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15 Protein Rich Food That Makes You Fit And Strong

protein rich food

People do try to search the reason for their obesity and weakness. As a matter of fact, this is because of the lack of protein. You also know that protein rich food can do wonderful work in your body that also builds up your muscles.

High protein rich foods are very much beneficial for losing fats, especially belly. Eventually, it also increases your strength and body muscles.

protein rich food

However, women needed 46 gm of proteins and, men needs 56 gm. This is the approximate intake of daily protein rich diet. In this post, I will list down the 15 high protein foods list for weight loss and muscle building. Protein is very important for our health. Therefore if you are a health conscious person check down the list.

15 High Protein Food List:

Check below the list of 15 high protein food that will keep your body fit and strong. The ingredients will definitely give you strong bones and muscles.

1. Milk, High Protein Rich Food:

Ewww milk, you know my mom when I was a small kid, she always forces me to drink milk. What I usually do is throw it away from the window. However, during that time I did not have a proper idea that milk has so many benefits. As India is the world’s largest producer of milk, they are available everywhere. They have a high-quality calcium, phosphorus that helps you to strengthen your bones and teeth.

milk rich source of protein diet

2. Meat:

Chicken breast is the most protein rich food and it is a very delicious meat. Apart of that, it tastes delicious and they are very easy to prepare. This 1 chicken breast contains 50 gm of protein rich diet when roasted without skin.

3. Eggs, High Protein Rich Food:

Eggs are listed one of the commonest protein rich food as it contains a wholesome of protein. Not only that the United States Department of Agriculture listed down eggs as meats due to their high protein foods for muscle building. This is the reason most of the body builders eats eggs every day. 6 gm of protein is given by 1 large size eggs.

eggs a protein rich food

4. Nutritious Lean Beef:

Lean beef has over 26 g protein in 100 g quantity. They also taste yummy with the fresh smell. If you do not like then you can also go for Turkey breast.

5. Turkey Breast:

Turkey breast and chicken breast are quite similar to see and even the taste are also similar. It contains approximately 26 g of protein in 100 g servings. They provide less fat and fewer calories. Along with dreaming for healthy health also try, how to be beautiful with some Beauty Tips For Face.

protein rich foods

6. All Types of Fishes:

I love fish of all types as it contains high protein rich food for the healthy body. This salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids that are hardly available in other meats or vegetables. In 100 g of servings, salmon contains 22 g protein diet.

7. Shrimp:

Shrimp are a delicious seafood that is available around the world. Furthermore, they also have lots of proteins and nutrients. They also have a quite similar benefit like the fish. Per 100 g it has 99 calories along with 24 g protein. As a result, they are also high in calcium, iodine but lack food energy. You can prepare different varieties of dishes with shrimp.

high protein food

8. Octopus:

Octopus is a seafood that contains low fat with rich protein food. With just 3 oz serving it has 15 g of protein. such an amazing seafood. As in fact, it also has a high cholesterol level which might be harmful when consumed in abundance.

9. Broccoli (Protein Rich Vegetables):

Broccoli is one of the cleanest and healthiest vegetables. If you are a vegetarian then you must prepare it for you. Therefore, Broccoli is quite similar to cauliflower that contains 2.8 g protein in 100 g. They are loaded with vitamin A, C, D, B6, Iron, Magnesium etc. They are so effective that it even helps to prevent cancer.

9. Green Brussel Sprouts:

protein rich vegetables

Brussel sprouts are also similar to cabbage. They look as if they are mini-cabbages but in fact, they are different green vegetables. With 100 g quality, it just has 3.4 g of protein along with 43 calories. They are high in vitamin C and vitamin A.

10. Almonds:

Almonds are a common protein rich food that contains 21 g protein per 100 g quantity. It has up to 576 calories per 100 g. They also contain lots of fibers, magnesium, that helps to keep you fit and healthy. There are some other dry nuts like cashew, pistachio that are also filled with high protein. Also, check Olive Oil Benefits and Uses For Hair, Skin and Health Related Issues.

11. Thick Yogurt:

There are different types of yogurt that are available in the market. As a result, Greek yogurt will be the best choice. Greek yogurt contains 10 g protein per 100 g servings. It would be better if you choose a no added sugar Greek yogurt. As a result, they have a higher protein than any other yogurt.

12. Dry Seeds Of Pumpkin:

Sweet pumpkins are not just the edible vegetables but even the seeds are also edible. They contain 19 g of protein in 100 g of servings. They have amazing potassium, magnesium etc which have outbound benefits for health. Hence there are more dry seeds that contain lots of protein rich food. They are flax seeds, sunflower seeds etc.

pumpkin seeds protein diet

13. Peanut:

Peanut is another amazing protein based nut. 100 g of peanut contains 26 g of protein that is amazing. They also have a high amount of magnesium, Iron, Vitamin B-6 etc. However, make sure you do not eat much as because of high protein diet food may lead to harmful effects.

14. Oats Grain, The Healthiest:

Oats are another serious healthiest cereal grain that has 17 g protein n 100 g servings. It also has 300 calories per 100 g quality. Therefore, you can include oats for your breakfast as they are one of the best protein foods for breakfast.

15. Guava:

Guavas are mostly common everywhere throughout the year. So why don’t you take the benefit of including Guava in your daily protein list? Apart of that, it has 1.4 g protein per fruit, you can also call it a power pack of all the nutrients. There are more other fruits such as mulberries, star fruit, blackberries, apricots etc. But to stay fit and strong you can also go for Yoga, the ayurvedic natural remedies

guava protein rich fruits

Protein rich food is very much necessary for our health to get a beautiful glow on our face and to stay fit and strong. All the protein rich vegetables, fruits, and foods are indeed great. Eat them regularly to stay healthy and strong. Till then my best regards will be with you.

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