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7 Best Saavn Alternatives that You Can Try

Saavn alternatives

SAAVN is one of the most versatile platforms for music lovers. Saavn has been recently in the news because it has signed the licensing deal allowing Saavn to use copyright songs.Saavn indeed has the best music collection. With the help of saavn, you will able to listen to songs wherever and whenever you want. You will also be able to listen to songs while working, travelling or even taking a ride and depending on your mood.

Saavn has more than 30 million songs on their server. In Saavn, you will be able to find & create a playlist of your own in which can hear the songs of your choice and which you would love.

Then Why Would You Want a Saavn Alternative?

Well, though these are a few Saavn alternatives, you have to keep in mind that, none of them is better than Saavn itself. These alternative are for those who are thinking about trying a new app which is similar to Saavn. So, here are 7 of my personal Saavn alternatives that you can try


The Seven Best Saavn Alternatives are as Follows:


alternatives for Saavn

Pandora is a music streaming site and I consider it to be the best alternative of the saavn. Pandora offers you a radio option which will play all the songs which you will surely love. In Pandora, you will be able to browse hundreds of radio stations to find various kinds of songs of different genre so that you can hear what you want to hear & when you want to hear.

  1. Tunebash

    best saavn alternatives and more

The Tunebash is yet another alternative of the Saavn. It is a newly launched music streaming app which has lots of unique features.In Tunebash you will able to listen to different kinds of music from any part of the world no matter whether you are from India, US or any other country.

Tunebash will let you choose songs by entering the song name, album, artist or even with a hashtag.Tunebash is a music social network. Through Tunebash you can share songs with others, make friends, and even can see what others are listening to.

  1. GaanaSaavn alternatives

Gaana has a recognisable name in the music streaming sites in India.The Gaana app users have access through a variable device running on different OS’s like iOS, Windows Phone, Android, desktop browser and the blackberry apps.Gaana is one of the great places for the music lovers where you can listen to any songs of your choice whether it is national or international.

And if you are from Indian, Gaana can help you with access to the largest library of the songs like Hindi, Oriya, Bengali, Tamil and much more.In Gaana even allows you to download the songs and listen to them later just like Saavn. Adding songs to the playlist and creating different playlists for different moods can be easily done with Gaana.

You will not be able to access the Gaana application through a web browser.

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  1. Wynk music

    saavn alternative

The Wynk music has been launched by Airtel ( A Telecommunication Network) recently and is a great saavn alternative. And even after being a new music streaming site, Wynk music is amazing and it is fully featured with different kinds of songs.In Wynk music you will able to access the Wynks library which is over 1.5 million songs. You can access to the Wynk`s music through any of its Android app or iOS app.

But you have to note that Wynk`s music does not have the facility to access through a desktop.You can start using Wynk for free but it has different paid tiers too, which offers much more premium features & accessibility.At first, you will have to sign up in the Wynk`s music then you will get unlimited numbers of songs, which you can download and listen to in offline mode.

After that the users can download unlimited songs by 3G and no data charges will be incurred so that they will also be able to enjoy the Wynk with freedom.Wynk music focuses on the Indian music. Wynk`s music has radio section for those users who doesn’t mind interruptions in listening to any genre of music.

  1. Hungama.com

    best saavn alternatives

Hungama.com is one of the popular music portal and a music streaming site and a great saavn alternative. The Hungama.com offers a streaming app for the iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry device users.

Hungama is a great saavn alternative which will offer you to access the national and international songs through videos, artist, ringtones, as well as wallpaper and it, has more than 2 million Indian songs.Hungama.com offers unlimited numbers of songs streaming and downloads.So you can be sure to easily listen to free music by using this app through streaming.

But note that, hungama.com is not well designed, so you may face a little difficulty while jumping from one song playlist or between the different pages.

  1. SoundCloud

    Saavn alternatives

Even though SoundCloud doesn’t have a bigger server compared to Saavn, they offer you with premium songs which you would love to listen as your saavn alternative.

In SoundCloud, you can find the latest song of many artists. You can even follow any of your favourite artists so that you can get notified of any newly launched songs. With SoundCloud, you will also be able to search the new rising artist who uploads their songs to SoundCloud directly.

SoundCloud also allows you to repost the track which you have discovered or you can repost any of your favourite tracks. SoundCloud is one of the best alternatives of the Saavn when it comes fresh music.

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  1. TuneIn Radio

    Saavn alt

Last on the list of the best saavn alternative, TuneIn Radio is a great option for you if your phone does not have a built-in radio in it. You can use it if you want to have more than what the simple local radio offers.

TuneIn Radio provides you with an advantage by bringing different radio stations across the world to one place.TuneIn radio will not only listen to the music but with that live radio broadcast and news also of the whole world.

These are the top seven alternatives of the Saavn. All of them which I have mentioned above are one of the most popular and excellent music streaming sites.  Except these still, there are plenty of options and alternatives of saavn are there. 

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