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Niantic Released Pokemon GO India Collaborating Reliance Jio! Impacts?

Pokemon Go India

Pokemon GO India, Released on 14th December 2016 –  Looks like Santa Claus arrived in India a little early this year. A couple of weeks yet to go before the Christmas Eve knocks our doors. However, Indian folks are being blessed in advance as on 14th December 2016, the Niantic, Inc. has finally released their much hyped Augmented Reality Game Pokemon GO. Reliance Jio is collaborating with Niantic in making Pokemon GO official released in India.

Pokemon Go Release in India
Pokemon GO Officially Released in India.

Another masterstroke made by Reliance Team without a doubt. We can see a brilliant business plan by Reliance in tying-up with Niantic as, all the Reliance Digital Stores across the country are appearing to be Pokestops or Pokemon Gyms.

The Funder of Niantic, Inc. and Chief Executive Officer Mr. John Hanke stated, “We are delighted to partner with Jio to launch Pokemon GO in India.” He added, “It’s exciting to see Pokemon fans in India step out and explore their neighborhoods in search of Pokemon and Jio’s disruptive high-speed 4G LTE Network will be an excellent way to experience the game.”

President of Reliance Jio, Mathew Oommen has also made a statement on this partnership, “With over 500 million downloads globally, we are excited to launch Pokemon GO officially in India on the Reliance Jio Network.”

He expanded his words, “Our partnership with Niantic not only brings access to the Pokemon GO app but also opens the door to more opportunities for our customers to enjoy content on the Jio’s one-of-a-kind mobile broadband network.”

It is clear that both of the collaborated companies are much excited and positive about the success of this business partnership. We don’t doubt that either. Even way long before the official release of the AR-based mobile game in India, Indian gamers have responded to this globally popular game with much excitement since of its very first introduction on July 7.

Reliance and Niantic worked together to allow the users playing the location-based game in most Jio outlets, retail stores, as well as usual famous spots located at various places of the country. Players may catch their Pokemons, train them, and battle against opponents at these spots.

It is worthy to mentione, Pokemon GO players are allowed to access Pokemon GO channel using the Jio messaging app, called as JioChat. Players from around the country may collaborate with each other making a huge gaming community. This way, they can share their experiences in terms of tricks, tips, special events, etc. This must be a great way of fun for all PokeLovers, while boosting their gameplay experiences.

Possible Impacts of Pokemon GO India Official Launch

This is nothing new that Pokemon GO has been facing many legal issues too, in spite of being one of the most brilliant mobile games ever created. Many accidental events are reported around the globe due to playing the game on Public places. If we talk about playing Pokemon GO in India, the discussion may transform into a debate.

Pokemon Go accidents
A huge accident occurred after man stops in mid-highway to catch Pokemon

Hence, Playing this location-based Augmented Reality game in Indian localities won’t be much exciting comparing other developed less-crowded countries.

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However, if we take a look on the positive way, every good thing has a bad side too. No entertaining stuff is good if it get us into addiction. The catchable Pokemons are supposed to be available only on the important landmarks. Niantic developers should place these virtual monsters or eggs only over the places where there is a less chances of accidental events.

So, there should not be too much worries as the company has already experienced such issues earlier. Apart from the social and accidental issues, Pokemon GO gaming also consists of some glitches. Pokemon GO Not Loading, GPS Signal Not Found, etc. are common so far. Niantic must be coming up with a better solution for any kind of hassle while playing Pokemon GO India.

A Smartphone is required with an active high-speed data connection, GPS, and a good Camera for playing this game. There are some good Guidance Apps available for better Pokemon GO gameplay. Good thing is that, Reliance Jio has expanded the validity of free service until 31st March 2017.

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According to the market experts, this partnership is going to give a big boost in Reliance Jio subscription rate. Though, Reliance Jio too encountered some glitches such as Call-drop, Network slowing down, etc. We are expecting Relaince to work on this factor as well.

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Unless the internet connectivity is speed enough and stable, playing Pokemon GO ain’t be so exciting as we expected. We are looking forward to see how great or worse the launching of Pokemon GO India will impact on Indian economy and user activity.

Download Pokemon GO HERE


Despite of all odds, after analyzing the possibility of entertainment you may gain while playing this Augmented Reality game, Pokemon GO India is certainly a must trying game. Nevertheless, different people have different point of views. I would like to know what’s yours.

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