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5 Reliance Jio Common Problems and Their Solutions

Reliance Jio Problems and Solutions

Besides all the excitements about Reliance Jio, there are many issues have been alleged regarding Reliance Jio 4G service. Network slowing down, call drop issues, etc. are very common issues reported so far.

Some problems occurred due to heavy working load in the Reliance Jio telecom protocol. Few Some came up as the lack of Reliance network coverage area.

jio problems and fix

Nevertheless, it’s not possible for us common people to figure out all these reasons behind Reliance Jio proper service failure.

All we could do is trying to figure out the best solution.

5 Reliance Jio Common Problems and Their Solutions

For all the frustrated Reliance Jio users out there, here I have listed out some of the most common problems faced using Jio 4G service including their efficient solutions.

1: Jio Sim Card is Not Working Properly

What most of the Jio users are concerned about this Telecom service is the unlimited 4G access, unlimited free calls (Voice and Video), Free SMS, etc. However, many users have alleged that they are unable to facilitate the Jio Welcome offer. Neither their Jio sim is working properly as they have been expecting.

Solution: Most of the users are using Jio 4G sim card in their 3g devices regardless of the fact Jio supposed work only in 4G VoLTE devices. Most of the are relying on some unusual tricks. In such cases, claiming Reliance Jio Welcome Offer is not always possible. On the other hand, Jio will show some glitches in 3G devices.

Using Reliance Jio 4G sim only on the 4G supported Smartphone is the solution. If you don’t want to buy high price 4G Smartphone just for using Jio, you can get JioFi portable router at an affordable price.

2: No Jio Signal Bar

Many users have claimed that their Jio sim is already activated but it’s not showing any network signal bar on their 4G Device. This problem causes failure in accessing the telecom service.

Solution: This problem can be fixed with ease. Go to your mobile “Settings” menu. Now navigate to SIM settings. Tap on the “Mobile Networks” option. Next, select “Preferred Network Type” and then choose “LTE only.” Save the changes and restart your device.

3: Sim Not Recognized

Failure of recognizing Reliance Jio Sim card is another common issue we can hear from many users around. This issue especially caught in the dual sim devices.

Solution: Most of the Smartphones comes with dual sim slot. In some 4G devices, both the sim slots do not compatible with the 4G sim. Only the primary sim slot does. So, the solution is to remove the sim if inserted in the secondary sim slot and insert it properly in the primary slot.

4: Sim Activation Failure

Ths is also one of the most hyped issues regarding Reliance Jio 4G service. In many cases, Jio sim just takes a much more time to get activated than we expected. This issue is due to a heavy working process in Jio as the number of consumers is increasing insanely.

Solution: Be patience, wait some more days for the Jio sim to be activated. And, if you have waited enough and still no good sign, try out the below solutions.

5: Reliance Jio Tele-verification Failure

Even if your Jio sim is already activated, still you will need to very it to claim the free data balance and voice calls. Unfortunately, numerous of users experienced the Tele-verification failure.

Solution: The method to fix this issue is quite easy to get done. Click the below linked and get that right.


We are expecting Reliance Jio will come up with a better service soon enough. As we know, the Jio Welcome offer lasts until 31st December 2016. From the beginning of 2017, we will need to pay for the Jio Tariff plans. The Jio tariff plans however a lot cheaper than other Telecom services in India.

So, switching to Reliance Jio service is nt a bad idea in spite of these common problems we are facing today.

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