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‘Roadies Rising’ Host Karan Kundra is Replaced By Another, Guess who?

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Roadies Rising 2017, is one of the popular reality talent and strength show. MTV India is bringing the whole new reality game show, and audition is going on. And in the audition, many weird people comes but the host sometimes reacts very weirdly too. The contestant who got slapped was Anshuman, who is a youth from Ahmedabad.

Karan Kundra is Replaced

This was not a new story in MTV Roadies, where many contestants faced abusive words coming from the judges or host. With such aggression, the show is yet very popular with its purity and challenging strength games.

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Host Karan Kundra is Replaced FOR Slapping the contestant

In Ahmedabad Audition for Roadies Rising, there was a direct interview where judges were- Ranvijay, Prince, Neha. Harbhajan and Karan Kundra in the moment. And in the audition, comes in contestant Anshuman; in his personal details, he has mentioned that he beat his sister for performing court marriage. Roadies Rising in a personal interview, Karan Kundra has slapped to a contestant.

Karan Kundra is Replaced

The reason why Karan slapped on the contestant was that Anshuman has beaten his sister as she did court marriage with her boyfriend. At first, Neha Dhupia is scolded in anger which she felt unfair on slapping Anshuman sister for such lame reason. And Karan Kundra breaks down in anger and became abusive and filled with anger, Karan Stood and slap the contestant in the national television.

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‘Roadies Rising’ Host Karan Kundra is Replaced By Nikhil Chinapa

The contestant who got slapped was Anshuman, who is a youth from Ahmedabad. With Karan’s aggressive attitudes toward the contestants makes his way out of Roadies Rising 2017, and he is now replaced with Popular VJ of MTV India- Nikhil Chinapa. MTV India has come up with the new host and playing fair for all the situation by which replacing became the right decision.

Karan Kundra is Replaced

So in the next episode, there will be no Karan Kundra in the show while Nikhil Chinapa will be carrying on in the show.
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So now on, you won’t be seeing Karan Kundra anymore but Nikhil in the next episode onwards. While there is lots of interesting show coming up and just keep waiting and keep watching Roadies Rising- MTV India. And for more latest facts and news keep visiting our site.

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