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Roadies Rising X5 Episode 11 15th April: Watch Why Prince is Hurted With Neha

Roadies Rising X5 Episode 11

In Roadies Rising X5 Episode 11 15th April 2017, the next round and new challenge have come for the Roadies warrior. And in the last episode, the winner or leading team was Gang Leader Ranvijay’s team. Well, they are not participating in the next game today.

Let us see what has happened on Today’s Episode 11 MTV Roadies Rising X5. For the first challenge, all the team member have to comes in the arena where the task was to save team member who is locked on top of the tower. The person who is on top will be locked until the member from the below will perform the heavy duty task. The ground member has to pull out the climbing ladder towards the other member on the tower and rescue their team member.

Roadies Rising X5 Episode 11 15th April

Now in the first round, comes in Neha’s team. In the game, it was decided that Shane will be at the ground and Rakhi on Tower. The game was very interesting where Shane has to pull the chain of Ceat Tire and this tires will be the ladders for Shane to climb on and have to save Rakhi. But as the task is approaching, Shane could not manage to pull all the tires up to create a ladder. And his final breath out with disappointment. Neha and the whole team members are all badly disappointed which choosing Shane was a big mistake, instead Mandeep should be doing the task, was claimed by Neha.

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Do you know 

In the next round, comes in Prince’s Team. Now Basir was chosen for taking the ground task and Meenal for the Tower. Both the warriors seem to be motivated and are to come extend playing the task well. Here Basir has to fix all the gear and create a mechanical system that will pull off the Ladder towards Meenal’s tower. Very soon the ladder has approached to the tower but Basir at last moment could not understand the task clearly and have wasted a lot of time to bring down Meenal Safely. Finally, other Gang Leader directed him to perform the task correctly which the Team Prine have successfully completed the task.

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Finally Team Nikhil, they are the last but their performance was the best of all. And they became the winner of the current task with having complete the task faster than any other teams. Here in the task, Priyank had to be on the ground while Khusnuma on the tower. The task was to find the right rope that pulls down the ladder. And Nikhil guessed it right which he suggested to priyank and very quickly, Priyank spot the right one and bring out theLadder. In the other hand, Khusnuma too has had great courage by jumping off the tower which allows her to complete the task faster.

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Why Neha Hit Mandeep Roadies Rising X5 Episode 11

In the next game, there was a fun game for the losing teams. All the winning team is then allowed to throw a piece of tomatoes and Egg upon two members of each team. And the other member, have to jump on the trampoline. The more interesting fun came when the guy jumping on the trampoline should say the words in Sign language or action. While the gang leader is also involved in the game, where gang leader has to guess the word.

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So first came in, Prince’s team and on the trampoline was Basir. Both the gang leader and Basir acted in a very funny way that made everyone laugh out load in the game. And other two members have to take eggs and tomatoes.

In the next, Neha team came in. Mandeep was on the trampoline and Neha was too could not guess the word. This has to turn out to be funnier when Mandeep could not even make a proper jump. By the end of the task, Neha and Rakhi ran towards Mandeep and threw him a shoe. There was lots of fun and action.

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Why Prince is hurt by Neha’s Word

In the last moment of the episode, Neha was fully angered towards today’s task. And she has lectured to her team member which she said that They Could Not Become a Gang Leader within 5-10 Years. And with this sentence, Prince is quite disappointed and emotionally felt depressed on hearing Neha Saying those words. This issue was over reacted by Prince and there was a bitter moment among the Gang leaders.

So this was the first drama created by Prince as a new Gang Leader. So keep watching Roadies for more interesting chit chat and interesting facts on MTV Roadies Rising X5.

Roadies Rising X5 Episode 11

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Quick Sneak peak on Next Episode 12 MTV Roadies Rising

So for the new episode 12 i.e. 21 April 2017, new challenges will be coming ahead for the Roadies Warriors. You will see a dynamic Entry of Harbhajan Singh coming with the Boat riding on the sea. Well, by looking at Harbhajan’s entry, it is sure that the next episode is going to be at the sea. And all the task will be based on the water task.

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In the next, episode again many dramas will be seen. All the contestant will rage in anger and Violent as some of the warriors will cheat and bring the opponent team down. And also again Prince will be the clash with Ranvijay upon the Sea.

Hope you have enjoyed a lot, for more interesting facts and latest Roadies news keep visiting our site. And Subscribe for getting all the new updates and stay connected. For any suggestion or Advice, you can comment below; we see forwards for your feedbacks.

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