10 Things You Should Know Before Riding a MotorCycle- For The Beginner
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10+ Tips You Should Know Before Riding a MotorCycle- For The Beginner

If you are a beginner in riding a motorcycle then there are many things which you should know. As a beginner who has zero knowledge and experience in riding a motorcycle on the road can be very risky. However, in order to keep yourself safe and everyone else safe, you must be careful with whom and what you are riding with on the road.

riding a motorcycle

These are many things you should know before riding a motorcycle. Read the lists where you can find all the basic stuff you must keep in mind before you start riding the bike.

Know About a Motorcycle:

First of all, before you start buying a motorcycle, you should know how to choose the best and suitable or you can even look into the upcoming bike for the beginners. As a beginner, I Personally think that you should choose a motorcycle which has not more than 600cc.


If you are a beginner you must have the skill to control your bike while riding it. The second thing, it’s not that important but then suppose, you happen to drop your bike make sure that it will be easier to pick it up if your bike is lighter.

tips for riding motorcycle

Lastly. you should stick with the light weighted bike with not more than 600cc because it is safe and better for the beginners. You can choose a bike like TVS Akula for a sporty look which comes within a marginal price.


When it comes to pricing, you must be careful as it does not show the actual price in the magazines. Probably, you are thinking to buy a bike but spending less money especially for your first bike. All you need to do is set some amount of money according to your budget and surprisingly, you will find many choices in the market.

However, for the beginner, I suggest that it is better to get a used bike and you can easily save your money on some other things like safety equipment.


Before buying your first bike, you must know about the bodywork of the motorcycle. It is obvious that there is a chance that most likely, you might drop your motorcycle at some point in time. It is better to get less bodywork motorcycle instead of spending more money or time in repairing it whenever you drop it.

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How to Ride a Motorcycle- For the Beginners:

Here are the guidelines on how to ride a motorcycle. Learning how to ride a motorcycle can be fun once you how to ride safely and in a controlled manner. First of all, before you hit the road you must always practice the safety. Always wear a safety gear which is appropriate for the type of bike that you are supposed to ride.

You can enrol in some motorcycle courses which will teach you to be a proper bike rider. Let us check it out how to ride a motorcycle step by step:

1. Right Safety Gear:

riding a motorcycle

  • First of all, you must get a helmet which is the most important equipment before you start riding a motorcycle. This will help you to protect your head from injury and keep your safe on the road. However, keep in mind your helmet must fit your head well, it will help you see any obstacles easily.
  •  You must get a jacket which will help you to protect your torso that includes your internal organs as well.
  • Get motorcycle boots, gloves and other gears which provides you better safety and keeps you comfortably while riding a bike.

2.Learn To Ride:

riding a motorcycle

You must take a motorcycle safety course that will give you the instruction on safety measures and proper riding technique. While you take a safety course they will teach you all the basic controls before riding. Learn how to start the bike by using clutch which is used for changing the gears. Or you can even go for a

Choosing The Roads- For the Beginners:

If you are a beginner, then it is better you learn how to ride in an open road instead of busy roads. always keep in mind you must try riding on a road where there is less traffics. This will help you to learn and get the controls of your bike.

Rules & Regulations- For the Beginners:

As a beginner, you must learn all the rules and regulation while you ride the motorcycle like:

Riding Defensively:

When you hit the busy roads, always keep an eye on everything that moves around you. Always stay attentive and be alert in order to keep yourself from any kind of accidents on the roads. Keep in mind never drink while you are riding.There are some people who always tries to overtake even while on busy roads. But always keep in mind, always ride defensively.

Taking Precautions while Turning & Braking:

riding a motorcycle;

While riding the bike, don’t try to act expertise and take the professional turns. In fact, there is no one to impress on the roads, right? So, it is better for your safety must slow down while you take a turn. Never leave any room for mistakes.

Get a Maintenance Checkup Everytime:

riding a motorcycle

Always keep in mind to perform regular maintenance checks on your bike. This will keep your bike to run smoothly, never breaks down in the middle of somewhere. Always keep your relationships with your bike just like how you take care of your own child.

Riding Safely Even with a High CC Bike:

Always keep in mind that, you should never exceed your speed limit while riding on a highway. You should always take control of your speed even on busy roads. This way you can protect yourself from meeting an accident. Or even follow the rules so that you don’t get towed like this guy. Watch: Traffic Towed Away Motorbike and Rider When He Denied to Get Off

Safety Course for Improving your Riding Experience:

learning a motorcycle

As a beginner, always take a course on safety measure before you start riding on the roads. This will help you to learn about the proper techniques and all kinds of safety measures when you ride the bike.

Selling the Bike at One Point of time:

If we talk about selling the bike, you need to keep the fact in mind the time you are buying the bike. A high costing bike will have much maintenance and also if you crash the bike, this will highly decrease its sales value. Whereas if you are going for a low-end bike like Pulsar NS 150, you will have to keep in mind that lower end bikes are more prone to be absolute with time thus reducing the sales price automatically.

Keeping all these tips in mind, you are now ready to buy a bike and enjoy riding it till your heart’s content. I would also suggest you keep in mind that, riding a bike isn’ just a work of a day or two, you will have to feel the deepest connection with your bike to get the best out of riding a bike.

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