you see me smile even after you left me.
  • I stopped feeling like I am important to anyone anymore, but just kinda exist in people’s lives.
  • Every moment I try to text you, but my brains say that you stopped talking to me.
  • I broke my own heart by loving you. Now am lying down sad.
  • What will I say now when I am choking and you are happy enough.

Heart Touching Sad Status for WhatsApp

  • Nobody loves me, nobody likes me, nobody trusts me….I just feel ignored and heart was broken.
  • It is the worst feeling when I smile even when I wanted to cry out loud.
  • You say Love needs perfection. But I shall say that Love doesn’t need perfection but it needs trust and believe.
  • NO expectation and No disappointment.
  • The truth is you are the only reason that I don’t believe in Love anymore.
  • I feel funny how one can break my hurt badly and I still love him/her with everything I got.
  • Before I felt that it hurts to let it go, but now I know that sometimes it is harder when to Hold on to it.
  • How come I am so sad now from being happy.
  • You have told many lies, but _____ lie was one of my favorite.

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Broken Heart WhatsApp Status:

  • You were my closest but now you act like a stranger to me.
  • No reason to stay is a perfect reason to move away.
  • Hate being broken…. I just wonder if I could go back and fix everything.
  • I have tried much time to make you happy, but it’s useless as you end up being Sad.
  • If you can’t see drops of tears in my eyes then please try to understand the hurt in my mind.
  • I stopped checking for bed monsters before going to bed, but now I stopped as I finally knew that the monster is inside us.
  • You never had any idea on how much you have hurt me every time you ignored.
  • Now I can’t really stay alone with you.
  • Instead of falling in Love falling from the bridge will hurt less.

Broken Heart WhatsApp Status

  • Invisible tears are the hardest things in the world to wipe away.
  • I keep searching for happiness with you….. but you are interested in being happy with another.
  • I wish if I can express you how much I loved you before you go away. But now I can’t even see you on earth.
  • Finally, you have hurt me. Now, are you happy?
  • Trying to hide my feelings in front of you is the biggest mistake I have done.
  • Every night when I lay down and place my head on my pillow. I say myself to be strong, as I have passed another day without you.
  • Finally, my mind says “Now it’s Enough I can’t take it anymore
  • After you moved away I just feel crappy and feel that I am broke somewhere inside.
  • Now I am Just alive with the memories that you have given me before you moved on.
  • Practically speaking I am single, but my heart is taken by someone I can’t have anymore.
  • I have to cut as it is only the way I can be happy.

WhatsApp Status on Broken Relationship:

  • Love is like once you tear a thread, you can join them together but you can always see the mark of tearing.
  • You have already left once, but you came back. I am sure you will go back again.
  • I just miss you when I have a cup of tea in my hand, as you were always with me on tea.
  • Love is a sacrifice, not a compromise
  • I feel I am so far from the one I am very close too.
  • I am very sad and I want someone to Love me and make me feel OK again.
  • Now I am so poor that I am left only with some money
  • I shall hide all the truth within me. So that people can still fall in love with each other.
  • Hurt is the only way I feel alive now!
  • I just want rain, so that I can cry out loud alone and nobody notices me that Am crying.
  • Now it’s too late to say sorry.

WhatsApp Status on Broken Relationship

  • It’s hard to forget you. The harder I try you, the more I think about you.
  • I never stopped liking you, but now I just stopped trying hard.
  • You can never imagine on how much I hate myself.
  • I just get more broke at night remembering the past how we talked the whole night.
  • It is easier to agree that you are mad, but it is really difficult to agree that I am hurt.
  • When I cry thinking about you, I messed up crying every moment we were together.
  • I guess I really to stop being emotional about everything.
  • My mind is getting mess whenever I am thinking about you.
  • Don’t be sad for what is not yours anymore. Instead be happy that it was once yours.
  • Am I unworthy of being loved?
  • People pass away easily leaving some precious memory in our heart.
  • You don’t need me anymore and it kills me!

So these are all the Sad Whatsapp status, status on sad mood. Now you can easily express your sad mood on your Whatsapp status using these quotes. Apart from these, if you want to update Short WhatsApp Statuses like Love, Funny, Attitude or Short then just click on the desired word.

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