How to Reset Net Banking Password on Losing Your Password? One By One Methods for All Banks
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How to Reset Net Banking Password on Losing Your Password? One By One Methods for All Banks

Now, this is a big headache when you going to shop online and finally stuck forgetting your Internet Banking password. And you are ended up with no transaction losing your online banking password.

Forgetting password is a common practice for most of us.

In our daily schedule, we have many things to remember but not all of them we can keep in our mind right?

For the 21st generation, like email passwords, websites log it passwords and several passwords list we got to remember. As we all recommended to keep strong and unique passwords for all, and also it is suggested to change password frequently. Hence, we had to deal forgetting password and face trouble to do online shopping and other online transactions,

And that is why we almost time use forgot password option to backup our password. But the scene in the banking is different, as you can’t easily do the same with it.

So, if you have forgotten your net banking password and wants to reset it, this post should help you for sure. All banks password reset steps are will be shown to regenerate your online banking password, in case you forgot it.

How to Reset Net Banking Password on Losing Your Password?

Check out if you have an internet banking account from the below list and you are seeking to reset the password after losing your password. Here is the all banks list that I will be providing password regeneration practice for all of these banks.

  • SBI Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • Bank of Baroda
  • ICICI Bank
  • Axis Bank
  • Punjab National Bank
  • Union Bank of India
  • Bank of India
  • Central Bank of India
  • Canara Bank

These are the top 10 Indian Bank names and all of these banks password reset procedures will be discussed here. So let’s get into reset net banking password steps one after one. Make sure you do these steps by yourself for your account safety or someone whom you can trust.

State Bank of India:

Resetting online banking password of SBI shouldn’t be a headache for you. All you have to follow below-given steps to reset it.

Step1: At first, go to the Online SBI login page or visit Online SBI.reset password SBI

Step2: On the left center of the page, click on LOGIN option right below of PERSONAL BANKING.reset password State Bank of india

Step3: Now click on CONTINUE TO LOGIN.Steps to resset online banking password SBI

Step4: On this login page, you will find Forgot Login Password; click on that button.forgot sbi password

Step5: A new browser window will pop-up and click on the Next Step button to go to reset SBI net banking password

Step6: Now provide all the asking information such as username, account number, country, your date of birth and followed by security captcha. After that click on Submit button.steps to reset state bank of india online password

Step7: You will be taken to a new page, and will receive an eight-digit OTP code on your linked mobile number. Enter the OTP code and click on the Confirm button.OTP code for SBI net baking password reset

Step8: At last, you will get three option to reset net banking of SBI. It would be wise and quick to choose last option as “Without ATM Card and ProfilePassword.”  Well, that is it to reset your SBI Online Banking password simply.

HDFC Bank:

Though you can directly visit the HDFC office to regenerate your HDFC online banking password. Sitting down at home using OTP option you can also reset it. So let’s check it out how.

Step1: Go to the HDFC Internet Banking or follow this link.

Step2: Enter your User ID or Customer ID and then click on the Go button.reset HDFC online banking password

Step3: You will see last 5 digits of your linked mobile number. Select this number if it is a correct number or an active number of your and now click on Continue to reset net banking password of HDFC

Step4: You will receive an OTP(One Time Password), which will have a numerical value in 6 digits. Provide OTP and then click Continue.Hdfc reset password

Step5: Now it will show you your debit card number, click on it, which will take you to another page.

steps to reset passwords HDFC

Step6: This is the final step that you have to do. Provide some information relating to the account then lastly you have to provide new password twice; now click on Confirm button. You will receive a message in your associated mobile number as your IPIN has been successfully to reset online banking easily


Bank of Baroda:

Here are steps to be followed, if you can’t access your Bank of Baroda online transaction. It’s simple and quick let’s see

Step1:  Fist of all, go to the Bank of Baroda internet banking page or click here.Bank of Baroda online banking reset password easily

Step2: Click on the retail user to reset internet banking password of Bank of Baroda.Bank of Baroda internet banking reset password

Step3: Provide you Bank of Baroda’s Internet Banking ID and press Enter.internet banking password reset

Step4: You will reach on login page; below of the login option there is a forgot password option. Just click on here to reset internet banking password

Step5: Now you will be asked for security question’s answer, which you have pre-set while registering your Bank of Baroda. Give the answers and press Submit.reset password bob

Step6: You registered mobile number you have to put, enter the mobile number and click on Submit again.internet bank password regenarate

Step7: On your mobile, you will receive an OTP that you have to put in the asking box and then press Submit.

Step8: At last you will be able to create a new password for your Bank of Baroda. Enter the new password and click Submit to finalise.password regenarate net banking


Step1: At the very first log into the ICICI bank account or log in to this page.

Step2: Click on the “I want my Password“.reset password icici

Step3: “CLICK HERE TO PROCEED” to continue to the further steps.reset online banking password icici

Step4: Now provide your User ID then submit to continue.

Step5: Enter your linked mobile number to receive OTP number and then you will receive an OTP number on your mobile number.

Step6: Generate OTP number in the asking OTP section then click for the next steps.

Step7: In the next page, you will get the option to create a new password for your ICICI internet/online banking. Just enter your new password twice to confirm and submit. Now, with your submitted password you will be able to login ICICI internet banking.

Axis Bank:

For Axis Bank new password request follow these 7 simple steps to get a new password. Check this out-

Step1: Got to the Axis Bank site or click here.

Step2: You can select forgot password option on this page, select “click here” button.axis bank login password reset

Step3: In the page, press “Continue” button.reset axis net banking password

Step4: Enter your Axis Bank login ID, in the next and click on Submit.

how to reset axis bank password

Step5: Now provide some basic information about your account, check the box of terms and conditions. After then press to reset axis online banking

Step6: In next, select last option as “Both Login and Transaction Password” and then click on “Proceed.

Step7: And now you are able to change both Axis Bank Login and Transaction Password. That’s it you are done.reset axis bank online banking password

Punjab National Bank:

To get a new password of forgotten Punjab National Bank online banking, you should be following below method. Check out 7 simple steps to reset the old password with ease.

Step1: Visit Punjab National Bank or click here.pnb reset net banking

Step2: On the right corner click “Retail Internet Banking.”punjab national bank how to reset net banking password

Step3: In next, provide your Punjab National Bank User ID and click “Continue.”online banking password regenarate

Step4: You will be redirected to the login page, as you don’t know password click on the forgot password option.for online banking password

Step5: In next you have to confirm your Date of Birth or your Pan Card Number then click on “Submit” button.password regenarate online banking

Step6: Now enter Debit Card Number, Linked account number and ATM PIN; then click on Continue.create new password for internet banking

Step7: At last you are able to change both Internet Login Password and Transaction Password. Enter your prefer password and click Continue to make it done.punjab national bank internet banking password reset

Union Bank of India(UBI):

Same 7 simple and quick steps again for Union Bank of India internet banking password recreation. Check it out the steps –

Step1: Visit Union Bank of India official site or follow this banking password forgot reset

Step2: On the left side of the site, you will see “Forgot/Reset Password” banking password forgot

Step3: Choose the top option if you have ATM banking forgot password

Step4: You will be thrown to another page which you have to provide all information within 3 minutes. Calm down, it is enough time to get it done.ubi password reset

Step5: For account verification, you will need to provide ATM Card Number and ATM PIN. And also last transaction amount and its type.reset UBI net banking password

Step6: You will receive an OTP on your linked mobile number. Enter in the box and click on Submit.

union bank of india password reset

Step7: And for now, all you need is to provide a new password for Login password and Transaction password. Click submit and you are done resetting Union Bank of India internet banking password. request for new password internet banking

Bank of India:

Get an idea to reset online banking password of Bank of India. It is again easy and quick to get it done, check out how

Step1: Go to the Bank of India Unblock/Regeneration option or click here.regeneration internet banking password

Step2: On the log in page you will find Forgot Password option. Click on that for further steps.regeneration of password internet banking

Step3: In next, provide your user ID, Debit Card ATM Number, PIN number, and expiry date as well. After everything done click on Submit button.boi online banking password reset

Step4: 4 options will be available to do specific reason but you have to select “New Login Password.”new login password inetrnet banking

Step5: That is it, on the new page, you will be able to change new login password and transaction password. Provide a new password and click Submit to complete the process.password reset boi

Central Bank of India:

Check out how to reset net banking password for Central Bank of India in case you can’t access it. Here is it –

Step1: Unlike above go to the official website of Central Bank of India internet banking or digital banking page.cbi digital banking password reset

Step2: Navigate cursor to the Internet Banking Login, which is located on the left side of the page.central bank of india digital banking password reset

Step3: Immediately, a new window will pop up and find “Please click here to proceed button.”internet banking password regeneration

Step4: Login option you will get but on right above of the page find “Online Password,” click on that banking new password create

Step5: Provide your CBI internet banking user ID and your registered mobile number. After that click on “Next” button. new password for internet banking

Step6: An OTP will be sent to your mobile number, provide those numerical values on the next page and thereafter your preferable internet banking password to create as new one. Click on the “Submit” button to finalise the reset net banking password for Central Bank of India.cbi new password generate

Canara Bank:

If you forgot your Canara Bank net banking password then it shouldn’t be much headache, as it is the simplest and short step to reset online banking password.

Step1: Go to Canara Bank internet banking link or click password for internet banking

Step2: Below the login option, click on the “Forgot your Password?” password for canara internet banking

Step3: In next a confirmation details will be shown, click Submit button. And then you will receive OPT on your mobile number. Provide OTP Password twice and again press Submit button. Well, that is it to generate your Canara Net Banking password. A confirmation message will be sent to your mobile numbertransaction password create

Well, all the procedures are almost same to reset net banking password that you can easily get it done by yourself. In case, you forgot your internet/online/digital banking password then hope above password regenerate methods for all top Indian banks.

Follow the steps now and comment us if you feel it is helpful to you. And also feel free share this to help others too.

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