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Police Suit App| Download Now & See Yourself as Dashing or Ugly Police Officer

police suit

Have you ever dreamt yourself to become Police? The police officer is very smart with their cool uniform and brave looks. Well, during our childhood, we always watch movies or series where super cops are taking down the terrorist and criminals. And we always assume to become a strong Police officer. Here Police Suit is an innovative app that will help you to get yourself look like Police with the App.

police suit

You can use the Police Suit App offline which you will only download once via WiFi and later enjoy anywhere. You can take a photo of yourself or select from the gallery and add to the app for editing your photo with Police suit.

Police Suit is a very simple app that anybody can use it easily without any problem. This app is just for fun and will help you giggle all the time while using the app. So let us the get into the Tutorials for downloading Police Suit App for your phones.

How to download Police suit app for Android phone

Police suit is an App which you can easily download via Google Play Store.  If you are using an Android, you can download the app for free.

police suit

Steps to download Police suit for Android

  • Click on the button below.
  • Next, you will find the App on Google play store.
  • Click on Install Button to download and install the App.
  • Finally, enjoy the app.

police suit

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How to download Police Suit for iOS device

You can also use the Police suit app on your iOS device which you can easily use it and have fun with your friends. They consist of social media, by which you could share the Police outfit with your face. This app is compatible with iPad, iPhone etc.

police suit

Steps to Download on iPhone/iPad/iOS device.

  • Click on the button below
  • Next, you will be redirected to the iTunes Apple App store.
  • Now get the App install on your phone
  • Enjoy the App.

police suit

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How to use Police Suit on your Phone

You must download the app on your phone and start using the app and have fun. While the Tools are very easy to use in this app. But there are some factors which will help you create your photo with police suit looks much better.

So the tutorials are as shown below-

  • After you have installed the app, open the app.
  • You don’t have to sign up with your Phone number or Email ID. This app is free and easy to used.
  • Once you entered into the app, you will get lots of Police photograph whose face is missing.
  • Now you can add the face with your, using either camera of your phone or using the photos directly from your phone gallery.
  • Crop a section of your head from your photo and edit by placing it on the Police photograph.
  • Finally, it is done. You can see your HD police outfit and picture.

Note: This is a fun App, you can add any photo and enjoy with the app.

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Alternatives of Police Suit Apps

If you have enjoyed enough with the Police Suit, and if you are still dreaming of being Doctor, Business men or other special characters you can have their outfit too. The developer of these apps is App Basic, which after their successful popularity now they have more Apps.

Well, this app is just for fun and create a funny meme on your own photographs. There is no shame to act like Child sometimes because this little excitement brings much delighted in your life. Try some more app alternative to Police Suit app, that will give you great moment playing with the apps.

Some of the apps are like-

1. Stylish Man Photo Suit

This app will help you try any kind of stylish and branded suits. So you can see yourself as a Business person which have a smart personality and wearing the most attractive suits.

police suit

To use this app, you juts only have to download the app on your phone. You can crop and take your face from any picture and adjust on the Suit you like.

They are very easy to use, which will allow you to make a quick switch from your gallery photo to the app and create a good looking image of your own.

Well, you can also get a fresh photo using your phone’s camera. So take an instant photograph and paste it on your best-fitted suit. Click on the button below for download.

police suit


2. Women Photo Suit

If you are trying to face for Job Interview and have never tried on some office suit yet, then now you can check on it without buying a dress. This app includes so many suits and gears which you can add your face and try virtually and check if you look in this type of outfits or not.

police suit

But I’m sure, all girls have a good sense of dressing. You won’t be needing this App but it’s good for trying funny activities sometimes. Here this app will only help you get up to some extend on office looks.

Well, this app is also available for free. Download the app now and unlock so many features to enjoy.

police suit

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3. Couple Photo Suit

Now, this app is for those who are having partners. So if you are a single like me, you can skip this app and go to the next to try the App. While especially for the Couples here this App is perfect for you to try your Cool looks on different outfits.

police suit

Benefits of this app for you is that you can try a special suit for yourself via App and if you like it, you can proceed the clothes.

There are different outfits and different stylish dress for couples. Just take a photo for both of your couples and paste it on the suit.

And so enjoy the app and also share with your friends and get their interesting feedbacks. Get the app by clicking the button below.

police suit

4. Couple Traditional Dresses

If you don’t fit for the above app- Couple Photo Suit, then please stop reading below. Because, now this app is not only for Couples, but they also provides Photo for the Marriage Couple.

There are more than 20+ traditional dresses which you can try along with your partner.

police suit

You can take the photo using offline which allows you to get the photo with a good traditional dress.

This app is easy to use, you are also provided with tools for editing your photo very easily.

Hope, you are a couple if not you should not try this app. But it is extra fun having this app, so download and enjoy now.

police suit

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My Final Verdict

All these apps are nothing useful like trying the dress on and buying to own it. All the apps are pretty funny for use, you can try different funny posture that comes as a Police officer, the Stylish office looks, Couple Looks and also Traditional marriage couple looks.

You can download this app for free, So these apps are worth to use once and enjoy the app. While you can try these apps for both Android and iOS.

Hope you find this article helpful and funny, for more interesting facts and apps related tricks keep visiting us. And also don’t forget to share & suggest your point of views on the comment box below.

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