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Rangoli Designs: Unique Art & Images For Festivals In India

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Rangoli designs have been created in India especially on the floors. As a matter of fact, rangolis are made up of rice, flour, colored sand or even fresh flowers. Don’t you just love making different patterns of Rangoli designs? Yes.. but sometimes it becomes hard to design. Hence, now you can draw different rangoli designs with the help of Gulal. As you know that different colors of Gulal are available in the market. This is how easily you can draw the different patterns, even the hard ones.

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So, be it Diwali, Onam or another festivals, with this simple and easy designs you can decorate your floors or walls. Also, I will offer you with a few rangoli designs images. Have a look for practicing & try it during the next festival at your home.

Beautiful Rangoli Designs:

Rangoli designs are created not for fashion but to keep the tradition alive. Since many generations, rangolis are an essential art in India. Hence, rangolis has different names like Alpana in Bengal, Kalam in Kerela, Aripan in Bihar etc. Therefore, let us describe few images in details.

Fresh Flower Rangoli Designs:

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Fresh Flower is a simple rangoli designs that not only looks beautiful but also smell very sweet. As a result of using different colored flowers, this can includes a lot of pattern too. It looks more colorful and pretty when you draw a different patterns of fresh flower rangoli. If you are searching for more different decorative rangoli art then you can try the flower pattern. This will bring freshness to your house. Especially people in Kerala usually go for the flower rangoli during Onam.

White Rangoli Designs:

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White is one of my favorite and rangoli with a white pattern bring afeeling of calmness to your house. This designs looks very simple but decorative. If you add some diyas with it then this will bring more charm to your rangoli. Decorate this white chalk rangoli near the Gods and see how this simple rangoli create beauty to your house. However, you can draw this art in any ocassions and bring out the beauty of your house.

Peacock Rangoli Designs:

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As you know that peacock is the national bird of India, you can bring the beauty forward in your rangoli art too. Draw a beautiful pattern of rangoli designs for Pongal and other festivals. Apart of that, peacock’s feather has different patterns of colors that attracts you. If you are participating in a competion then you can draw this beautiful pattern of rangoli.

Ganesh Rangoli:

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During the Ganesh festival or any other occasions, you can draw this beautiful cute Ganesh. At night decorate it with some Diyas to bring out the beauty of rangoli designs. Even with a beetle leaf you can draw a pretty Ganesha design. The color combination looks so beautiful that one will get attracted to it. You can also draw this pretty art with your hands itself. Draw it slowly and you will get brilliant results.

Easy Rangoli Designs:

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If you are a beginner then this easy simple rangoli design will create a perfect pattern. Just look at the way the pattern goes. Simple and complex does not matter when you have a selection of different pretty colors of rangoli. So, if you want to try something simple but beautiful then this colorful designs of rangoli must be the top pick. Sostart your rituals with this beautiful pattern of rangoli.

Floats Rangoli Designs With Images:

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This is fun, floating rangoli designs looks beautiful. the most important factor of this images is, you can decorate them anywhere, wherever you like. For example if you dont like to place them near the door then ultimately you can shift them in other places. Isn’t this fun?

Moreover, this rangoli art usually is created from the Kundan stones that make it dazzle. You can also decorate it in a bowl of water with small pretty Diya. But make sure you use a glass bowl that will be transparent. So, if you are having a function or party at home this floating design will just bring extra freshness to your house. Draw pretty mehndi designs for Indian festivals.

Here are the different patterns of rangoli designs with images. From the simple design to the complex one all brings the ritual look to your house. Also, you can draw Nail art if you wish to decorate your nails during the occasions. Stay update for more rangoli art to decorate your beautiful house.

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