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10 Most Popular Types of Ear Piercings for All Kinda Looks

types of ear piercingEar piercings are part of the culture since from the old times and in this modern world, the ear piercings have taken into the form of art. Piercing of ears is a belief as it signifies the social status or wealth. However, this piercing of ears has now become an art that both men and women are into across. There are different types of ear piercings, but it is important that you must know which type of piercing and where do you want to do the piercing and how to do. For this, we have listed a guide for your reference to go through the types of ear piercing.

Ear piercing is common nowadays as it is belief to be a modern fashion and style. Today, we can not only see ear piercing but also body piercing as a form of art around the world. Check out our 10 most popular types of ear piercings and choose one suitable for you.

10 Most Popular Types of Ear Piercings

#1: Tragus Piercingtypes of ear piercing

Tragus ear piercing is one of the popular piercings basically done in the inner cartilage that sits above the ear canal also above the ear lobe. Tragus piercing looks amazing with hoops, studs and other fashionable or a combination of jewelry. It is a bit painful while piercing however, it takes only 8 to 16 weeks for healing initially.

#2: Helix Piercing

Helix piercing is done on the outer cartilage edge and in the upper part of the ear. In the case of two piercings is done and placed it one after another then it is called double Helix piercing. Piercing gun is used for a Helix ear piercing.types of ear piercing

However, other just use a bigger needle for helix ear piercing. Helix piercing looks good with a combination of jewelry, hoops and bead rings.

#3: Daith Piercing

Daith piercing is just like a hole done in the ear cartilage the innermost part near the tragus so that any bead ring or studs or other jewelry can be a slot in.types of ear piercing

For Daith ear piercing a curved needle is being used so that the other part of the ear does not get damage while performing Daith pierce. While most of the use a tube to receive the needle from the other side. This type of piercing looks good with jewelry, bead rings, etc.

#4: Orbital Piercing

Orbital ear piercing is one of the popular ear piercings that most of them prefer for.  Orbital piercing is done anywhere in the ear cartilage where two holes are pierced at the same part of the ear.types of ear piercing

It is performed well so that the jewelry like hoops can easily pass through. As I said, the orbital piercing can place at any part of the ear and what most people prefer for this type of piercing is in the ear lobe or in the helix.

#5: Rook Piercingtypes of ear piercing

Rook ear piercing is just like a puncture performed on the antihelix of the ear. Rook Ear piercing is one of the painful ear piercing because a needle is used for piercing. This needle passes through different cartilage tissues while piercing the ear for Rook. It is not only the painful Rook piercing of the ear but also a difficult task to pierce as well.


#6: Anti-Tragus Piercing

Anti Tragus ear piercing is mostly preferred by those people who love piercing into the body. This type of ear piercing is unusual, an eye catchy look and appears to be very stylish.types of ear piercing

But you need to take a lot of care because it is painful and you will be able to sense it while putting any jewelry as well as while removing it. To pierce ear for anti-tragus, curved and circular barbells are being used. It is positioned mostly at the outer part of the ear which is just opposite to the Tragus.

#7: Industrial Piercingtypes of ear piercing

Industrial Piercing is called as Scaffold piercing which is a very popular among the people around the world. This type of piercing is performed by punching two holes on the cartilage ear at the uppermost part of the ear. With this type of piercing, you can connect any jewelry between the two holes like hoops or curved barbell.

#8: Conch Piercing

Conch ear piercing is also common among the people around. This type of piercing mostly performed at the center of the ear by piercing with the use of a needle or large gauge.types of ear piercing

Conch ear piercing can be done in two different ways like the inner and the outer ear piercing. A conch piercing is also seen in most of the males but it looks great more on females. You can wear barbell earring or gem for a stylish and classy look.


#9: Snug Piercingtypes of ear piercing

Snug piercing is mostly noticeable above the anti-tragus just a halfway distance down of the outer rim on the inner cartilage ear. This type of ear piercing is small but shallow in the area of which the cartilage looks thinner and easy to pierce as compare to Rook piercing. The Snug ear piercing looks awesome with hoops or other stylish combination of jewelry.

#10: Ear Lobe Piercing

Earlobe piercing is one of the popular types of ear piercing that most people around the world are going trendy.types of ear piercing

Ear Lobe is soft and the largest area of the ear where piercing can be done easily although there might be minor problems while piercing. With this type of ear piercing, you can go for various fashionable jewelry as it varies in length, size, color and design.

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These are the 10 most popular types of ear piercings you need to know if you are looking out for piercings types. All these ear piercing of various types are awesome and fashionable. Go for it choosing any one of the above ear piercing of your choice and stay in the trend always with confident.

These type of ear piercings always goes by the trend that looks prominent, fashionable and classy though it may be a bit painful. Get you ears pierced to these amazing piercing types from tragus to snug piercing, industrial piercing to Daith piercing to Ear Lobe piercing and feel how much it does hurt at the same provides you beauty.

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