Hi! I am Paul Billygraham, today I am going to discuss a serious topic regarding Blogging, and that is the “5 Common Blogging Mistakes” every blogger has done continuously from their Day 1.

It is very disappointing being pointed wrong by any other bloggers. Yeah!! Why not? You are also a good blogger. But, you will be better than now if you actually avoid the below-discussed mistakes.

These are the most common mistakes I always find, even I was one of those people included in these blogging mistakes. It happens with every blogger at the beginning of their career, and it is natural. Basically, we always make small mistakes unintentionally which we are not aware of.

But as soon as I corrected my mistakes, I found my blog in a better place. Seriously!

I always read lots of articles on the Web. But I followed only 30% of what I learned. Getting the knowledge is not enough; you must implement them too. I always recommend you to follow Pro-Bloggers as well make relations with them. It will always give you a touch of better ideas, tips & tricks for sure.

5 Common Blogging Mistakes Every Blogger Makes:

Here I will discuss with you the Common Blogging Mistakes every blogger makes. Followed by examples of my mistakes in my Blogging journey.


1. Choosing a wrong Hosting & Domain name:

If Blogging is completely new to you, the biggest question that will come to your mind is, “Which is the best Hosting company?”.

Many new hosting companies are coming up each year in the market. It is very important to consult about your requirements with blog consultants on this topic.

Don’t buy hosting from a new company because you never know what will be the outcome of choosing a brand new hosting. I always suggest people to go with BlueHost, Hostgator, and DreamHost. One important reason behind recommending these hosting are the Money back guarantee offers they provide.

These three hosting companies also provide the best support. Moreover, they are user-friendly and reliable too. 


It is very important to choose top-level domains that read “dot-com.” Don’t go for any other option, if you want to create a blog for getting World Wide Web Traffic. Yes, you can also choose .net, .org but still I strongly recommend to use

Yes, you can also choose .net, .org but still I strongly recommend to use .com domain. Choosing a Domain name is a big deal, you must choose the best brand name for your blog. So take your time and choose the suitable one for you.

Your Domain name must include a word related to your niche or partial matching word. You must think Domain name as a company or brand name, use your best ideas to grab the coolest Domain name.

2. Template & Design:

Every blog owner’s choice differs from each other. I can’t let you to use particular template or style as you may not like what I like. But I see many newbie are fond of using lots of widgets which are “Actually useless” and with a very bad color choice.

Your first priority will be your blog post and nothing else. Make it user-friendly and simple. Do not spam your blog by using useless widgets. This is the most common mistake every newbie blogger does.

Another common blogging mistake done is choosing the wrong color. Don’t choose any dark color as your background color.

3. Blog setup:

This is the most important thing you must do before you start writing posts. Create sitemap of your blog, install important and recommended plugins and add pages like About Us. This is where you will introduce yourself to your readers.

I wrote a complete tutorial guide to set-up WordPress blog, if you are interested you must go through it.

4. Writing blog post:

After you do all the above steps, you are now all set to write your first blog post. You will write posts related to the topic of your niche every-time. It is highly recommended to stick to one single niche only if you are a beginner.

Now, your first planning will be to give unique and new contents to you readers. You should never think or plan to copy paste from any other blog. I see many new bloggers unknowingly doing this every-time. This is the most common blogging mistake which 90% of the new bloggers commit.

You will not see your blog developing at any time if you do this. Do research and experiments, write something new and interesting which no one ever wrote before. You can also represent some existing topic in a better way with more details.

5. Social Sharing:

What should I say about this topic? I cannot predict the thoughts of people. I see lots of new bloggers sharing articles every time randomly on their social network timeline, through text, groups, etc.

But do not share anything like that in social media but try to share in such way that goes viral. Try to engage people on the updates you share on social media; otherwise, there is no benefit at all.

It is equally important to share your posts with your niche related groups. Otherwise, no one will know what you are doing, if you don’t let anybody know.

But you should not spam anybody’s group or page by leaving your link in between. It is one of the worst practice I see which is done by new bloggers. This is a basic thing, and you must take care of this common blogging mistake to improve your blog’s visibility.

You might even get marked as spam if you do that, it will definitely play a negative role when it happens.

My mistakes in earlier days of blogging.

I also started as a new blogger once, and I learned from my own mistakes and from few people, Web & books. I also committed some of these most common blogging mistakes, which most new bloggers do.

I copy pasted just to deliver good information to readers. Whereas I was having no idea that it was illegal.

I even didn’t know what was blogging when I just started, but I kept on posting-every-day.

Another common blogging mistake was, writing short articles, not using SEO plugins or optimizing a blog for SEO.

My blog design changed from day-to-day, and I used useless spam looking widgets.

Another most common blogging mistake I made was, using lots of banners making my website look weird.

I recommend you not to be part of those people who make these common blogging mistakes on their blog. Make unique contents, and plan a strategy for your blog.

Try to see your blog as what will your blog be called tomorrow. If you move in this way, no one can stop you from being part of the top class bloggers of the world.

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