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Powerful SEO Steps Behind Website in Google Ranking Factor

Google is one of the biggest Giant Search Engine Globally. If you can rank your websites article in Google Rank, you are going to receive good amount of traffic. Not only that it is the only and best healthy way to drive unlimited targeted Loyal readers to your site. People who love writing articles would always get ranking in future.


Once you learn some basics and focus on Advance SEO tricks you can rank your post quickly [Google Ranking Factor] .  Ranking fully depends on the quality and the authority of the blog post. To be frankly almost all bloggers knew about it and speaks about it, I believe if I do what 10000’s other people are doing and following I might get ranked or I might not.


Once I understand my competition and requirement and work accordingly, I can surely beat each and every competition. First of all I want you to know that you want to rank yourself in the first page of search results. To remain unbeaten or to beat others you have to give the best shot of all time.

Powerful SEO Steps behind Google Ranking Factor Results of Websites:

Google ranking factor seriously depends on so many factors which you can’t dare to even take care about all of Ranking factors. However, after lots of research and experiments I found few working tricks which don’t harm blog in anyway but improved Google rankings in search result. I also realized that instead of searching for SEO tricks to rank your website in Google rankings, if you would had written things properly in your site it would had been better.

1. Unique Content/Tittles:

I found it many times happening with me, I try to write articles in new ways a bit differently from others. Within a week I find it written on some other logs and promoting in social media but they fail to rank it, but I successfully rank it. I simple wonder they just wasted their time doing it because they are not going to rank in most of the case.



Google has always targeted to pick up the best 10 results in the first page. More importantly top 10 results would not be speaking about the same things, means that 10 results are speaking same thing but differently. If you are searching for some queries and find 10 results speaking same thing, you would never feel good to read the same thing 10 times.

This clearly means that if I write my article in different way and try to add new things, I would easily rank my websites. It is not possible to write completely different thing but you can add few extra stuffs in your article and make it high quality article. More importantly it is about expressing yourself and sharing your knowledge with your readers in the simplest way.

When we speak about unique Tittle, it is very important. Along with your article if your tittle is unique it is a big plus point for you. In the mean time don’t forget to add the keywords in your tittle.

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2. Length of the article:

When it comes to length of the article you may many article ranking well in search engines with very short length. That is because it is unique or high backlinks or high authority or uniqueness.


To be genuine I highly recommend you to keep avg. number of words in your maximum articles. If you write a article of 500 words every time , continuing to do that is very good. Try your level best to keep 700+ words if it is not coupon, news or short entertainment site. Once you keep writing long and high quality unique articles your maximum post will pop up in search results.

3. Backlink:

Backlink are very hidden bullets to rank articles quickly in search results. Building backlink is a part of Black Hat SEO, which might lead your site penalized in Google updates. To avoid website penalization you can follow perfect link building strategy for your website.

There are many sites holding very strong position in the search results due to good combination of off-page SEO as well as on-page SEO.

I don’t take much care about backlinks but I mostly focus on on-page SEO, but when it comes to high competition you need backlinks to beat others in Google ranking.

4. Internal Links and External links:

This is one important steps most of the bloggers are not using up to the mark. Never keep your blog weak in internal linking and external link. Internal links are very useful and it is very much important to keep internal link giving option to your readers to know little more about related topic.



This helps alot to every readers to know few more things or more clearly about the topic you speak in your article. It is impossible to speak about every possible things in single article, hence it is important to refer to another article to complete the requirements.

External links are also important as much as internal links, when we speak about some other sites it is better to give backlinks to them…

It is very good to give dofollow backlink to related websites, it helps alot in improving your website ranking in search results.

This are few very important and useful things which really help in ranking a website.

If you have any doubts or queries please ask me via comments.

Best Regards.


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