Neha vs Nikhil clashed on roadies x5 episode 19 10th June
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Neha vs Nikhil Clashed On Roadies X5 Episode 19 10th June

roadies x5 episode 19

Watch MTV Roadies X5 Episode 19 10th June 2017 where the game took again in the whole extreme level. Every episode after episode, Roadies brings death challenging tasks and dramatic moments.

18th Episode over so far and the ruling Gang were Prine’s. And the remaining warriors are- Baseer, Meenal, Varun and a new entrant Jagriti. Beside, Ranvijays still holds the highest warriors with 5 warriors and the lowest in Neha’s gang having only 3 warriors. In the last episode, Neha’s precious warrior Mandeep was eliminated.

So now let us see the flash sneaks on today’s Episode- Roadies X5 Episode 19 10th June 2017.


Flash views on MTV Roadies X5 Episode 19 10th June 2017

Everyone is busy with Jibran’s kick out, but there also have been a new change in the gang member which is yet not known. Jagruti who was decided to go on the Nikhil’s gang, now she is brought back to Prince Narula’s gang.

For the new episode, a new task is revealed. The task will take place in the hilly and dusty site, the ruling gang leader- Prince’s Gang will not participate in the game today. And the challenge will be between the gang- Neha’s, Nikhil’s and Ranvijay’s.

The participant warrior has to ride on the brand new Renault Duster, and another guy will be on the wooden cart which will be dragged by a moving car. The main goal for the Warriors is to hit the target with the PaintBall guns in the moving cart. And the winner will be decided for the highest number of the target hit.

But there is another incident in the game, the warriors who ride on Renault Duster made a sharp turn in the game which the car loose control and there was a mysterious accident. More actions await, for knowing who have won the task watch MTV Roadies Rising X5 episode 19 on Voot.

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What is the Twist that Gaelyn Brought?

In the Elimination round, Aggy is suspected of voting out due to his weak performance. As both Meenal & Aggy have a close relationship, so Meenal’s eye is feeling with a tear in fear for Aggy will be eliminated this week.

And moving on toward elimination, Gaelyn also have another twist for all the Warriors which only the ruling gang leader i.e. Prince Narula will reveal the secret twist but at the right time.

Neha vs Nikhil clashed on roadies x5 episode 19

In the meantime, Neha got disappointed upon her team performance speaking of Mandeep’s absence. Sweta in the other hand, confess that without Mandeep Sweta took the Male task but it was not up to the mark. Neha distressed and reply back immediately that no women will ever do the task. Later she even told that she was the hopeless gang leader ever in this show, claiming it was not the team’s fault for the weak performance but it’s due to misled by Neha as a gang leader.

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Nikhil was also disgusted with his warriors for weak performance. And finally, Prince again, he interrupted in the conversation saying a warrior has to be eliminated no matter what tricks they use or politics they play. Prince claimed this is all What’s a Roadies show is about- warriors whom they like would be safe and whom the warriors hate must be eliminated. Hearing this words, Neha again burst in anger saying- so ultimately only those will remain who were in relationships like brotherhood, boyfriend, or Girlfriends and ignoring those who have really work hard in the task. Nikhil replied that is not the reason; even Neha and Ranvijay is a good friend. Then Neha turns against Nikhil too, saying that she knows Roadies very well. Lot more actions are coming in today’s episode 19 MTV Roadies Rising X5.

To watch MTV Roadies X5 Episode 19 10th June 2017 on Voot- Click Here

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Final Verdict

In the last episode, Jibran left the show who was found guilty for the harassing female contestant. But even if he moves out, he still warns everyone saying he got all the call records and chat screen shot. He will file a case in the court for plotting a dirty blame in the national television. This is all for raising the TRP of the show and he became the victims accusing him of being guilty- Jibran Tweets. But no further news have been out so far, will Jibran realy put a case? To know more keep visiting our site.

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