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Best Pokémon Tracker Apps For Android and iPhone

Pokémon Tracker Apps

How many Pokémon have you caught till now? I have seen everywhere people looking for Pokémon and finding them. Well, it is not crazy but craze of the Pokémon Go. Video game developer Niantic Labs has landed with a whole new concept game. July 2016 we have seen an insanely generous Pokémon Go hype. You might have heard people are searching for the Pokémon, the social networks also overwhelmed by Pokémon hunts. You can boost your Pokémon count with the best Pokémon Tracker apps for iPhone.


However, it seems people are facing trouble finding Pokémon. Some feedbacks highlighted no availability of Pokémon, Pokémon Gym, etc. As of the popularity, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store getting new apps chart, which is related to Pokémon Go. These apps promise to help to find nearer Pokémon and able to find out rare characters. So let’s go through the best Pokémon tracker apps and boost your Pokémon counts better than your friends.

Best Pokémon Tracker Apps:

As per Pokémon Go popularity many third-party developers coming with Pokémon tracker app both for Android and iOS users. And they are assuring to provide more excitement hunting the Pokémon characters. So, this is why I have come here after reviewing several apps and finally shortlisted the best Pokémon tracker apps. Pokémon Go is available for both iOS and Android. If you are struggling to find Pokémon then not to worry,  just install my shortlisted best Pokémon tracker apps and catch all nearer available Pokemonsters easily.

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#1: PokeMapper – Pokemon Go Live Map:

Arguably, this Pokémon Tracker app is the best app for tracking Pokémon available at Google Play Store. This app is also available for the iOS users, and it is already at the top of the chart of Pokémon tracker app. Because of its all good tracking features, definitely it is a must have app if you are looking for tracing Pokémon. This app can offer correct mapping to find Pokémon; it shows several signals for available Pokémon such as notification, critter filters, and direction for available Pokémon.

pokemon tracker

It also makes finding the Pokestops easier. The app notifies you the list of available Pokestops surrounding you. It will signal you if there any expired Pokerstop, so that you can quickly go for loot that area. Train your Pokémon to level up and to make the strongest guard for your Pokestop; this app also can notify you with a message for an existing Pokémon Gym around you. But the flaw of this app is you have a scan every time for the available Pokémon Gym, Pokestops, Pokémon characters. However, I have seen it is worth if you show some patience.

#2: PokeGear Go:

This is yet one of the best Pokémon tracker apps. The app interface is really simple. It will show you notifications when there is a Pokémon nearby. Its map can navigate through the available Pokémon. It has a complete Pokedex with all existing Pokémon character, by clicking a character it can show you the direction of that particular Pokémon character. You can also skip for some common Pokémon, and you will not be notified for this.

pokemon go app

Also, you can set a favorite Pokémon character as wishlist, and you will be informed if you get close to your favorite Pokémon. This Pokémon tracking app is only available for the Android user and yes, it is free to download.

#3: Poke Radar:

This Pokémon tracker app designed for the iOS users and it will cost you $0.99 to download from App Store. Trust me. You will get the best outcome in return of your spends on this app. Having this app improve your control over Pokémon Go and you can maximize your gaming experience with the Poke Radar. It is the first Pokémon tracker for the iPhone user, and is relatively powerful Pokémon tracker. A lot similarity to PokeGear Go, this app also comes with PokeDex, and you can set your wishlist and skip list.


It will send you a notification if you are in proximity with a Pokémon, Pokémon Gym, and Pokestops. Using the app you will be able to preview available Pokemons with just one tap, this is what I like about the Poke Radar. If you have an iOS device, then you should try out this app.


Pokémon Go is an exciting game if your area available with all Pokémon items. However, you can increase the density of them with my shortlisted best Pokémon tracker apps for Android and iOS. With this, you can maximize your Pokémon hunt and increase your Pokémon count. Download one from this given best Pokémon tracker apps and add more control over Pokémon Go.

Apart From These Convenient Pokémon tracker apps, you may try out some guidance apps that simplify your Pokemon Gameplay.

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