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5 Best Sites To Rent Movies Online: Watch Movies & TV Shows

rent movies online

Forget downloading latest movies from some scammy sites full of annoying ads, fake links and spyware. It’s time to try something new; it’s time to go digital in a genuine way. Yes, Today we are are going to learn about best sites to Rent movies online which are completely legal and of High quality. These days millions of people stream online to watch movies. There are plenty of legitimate sites available, but I am going to suggest you the handpicked five premium subscription-based services to watch movies online without any single issue. Are you ready?

rent movies online

I hate advertisements and pop ups which always show up in most of the downloading sites. On the other hand, in torrent sites, you will find strict restrictions by the Government, and it is also illegal to download pirated stuff from there.

Another common issue is the quality of the downloaded movies are disappointing. I mean after so much effort can you expect poor video and audio quality of those films? Obviously not. This is the main reason behind writing this guide to present you the list of the top sites to rent movies of your choice without compromising the quality.

Best Sites to Rent Movies Online: Watch in Peace!

Now, without wasting any time lets move on to the main section of this guide and check out which are those sites where you can buy subscriptions and watch movies anytime you want. The list begins below:

#1. NetFlix

Best Rented Movies Online

Netflix is one of the best premium sites to rent online movies in India and globally. With a rental option, it provides the best services to millions of people. This site is the most visited and viewed by millions of individuals from all over the world. Through Netflix, you can find unlimited movies, music and TV Shows and enjoy watching movies for more than 125 million hours per day. Isn’t it amazing?

Furthermore, you can get lots of original TV series, films and documentaries and much more at the same place. Once you subscribe to Netflix, you can enjoy watching it as long as you want wherever you are and whenever you want. Not only that, but you can also play and pause and watch all over again without any ads and interruptions while you watch. You can get the free trial for one month, through which you can watch all your favourite movies, TV Shows for free of cost for one month.

Pricing: Netflix provides the service for all the users which starts at $9 for a month/ Rs.500 for the basic plan. Isn’t it affordable? Yes, who wouldn’t want such kind of offers right? It also provides the user standard plan for $12/Rs.650 in India. Check out their projects shown below:

Watch TV Shows Online

Compatibility: Netflix is compatible with all kinds of devices. You can also get Movies, latest TV shows and start streaming directly to your Smartphone, Smart TV, Tablet or in Computer easily. All you need to do is download the app on your Smartphone quickly. Nowadays Netflix comes preloaded with most of the Smart TVs too.

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#2. Hulu Plus

Best Rented Movies Online

Hulu Plus is another premium site where you can rent movies online, TV Shows and much more. This Hulu Plus initially provided the user’s free services for streaming online, but later, it has started the subscription services right after they become famous.

It is also one of the most viewed streaming sites by the millions of users globally. Hulu Plus offers the one-month free trial for all the users just like Netflix so that you can try and find yourself how good it is. But only one thing where you might get interrupted by some commercials. But you can rid of this issue if you subscribe their premium plan. However, it provides all kinds of selections of movies; TV Shows too. I think you can compromise few minutes in between for ads quickly.

Price: Earlier, Ii has said that Hulu Plus offers the One-month free trial for every user. But if you want to continue using the Hulu Plus then you can get access to the latest update library, where you can find all the latest shows and movies. For Subscribing you need to pay $7.99 per month, I can say it is cheaper than any other cable subscriber. The premium ad-free subscription costs $11.99 only.

hulu subscription rent movies online

Compatibility: Hulu Plus is compatible with all kinds of devices like Android device, iPhones, and much more.

# 3. Amazon Prime Instant Video

Best Rented Movies Online

Everybody knows what Amazon is? Amazon, first of all, used to sell all kinds of books and lots of other stuff a few years ago. But finally, it is back with the latest streaming service in the market which is Amazon Prime Instant Video.


Amazon Prime to got some attention when it gets started with the one-month free trial. It expanded with the subscription services through which all the subscribers can get video on demand. One thing which makes it different from any other streaming sites, it has a small library as compared to Netflix and others. But Amazon has recently joined with the companies like Epix and Warner Bros to expand their library.

Price: For all the subscribers, if they want to continue after the free trial then you need to pay Rs.499 a year as their introductory offer.

Compatibility: Amazon Prime Instant Video is compatible with all kinds of the device like Smartphones, Smart TVs and tablets so that you can rent movies online at any time.

#4. YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming sites where millions of people love watching it and mostly viewed by the people from all over the countries. Even though it is the simplest video streaming sites but it is one of the best ones as it provides the best services to all the users.

youtube premium subscriptions

Through YouTube, you can get almost everything except porn. It provides both free and paid services for all the users, where you can view movies and videos quickly.

Price: YouTube offers free services to almost all the users, but if you want to subscribe to my video on demand then you need to pay upto $0.99 to $3.99/Rs.100 per movies you rent on an average price. You can enjoy some movies at Rs.25 only. You can also purchase any movies for $9.99 if you want to rent any movies online.

Compatibility: YouTube is compatible with almost all kinds of devices including Smart TVs, Playstations, smartphones and tablets.

#5. VUDU

Best Rented Movies Online

Vudu is also one of the best sites to rent movies online, where you can find all sorts of content like movies and TV Shows. It also provides to all the users all the latest movies and TV Shows at the same time they also offer DVDs. If you want to buy it, you need to go directly to free digital locker services for getting all the movies copies online.

Price: It offers pay per content videos store. So, if you want to rent you need to pay for the digital movie rental which starts around $3.99 and more as it depends upon the quality of the audio that you want. If you want movies for 1080p with Dolby Digital Plus, then you need to pay for $5.99.

Compatibility: Vudu is available on Xbox 360, Play Station 3, Mac, and also Smartphones like Android, iOs, and Windows Phone.

Well, these are the top sites to rent movies online. I think that Netflix and Vudu are the best one for watching movies. If I talk about TV Shows, then Hulu Plus comes first which is best for the live TV shows. But I recommend you to choose Netflix which is currently providing all the latest TV Shows and games and much more.

So, enjoy these excellent rental sites to watch your favourite movies and TV shows on the go.

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