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Roadies Rising X5 Episode 10 14th April: Watch Elimination Round Now

roadies rising x5 episode 10

Roadies Rising X5 Episode 10 14th April, have a lots of intersting action for you. With all the furious game and sporting action, Today Saturday roadies rising x5 episode 10 will show you who is eliminated. And guess what, we have also covered the news that who is eliminated today.

Before saying about who is eliminated today, let us also have a quick recap of the previous episode. Where we have seen all the 15 warriors are stepping into their team squad Tent. This is quite unexpected as Roadies contestants are usually enters into a five-star hotel and working out for their performance and much more in the last few season. But this season, all the Warriors are taken into a lonely place where they are allowed to stay in an open place with a tent.roadies rising x5 episode 10

Roadies Rising X5 Episode 10

Well, after the introduction to the warrior for their camp, now the next day was for performing their first Roadies Journey in the last episode, and we have seen, there was a clash between all the gangs. Gang Leaders Ranvijay, Nikhil, Prince and Neha Dhupia was on the season.

roadies rising x5 episode 10

And the challenge or the first game for the Warriors is Arrow. At first Two teams, Ranvijay & Nikhil face off and there was a toss by shooting the arrow with a bow to the target. In the first Shot Nikhil has beaten Ranvijay and Nikhil ask for the team Ranvijay to begin the game.

Team Ranvijay start the game of which all the team is seen in action And the task was, all the team member have to perform and there will be one shooter that will hold Bow to shoot an arrow on the target. Team Ranvijay had their first victory and as per rule, they became the first team to live in the luxurious Tent. The luxurious tent consists of a bed, bathroom and many other luxurious facilities which other loser teams would never enjoy.

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Roadies Rising x5 Episode 10: Gurpreet From Neha’s Team Eliminated

So finally in the elimination round. As this is too a Reality Show, there is always an elimination/knockout moment. And with such elimination moment, all the member has to vote out to a particular contestant. And in the voting program, Gurpreet from the Neha’s Team is eliminated.

roadies rising x5 episode 10

There was a huge clash even between the gang leaders, which Neha Smells some politics is running around in terms of the Voting system. And Ranvijay has also been accused by Neha that she is betrayed in the Voting round.

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Well, this is all for today and you must keep watching MTV Roadies Rising X5 season 15 for more interesting action. And keep visiting our site if you want to keep looking for more interesting facts and fun occurred in roadies rising x5 episode 10. You can also subscribe to us for latest updates.

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