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Who are the remaining participants of Elimination chamber match?

Who are the remaining participants of Elimination chamber match

The Royal Rumble PPV is now in the history books and coming up next is the Elimination Chamber and the Fastlane PPV.

This time the Elimination PPV will be a RAW exclusive PPV, whereas, the Fastlane PPV will be exclusive to SmackDown.

The Elimination PPV is going to take sooner than the Fastlane PPV, and that is the sole reason why this past week in RAW, we saw 3 qualifying matches for determining the participants for RAW’s Elimination Chamber match.

And for those of you who missed this week’s RAW, WWE is also going to create another history by having the first ever women’s Elimination Chamber match.

Back to the men’s Elimination Chamber match. So far, three participants who have qualified for this match are Braun Strowman, John Cena, and Elias.

There are 3 more participants left in for the men’s Elimination Chamber match. So, here are the possible names of the remaining Elimination Chamber participants.

Who are the remaining participants of Elimination chamber match?

#1. Roman Reigns

This one is a sure shot, in fact, a spoiler alert, the winner of the men’s Elimination Chamber is going to be Roman Reigns.

WWE has already cleared Roman from his feud with the Miz regarding the InterContinental champion, first Roman lost his match in the 25th Anniversary episode of RAW and then this past week Roman lost his chance of reclaiming his IC title by losing his rematch against the Miz.

Therefore, his path is clear to enter the Elimination Chamber match. And the current plan is that at Wrestlemania it will be Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar for the Universal championship match. And the winner of that match will be the Big Dog.

Who are the remaining participants of Elimination chamber match?

#2. Seth Rollins

If you look at the current RAW roster, there aren’t many big names which RAW used to have 3-4 years ago. Now with most of them being new faces, which has also been the reason for the company to depend on part-timers like Lesnar, Triple H, Undertaker, John Cena and others.

Currently, one of the most favorite’s superstars who will be entering the men’s Elimination chamber is none other than the Architect Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins has already lost the tag titles after being in a one on two handicap match courtesy of Jason Jordan. Now, with no longer being the tag champs, WWE will be putting Seth Rollins in the Chamber.


#3. Samoa Joe/ Finn Balor/ Surprise Entrant

According to rumors, there is going to be some surprise for the last participant. WWE is not having many faces who they think will be a good option to enter the chamber match.

It can be seen from the fact that Elias was given the chance despite the fact that WWE is not giving him any push at the moment.

So there is a lot of talks going regarding the last participants. WWE could bring in Samoa Joe who was injured recently on RAW during a match against Roman Reigns.

Many also that Cena buried Finn Balor wasn’t a good idea so Finn could also get another opportunity, and most importantly Finn deserves it, after the kind of performance he gave in the Royal Rumble match it would be meaningless for WWE to cut him short.

Anyways, the final member could also be a big surprise or a returning superstar. For those who may not know Big Show is planned to make a return, and we already Mr 619 i.e. Rey Mysterio is back.

Even though, Rey doesn’t belong to RAW or SmackDown roster, so WWE could bring him in for the men’s Elimination Chamber match.

Hope you liked reading this post, and please do keep on visiting back, as we will keep on updating regarding the Elimination Chamber PPV.



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